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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
About my fame on the Internet.
All kinds.
All kinds.
All that stuff. Isn't it neat.
All that stuff. Isn't it neat.
And then if they don't run away.
And then.
And you think John read some receipt wrongly to me?
Are you normal?
Are you normal?
Because that's my nature.
But I haven't been practicing at a psychologist for 15 years.
Can handle it.
Do you know anyone that's mentally not Hill?
Do you know what well spelled backwards is?
Do you know your voice is not very clear for some reason?
Does John know that you're calling here?
Don't think so.
Don't think so.
Down boy give me like the piano, Sir.
Everything is alright.
Fucking asshole.
Google mystery man.
Gregory Stevens
Have no idea what your telephone number is.
He was a fucking asshole.
Hello Fred.
Hello friend.
Hey, you know what well spelled backwards is?
How did you get this number?
How did you get this telephone number?
How do I do that? I don't even touch the phone.
I am a terrific wonderful gentleman.
I can see everything but my eyes.
I didn't understand.
I do not have an antique rocking chair.
I don't even know who Gregory Stevens is.
I don't get any calls from Predator.
I don't know anything else.
I don't know who that is.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't like diagnosis really. I don't think they'll be fitting of human beings were all different. When you make a diagnosis, you comparing a person to some kind of illusion, some kind of standard...
I don't provide any services.
I don't remember things I'm not interested in.
I don't take it seriously.
I don't understand that.
I don't understand what you just said.
I don't wanna get.
I don't. I really don't use a computer. I don't use one an I don't have a cell phone. I don't use that. I'm pretty old fashion.
I got it that there you go.
I got it that there you go.
I guess it's pretty risky.
I I wish we were in Dublin but I I like driving. I drove around, drove through the whole country.
I just looked and I see it's me.
I know him.
I know I've let you.
I know you.
I know.
I know.
I like the simple life.
I never called my house.
I never met John.
I see.
I shouldn't call my own house.
I spent some time at a farming timeshare for about a week in England, and then I went to Ireland for a week.
I was a psychologist.
I'll get back to you.
I'm doing something else right now.
I'm retired.
I'm Robert.
I'm telling you, I don't know. I think about him.
I'm the mystery man.
I'm the one that you call that you think of somebody here.
I've met you.
I've never met anyone like that.
If they don't run away.
If you don't, so why do you keep calling me?
Is not to say either.
Is that are you on drugs or something?
Is that why you're? What am I doing?
It doesn't make sense at all.
It must be someone else because I've never put any ad on Craigslist.
It's alright.
It's interesting talking to you.
It's just the way I am.
It's me.
It's not Monday or Tuesday.
Let me take a look.
Let's be important you want.
Like you memorize them.
Maybe I can help you get it.
MC Kraken chair.
My fame on the Internet.
Mystery Man Soundboard Sound
Mystery Man Soundboard Sound
Mystery Man Soundboard Sound
Mystery Man Soundboard Sound
Mystery Man Soundboard Sound
Mystery man.
Nice speaking to you.
No, I didn't do anything wrong.
No, I don't know anything like that.
No, I don't think so.
No, I'm not interested in fame.
No, what a Gregory Stevens do.
Not interesting to me.
Not the person you think I am.
Oh boy, you love that word.
Oh they would put me away for a long time.
Oh, always.
Oh, he's in business with you.
Oh, I spent the week in the York County 10 days and then I went up to Scotland just below the Loch Ness.
Oh, there you go getting your favorite phrase.
Oh, there you go getting your favorite phrase.
Pattern for this conversation.
People could deceive you.
Personality disorder.
Pet, I mean I got I got an asshole.
Please leave me a message.
So how can I call it again if I never even called it once? I mean, in order to call it again, I have to call it at least once, right?
So I could know about it.
So I could know about it.
So I'm sure that somewhere you can find, I think, wrapping shop.
So is that what you want?
So is that what you want?
So let me do you want me to talk to John?
So the weather that's weather on the whole planet.
So when my phone rings, I think it's you and Dan. It's me calling.
So wonderful.
Sometimes it gets hard to trust people.
Stay in jail.
Teeth in the mouth and eyes and ears.
Tell me.
That's alright, that's just better, yeah.
That's correct.
That's what I said.
The accident.
The next day.
The only thing I know what to do.
There's no way for me to call you.
Things change all the time.
This isn't a recording.
Tomorrow of Eastern philosophy. More of a spiritually based psychology.
Transpersonal psychology
Uh huh.
Uh huh.
Uh huh.
Uh huh.
Unknown number.
Very difficult, stressful business to be in.
Very strange.
Well, I used to be.
Well, what do you want?
Well, you know famous like receiving a lot of love. Some people just can't handle all that love specially when they stop receiving it. That's murder.
What did he do?
What did he do?
What did he do?
What did you want?
What do you like to talk about?
What I don't understand that part.
What is it you want?
What kind of personality?
What number your at? I wish I knew.
What words?
What would he think if he knew you calling me?
What, what is it? How am I acting? What is it?
What? Who is it what?
What's the weather?
Who are you? What do you want?
Who isn't?
Why do you keep calling?
Wow, that's a weird man.
Wow, that's wonderful.
Wow, well that's true. Why be normal? That's boring.
Yeah Fred, I've met you.
Yeah, but that's just today tomorrow I won't be.
Yeah, I'm hanging.
Yeah, I'm still here.
Yeah, I've been in Ireland, Scotland and.
Yeah, I've seen you.
Yeah, it's very curious. I wonder why you keep on calling here. You must want something.
Yeah, that is he.
Yeah, that's what I say.
Yeah, that's what I've gotta know. It's funny, isn't it?
Yeah, they get very destructive.
Yeah, you like that guy?
Yes I am.
You called me.
You do have a guy never met anyone like that.
You do have a.