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Artillery squeal
Artillery whistle high
Artillery whistle1
Bb plant
Bb trigger
Flmthwr cooldown mn
Flmthwr flux1
Flmthwr front
Flmthwr ignite mn
Flmthwr mn flame
Flmthwr rear
Flmthwr st flame
Flmthwr st r
Molotov explode
Molotov light
Molotov throw
Monk cymb m
Monk cymb2
Monk cymb3
Monk cymb4
Monkey raise
Monkey raise plr
Monkey ratchet
Monkey song2
Monkey song3
Paintball fire
Paintball imp1
Paintball imp2
Paintball imp3
Ptrs clip in
Ptrs close
Ptrs mn dist
Ptrs mn shot
Ptrs open
Ptrs pull
Ptrs st shot
Ray exp
Ray exp cl
Ray flux l
Ray flux r
Ray loop
Ray mn
Ray mn act
Ray reload 3p
Ray reload battery
Ray reload battery out
Ray reload open
Ray st f act
Ray st r
Satchel detonator
Satchel plant1
Satchel plant2
Uber m left
Uber shot m
Uber shot st
Wwdg2 bounce1
Wwdg2 clip in
Wwdg2 effects1
Wwdg2 effects3
Wwdg2 fire mn f
Wwdg2 fire mn lst
Wwdg2 fire st f
Wwdg2 fire st lst
Wwdg2 fire st r
Wwdg2 flux l1
Wwdg2 flux l2
Wwdg2 flux r1
Wwdg2 flux r2
Wwdg2 handle pullback
Wwdg2 handle release
Wwdg2 happy1
Wwdg2 happy2
Wwdg2 happy4
Wwdg2 idle d
Wwdg2 idle1
Wwdg2 idle2
Wwdg2 idle3
Wwdg2 idle4
Wwdg2 idle6
Wwdg2 imp water
Wwdg2 proj impact
Wwdg2 proj loop
Wwdg2 start
Wwdg2 switch flip off
50cal plane