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Pruane2Forever Soundboard

Pruane2Forever Soundboard

Pruane Soundboard, converted from the classic Flash soundboard to HTML5 and MP3.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A batch.
A Dick jizzing.
Ah God.
And after you're done destroying my raw bloody butthole, shoot a sour and milk low down my throat so hard that it shoots down my nose. Then I will slowly and gently use my fingers and draw the goop...
And then both of us get into an orgy with that teddy bear from that new movie.
And to feel your heart thrust rock my body.
But thank you.
Bye, bye.
Can I do you anally?
Check the fuck up, you stupid annoying asshole.
Come bucket.
Come on, me.
Don't tell me what to fucking do. I'll do whatever I want.
Dude, you're literally the ugliest kid ever.
Fuck me.
Fuck off.
Fuck sake.
Fuck the world.
Fuck yeah.
Fuck you.
Get to pleasure myself nice and slow with a banana peel until I cream all over my desk.
Ha ha.
Have a nice fucking day, you poop.
Here we go.
Hey, big boy.
Hey, pizza face.
Hey, sugar cock.
Hey, sweetheart.
How old are you?
I could spend just 30 minutes with you. I would just suck your Dick so hard that it would shrivel up like an empty Capri Sun packet. After that, I would have you shove your Dick so far up my tight ...
I don't know.
I fucking hate you.
I just wanted to state that I would caress your big butt hole with my fine African lips and would make your butthole bleed.
I like him behind.
I love how you swear like you're 12.
I used to have my dog licking it but off my Wiener until I ejaculate all over my keyboard.
I want to stick my huge Packer in one ear, pull it out the other, and brainwash you to where you love my Dick forever.
I want to wear your scrotum as a mask while I drink your penis juice.
I want you to give me the good old Cleveland steamer.
I want your huge cock surgically attached to my face.
I would love to have myself and all my scanner friends beat the shit out of you guarantee your geeky ass when say shit like that to a skater in real life.
I'd like your big loose lips pressed together against my balls so I could feel those prickly aspies against my scrotum and I would slap my big black penis on you and then I might just pee a little.
I'll be me. I dream about fucking in ass. Will you make retarded donkey noises? Then look your shit off my hard penis while you furiously masturbate and get deep throated.
I'll pay you any dollars for a used pair of your white briefs.
I'm a freshman in my high school and I get bullied a lot.
I'm gonna grow up to be just like you.
If you're so God damn beautiful, why don't you show the fucking world?
In Australia, men who love each other stick their penises inside their lovers penis hole.
Just wondering.
Keep going.
Keep on banging.
Keep that ass tight.
Laugh out loud.
Let's do it all over the place. And yes, that includes your mom and dad's bedroom.
No homo.
No one fucking cares about you.
Not sexy.
Often fantasize about rubbing fish oil on my balls while I finger my anus.
Ohh God.
Ohh God.
Piece of shit.
Putting your hot, steamy, erect penis into my loose anus.
Rest in peace my friend.
Send me some pics, baby girl.
Shane Dawson.
Sometimes when I masturbate, I try to scream. Fist me with your voice only so I can come a little bit more and a little bit harder to answer than I eat in my common. Fantasize that it's your pimples.
Sometimes when I masturbate, I try to scream. Fist me with your voice.
Thanks for everything.
That's me till my asshole prolapses.
The onion man.
Tubby custard?
Ugly ass, motherfucker.
We could make gay sex all night.
Well, fuck you.
Well, listen, cocksucker.
Well, you're a sick bastard and you like anime, so.
What are you, small Weiner white boy?
What the fuck?
What the what the fuck does that even mean?
Why? Thank you.
Would you like that, big boy?
Yo, mom.
You are one sexy piece of ass.
You are so ugly.
You are the most but ugly fucktard with the worst speech impediment.
You cock sucker.
You cunt.
You fuck. Cunt.
You fucking bitch with your Aqua shirt.
You fucking bitch.
You fucking cunt.
You fucking prick.
You must have a pretty nice sized cock.
You retard.
You should just put a slug through your brain.
You wanna go to Australian lover boy?
You're a fag.
You're an ugly Fang.
You're pretty cool.
You're the ugliest man I've ever seen.
You're uglier than a tiger shrimp.
Your face is so fucking attractive. I would love to sit on your Dick while you fuck my ass and I would cum on your pussy lips.
Your voice is gay.
YouTube is a messed up place guys.
420 blaze.