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Murray Walker Murrayisms

Murray Walker Murrayisms
Graeme Murray Walker OBE (10 October 1923 – 13 March 2021) was an English motorsport commentator and journalist. He was known for his animated enthusiasm, authoritative voice and comical blunders – dubbed "Murrayisms" by fans. His commentary voice has been likened to a "screech and resembles a 500cc engine being revved up." Walker chose to stand while commentating during races, allowing him to speak louder due to his lungs being inflated and his shoulders pushed back. He was uncritical of drivers who had made errors, preferring to let that judgement pass to his co-commentators. He prepared himself for every piece of commentary work by meticulously researching facts and statistics on every driver and race track. Walker was voted "the greatest sports commentator of all time" in a poll conducted by British sports fans in late 2009. Before the introduction of reliable satellite broadcast equipment, he was obliged by his superiors at the BBC to prepare for television broadcasts by venturing to a circuit two days before a race. He watched the day's events on a satellite feed and commentate on it during the evening highlights programme in London. He has been described as having an "encyclopedic" knowledge of Grand Prix racing.