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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Any last words
Beg for your life
Come to freddy
Every scream is encoded stored forever
Everyone forgot
Face death with dignity
Fear the dark
Get a good look
Give me a break
Go back where you belong
Gotcha noise
Have you said your goodbyes
Here's still time to run
Honor in death haha
Hope your tem mates bring you back
Hoping to meet your maker
How sweet
I don t care
I just told you
I look foward to meeting you all
I love it
I m a ganster
I m a pimp
I m gonna show you
I m here
I m here pt2
I m living a dream world
I plan on getting under your skin
I wanna make uniforms
I want to do product
I'll find you
I'm going to kill you today
I'm not gonna make it quick
I've seen the otherside
It s in my code
It s in my code 2
It's just a bad dream it will be over soon
It's okay to be afraid
It's time to put this bad dog to sleep
Just liking the killing
Let me handle this bitch
Let me watch your face
Like cattle being herded
Look at all the new additions to the list
Look at all these skin suits
Look into my eyes
Looting then the screaming
Make sure everyone can hear you
Make this out of this alive
Man I love that
Maybe i'll let you live to tell the tale
Millions of times i've done this
More time to spend with you
My voice is compressed
Name on a list
No no
No one is coming to save you
Oh scary
Oh that's right
Penny for your thoughts
She's mine
Skins suits suffer
So you are afraid of something after all
Taking a life
That little voice saying
The terror that comes with dying
They've already forgotten you
This is the last face you'll ever see
This is worth living for
This part never gets old
Wear your faces as masks
Welcome to my nightmare
Welcome to my world bitch
What do you miss the most
What made you think you were special
What's your name
Worthless skinbag
You all look like lambs
You can beg for mercy
You should have stayed home today
You should thank me
You think you're so smart
You're already dead
You're going to spend eternity as maggot food
You're not alone in the room
You've all been marked for death
Your death will be in vain
Your just another mark on my list
Your life doesn't flash before your eyes