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Also that statue like Enemy is a suit of scuttler and can only be hurt from behind.
And that's how you take out a boss. For future reference, face kicking isn't usually this effective. Get a move on before more defenses show up. Peter's right. We should go, even if it means taking...
And there sure are a lot of underworld enemies around here while we are getting close to their turf.
Another clever skull. I'll handle this.
Are you ready for the final battle pit? It's now or never.
Attack that enemy with the Cape by Meleeing the little bugs back at it.
Did you see that they were no match for your arrows? The three sacred treasures have still got.
Face the direction you want to jump, then flick the circle pad forward. Give it a try.
Fingers crossed.
First, make sure you're facing the direction in which you want to jump. Then take a deep breath and flick the circle pad forward and that's that. Get in position, stay calm, then Dash got.
For this final battle, you're equipped with the three sacred treasures. Using the Pegasus Wings and power flight at the same time. Seems like overkill. Who knows how reliable the Pegasus wings are?...
Get rid of the shoot flies first so you can take your time with the suit of scuttler.
Good dog.
Hades. Who's hades? The true master of the underworld. Sorry to keep you waiting, but now that I'm here, let's get this party started. Welcome to my underworld, pitty Pat. YouTube. Pretty palatina....
Head into that well.
Her head. Now, this is the Medusa I remember. She's hideous. I can't believe she's still fighting like this. But this is a battle we cannot lose. You must overcome the darkness of the underworld wi...
Hey, your secret area, you're one step closer to getting out of this place.
Hi, yeah.
Huge draw. Your chances of winning are lower than your belly button, which is really low. You're pretty pumped up, huh? Of course I am. If we defeat Medusa, we save the world.
Huh. Did you hear something?
Huh. What the heck is that? It's a temporal wizard, a temporal whizzard. If he deep fries you, keep your distance. One bite and you'll be finished. Well, that's a step up from eggplant, I guess. No...
I find it very ironic that you would call yourself the goddess of light. After all, it was you who turned me into a monster. It was you who hunted me down. You shouldn't blame me for that. I only r...
I said, wait just a second. Got to be hearing things.
I set up a grind rail, but I had to get creative. It's going to be a wild ride, so good luck. Don't worry, I'm ready.
I think they're on to.
I think we're out of Shoofly territory.
I think we're out of Shoofly territory. Good, cause I'm ready to start shooting stuff.
I'm a little lost here. Hmm. Oh, I know. Remember that old saying about spikes? Don't count your spikes before they hatch. No, the saying is, if you can't go around them, go through them. Easy for ...
I'm all kinds of turned around. You seem to be passing between the floor and ceiling. How very strange you're telling me.
I'm going to try to get you closer, thank you kindly, but Medusa is using her powers to hold you back. I know it's tough, but don't give up.
It'll take more than some fake spikes to stop me.
Just gotta keep quiet.
Just like in air battles, these shoot flies respond to shots being fired.
Like it was. Since you're getting closer fit. There's nowhere left for you to run. You know. I'm very much looking forward to your arrival. I feel like Rapunzel waiting for her Prince. Sorry to bre...
Make your way to Medusa. I'm on it. May laying the little enemies into the big enemy will make things easier for you.
Me too. What did you just call me? What are you doing here? The same thing you're doing. Pummeling on the world, fools. I'm just way better at it. Maybe you also sense that pit could use your help....
Nasty. Is there any part of her that isn't a weapon? I guess it's to be expected.
Nicely done, pit. You've destroyed all three statues. Then it's time to destroy Medusa. The path to Medusa is back the way you first came in. How is that even possible?
Now pet the eye.
Now this is one place I wish I could forget the labyrinth of deceit, which means a second helping of crazy.
Now's your chance.
Ohh this place again. This looks like where you fought the huge drop.
Ohh, you won't be using the three sacred treasures. The sacred treasures look cool, but I'm going with my weapon of choice. Just in case. Though, let's take the Pegasus wings too.
Ohh. I'm back at the castle entrance. Look, a statue has crumbled.
OK. Next just one more to go before Medusa.
Pandora ready for round two? Seems Medusa could make her talk. What do you mean? I mean, that's not Pandora, but it looks just like her. That's just a soul dressed up to resemble Pandora. How cleve...
Pet, are you alright? I'll try to get you close again. Hold on.
Really defeated.
She keeps throwing stuff at me. Try using a special attack. You can build up your gauge faster by deflecting attacks. How do you stay so calm? Panic isn't good for a goddess's image. Now just focus...
She she's huge. Be careful. Listen well. Are you demons of the underworld? In the name of the goddess Palatina, the defender of all that is good, those who hide in the darkness will be made to face...
Slaying complete.
So I finally meet again. Pissed.
So this whole town is some kind of illusion. It's as real as I am. I built it myself using your and the hue draws memories. That's because you don't know what the original town looked like. No matt...
So you've made it this far. You better watch your back. Isn't that just precious? Guess it's all that hot air that keeps you flying. You are darling, but you'll need more than bluster to defeat me....
Thanatosis gym is shining. That means we're good to go. Get ready. Whoa. Ohh.
The entrance to the underworld should be up ahead. I hope the gem from Thanatos works.
The good news is that I've changed Medusa's legs in place for you. The bad news is that you'll have to get up close and personal with her. You'll pay for that.
The metal backs on boogies resist everything, even arrows of light, so be careful.
The underworld. We finally made it. That's a whole lot of enemies. Well, we are on their home field. Home or away, I fight to win. In your past adventures, the underworld was where you died the mos...
There are hidden platforms nearby that you can jump on. 1st, reveal the platforms, then dash up to allege to jump. Well, that's easy.
There sure are a lot of underworld enemies around here, yes? So even though the arrows of light do a lot of damage, don't get cocky.
There's a whole bunch of.
There's an arenus nearby. They split into two halves that you can take out one at a time.
There's an ether ring. Why don't you try it out?
This appears to be the final guard, the last step before Medusa's defeat.
This ether ring is pretty convenient, yes, like the EXO tank, it's a vehicle of the gods. The handling is a little soft, but it has a force field to protect you from enemies. Tap the icon on the to...
This looks like where I had my first battle, and you've really come a long way since then, haven't you?
This ravine leads to the underworld I'm taking you in. Look at those trail tails drawing lines. Or trails, right? Maybe. Probably. I don't advise shooting for a little bit. The shoot flies here wil...
Twin bellows here, boy. Old pits gonna teach you even more new tricks. And if you're good, I'll take you for a walk. And give you a bath. And a treat. We're gonna wreck up some serious Nintendo's t...
Uh, I'm all set.
Uh, it looks like the bottom half lost its pants.
Watch out for orens ahead.
Watch out, pet. It's a clever skull. Yeah, I figured that part out. Got any other ideas of what I should do next? You'll have to defeat it to advance dodge to avoid getting hurt and go in for melee...
Watch out, Yikes. Do you like that?
We did it. We really did it. Congratulations. I know it wasn't always easy, but it was so worth it. With the world at peace again, even the sun feels warmer. Ah, you're so cute, pit. Now wait just ...
We're finally here. Look at these boss statues. It seems that each statue has a corresponding door.
We're getting close to Medusa. Be careful not to fall.
What is that? That's the last line of defense keeping us out of the underworld castle. It won't be keeping me out.
What? The huge eyes behind that door.
Where am I supposed to go? There's a path somewhere. Step on the switch and use the lights to guide your way.
Whoa. Now this looks familiar. But it's not exactly the same. Whatever we have to move forward, we have to defeat Medusa.
Whoa. What just happened? I think you just used a war of some sort.
Why aren't my texts doing more damage? Well, it is a boss, it's so annoying.
Wow, warping that huge body must be a real pain. Who you calling huge? You insignificant little thing? Let's get you closer.
You can use the ether ring to traverse gaps in your path. If you can make your way across all the gaps underground, you'll find a little prize.
You did it. Did it?
You might wanna try getting behind the enemy. Just keep your reticle on your target and dash left or right. Stay close to the enemy and keep your stylus on the touch screen.
You're still too far away. She's so big that it's hard to get a feel for which shots will hit her.