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Wizard of Whiteness - Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards - Voices (Mobile)

Wizard of Whiteness - Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards - Voices (Mobile)

The following is an incomplete list of notable video game projects that have embarked upon crowdfunding campaigns. Only when the amount raised is highlighted in green did the project receive those funds. The list includes projects in hardware, software, and related media, including software, hardware and video games.

Note 1 I Hate the Wizard of Darkness
Note 10 The Immortal Wizard of Darkness told me
Note 12 Sticks and Stones
Note 13 Honestly I dont know
Note 14 The Prophet keeps telling me
Note 15 I got this touchscreen
Note 16 So I have this spell
Note 17 Apparantly if you bring
Note 18 EUREKA
Note 19 Now that I have the birth
Note 2 So Anyway Thats How You
Note 20 Dear Sorceress of Light do you like me
Note 3 Grocery List
Note 4 Dear Sorceress of Light What Are
Note 5 Dear Immortal Wizard of Darkness Do You
Note 6 I Feel Like The Immortal Wizard
Note 7 Today I went over to the
T1 01 Tap the Zombie BOOSTED 1 2
T1 02 Cast Magic Missile BOOSTED 1 2
T1 03
T1 03 Defeating enemies earns XP BOOSTED 1 2
T1 04 Leveling Up Increases BOOSTED 1 2
T1 05 If You Find Any Tacky Vases BOOSTED 1 2
T1 06 You Found A Wizard's Robe BOOSTED 1 2
T1 08 Just Tap On It To Pick It Up BOOSTED 1 2
T1 10 Aaah, A Frost Lich Approaches BOOSTED 1 2
T1 12
T1 12 Try Double Tapping the Wizard BOOSTED 1 2
T1 13 Ooo, That Wizard Dropped His Book BOOSTED 1 2
T1 14 Open your spellbook BOOSTED 1 2
T1 15 Tap on a spell slot BOOSTED 1 2
T1 16
T1 16
T1 16
T1 16 Now Tap the Blizzard Spell BOOSTED 1 2
T17 murderboulder Line1 uh oh the wizard
T17 murderboulder Line2 these enemies will shield
T17 murderboulder Line3 try using fire explosion
Tutorial 1 17Wizard 1 AHH an Indestructible Murder Golem Approaches
Tutorial 1 17Wizard 2 Whoa how do I destroy him
Tutorial 1 17Wizard 3 He's INDESTRUCTIBLE I said
Tutorial 1 17Wizard 4 Tap Teleport to start the 10 second teleport spell
Tutorial 1 17Wizard 6 I dont know
Tutorial Level 11 Line1 Wizard Ahh that zombie
Tutorial Level 11 Line3 that is a very stupid idea
Tutorial Level 11 Line4 Anywho one attack
Tutorial Level 11 Line5 And by take care of them
Tutorial Level 11 Line6 You dont like take them in and nurture them
Tutorial Level 7 Line1 Wizard Uh oh a skeleton approaches
Tutorial Level 7 Line3 This is NOT a game
Tutorial Level 7 Line5 These skeletons are completely invulnerable
Tutorial Level 7 Line7 Yes
Tutorial Level 7 Line8 FYI skeletons cant be stunned while
Tutorial Level 8 Line2 Oh yes the Blizzard Fairy lives here
Tutorial Level 8 Line4 Its a fairy thats so hot
Tutorial Level 8 Line5 Literally
Tutorial Level 8 Line6 She literally has to cast blizzard on herself all the time
Tutorial Level 8 Line7 Or shell die
Tutorial Level 8 Line9 You cant shes completely invisible
Tutorial Level 9 Line 2 because its night time
Tutorial Level 9 Line 4 thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard
Tutorial2 Line16 wizard zombies are coming from far away
Tutorial2 Line17 use the two finger pan maneuver to look around the battlefield
Tutorial2 Line18 Wizard VO When Indestructible Murder Golem approaches in level 2 cast blizzard
Tutorial2 Line2 Uh oh the prophet
Tutorial2 Rune Line1
Tutorial2 Rune Line2
Tutorial3 Line10 tap the spell book to see the new spell
Tutorial3 Line11 Tap a spell slot to select it
Tutorial3 Line12 Now tap the spell to equip it
Tutorial3 Line13 Wizard Close the spellbook by tapping x
Tutorial3 Line14 select a zombie thats close to his zombie buddy friends
Tutorial3 Line15 Now cast static shock to turn him into a lightning rod
Tutorial3 Line16 Youve found a wizard tabard
Tutorial3 Line17 tap the wagon
Tutorial3 Line18 Now tap the equipment icon
Tutorial3 Line19 Tap the Tabards tab
Tutorial3 Line20 Tap the icon to see
Tutorial3 Line21 tap the x to back out
Tutorial3 Line22 Tap equip
Tutorial3 Line23 Now tap the x to get back to business
Tutorial3 Line8 Maah That wizard dropped a page
Tutorial3 Line9 Pick it up to learn the spell
Tutorial4 Line2 Ahh a Zombie Hulk
Tutorial4 Line3 They get SO angry sometimes they scream and scare dead bodies
Tutorial6 Line1 AHH A wind wizard approaches
Tutorial6 Line10 Ah He dropped my tornado spell pick it up
Tutorial6 Line11 Go into your spellbook and equip your new spell
Tutorial6 Line12 Tap a zombie upon which
Tutorial6 Line13 Now draw a swirly circly thing
Tutorial6 Line14 now tilt your spellbook
Tutorial6 Line2 These Wizards are Extremely Annoying
Tutorial6 Line7 They just blow your spells off your quickbar
Tutorial6 Line8 Wizard and you have to replace them in your spellbook
WhiteWizardInterruption 01
WhiteWizardInterruption 02
WhiteWizardInterruption 03
WhiteWizardInterruption 04
WhiteWizardInterruption 05
WhiteWizardInterruption 06
WhiteWizardInterruption 07
WhiteWizardInterruption 08
WhiteWizardInterruption 09
WhiteWizardInterruption 10
WhiteWizardInterruption 11