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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All right, so it wasn't the Death Claw, but what would the mutants in Old Town, what were their caravans? Unless it's some kind of conspiracy.
All towns over on the east side, the Skaggs hang out there.
An outpost. Well, um, well, uh, I'll have to talk to the committee. Yeah. Yeah. They'll know what to do. They're done and done. Get get out. Because I got stuff to do. OK.
And what do I look like? One of those tourist things? Geez.
And you can find them over on the northwest edge of downtown. They control the hospital before the children moved in. Talk about trading the strange for the weird.
As I said.
As I said.
Best the manager of the weapons store. She hears lots of rumors, if you're into that kind of stuff.
Change the High Priestess of the children of the Cathedral and set up the hospital here in the hub.
Come on, you can do better than that.
Do that and come back and tell me, OK?
Don't spoil it, make them quick.
Don't you know where your own feet are?
Done and done. Now get on out of here, but come back and talk to me when you found something.
Go talk to Rutger. He can tell you more about that crap.
Got the children of Cathedrals Hospital over on the West side of downtown and then of course you got the water merchants South and the Crimson caravan West.
He heads the water merchants. Nasty, greedy bastard, is what he is.
He heads up the children of the cathedral down in the boneyard.
He leads the Brotherhood. That's about all I know.
He's the boss of the Crimson Caravan. If you ask me, he's nuts.
He's the mayor of Junk Town. That's all I know.
He's the owner of the Maltese Falcon over on the West side. I'd stay clear of him. He's not honest like me.
Hey, knock that off.
Hey, put that down.
Hmm, what do you want to know?
Hot damn someone with guts. Done and done. Go talk with my second Rutger and get the details.
How do you know? Did you see the death claw?
How do you? Go talk to Beth. She knows more about that crap.
I ain't gonna repeat myself again.
I don't have time for this. Get out and don't come back until you find something useful.
I don't know anything about that.
I don't think I want to tell you. Yeah, that's.
I heard he's dead. What more do you need to know?
I heard stories, that's all. No truth to them.
I'm tired of your insult to you, you pinhead. Don't come back, Rutger. Take this annoying bug away.
It done. Yeah. Yeah. You do that. Yeah. I I need to talk to the committee. They'll know what to do now. Now get out. I got to let to do, OK.
It's where everybody trades, smack dab middle of town.
Junk town, it's up north. Heard there having some trouble what would there may achillion getting killed and all?
Junk town. Yeah, I've been up north to that place a few times. Got some great booze.
Just a bunch of different places. Go find out for yourself.
Just one.
Just one.
Just stuff. You want to see the town? Go look around yourself.
Last I heard, he's the mayor of Addition.
Leave me alone. You got your reward. Now get out.
Like I told you.
Like I told you.
Listen you, I ain't scared. I'm. Cautious. You'd be stupid not to be with the death claw. Look, go talk to Beth. She'll tell you more.
Listen, I ain't going to say it again.
Listen, I don't have time to swap stories with you.
Make it quick.
Maybe for you. If you like that, then the glows down South. It's a radioactive pit.
Never heard of it. You must have made it up or something.
No idea what you're talking about.
No, I I don't go talk to Beth. She knows more about that.
Not really.
Now there's some good eating. Bob's got the best charted Guana this side of the desert.
Oh. Well, it's not, so get out.
Ohh no ohh no. We don't talk about.
Ohh, he's the sheriff. But if you see a crime, report to me. Justin doesn't rule the roost around here.
Ohh, they're a bunch of gun freaks up to the Northwest. Really weird. They do make a damn fine weapon though.
Old Harold, What do you want with that old mutant? He's an Old Town. Just asked. There.
Rats. You gotta be kidding me.
Really. Who?
Right South of the merchant market, the only source of water here. And for a lot of the surrounding area, the water merchants own the damn thing.
Rutger handle that. He does all the trivial stuff with the Fogo traders. Now get on out because I got work to do.
Rutgers, my assistant.
Rutka is going to turn you into a human pretzel. Have fun, Raquel.
Simple. Find out who's doing it and tell me or take him out. Makes no damn difference to me. Just get that job done.
Stop that right now.
Thanks. Now is there anything else?
That's it. Rutgers gonna take it out of your hide.
That's me. You blind or something?
That's over on the West side.
The best prices on the best guns in town, everyone says. So. It's not just that I own it. Just try it out this door and make a right you can't miss.
The glow. The radioactive pit way, way down South. Too much radiation for anyone to live there.
The Maltese Falcon is a nightclub on the West Side, Hope sings there. What a doll.
The Master. He's he's more of a myth than the death claw. You you don't think he's real, do you?
Then what the hell am I doing? Still looking at you? Get out.
Those bastards. Darren Hightower thinks he owns the damn hub just because of the water tower.
Three of my caravans have disappeared in the past month. At first I thought it was either the water merchants or the Crimson caravan, but they've had disappearances too.
Time is money. Chitchat is not money. You hear about the job or what?
Uh, do that and come back and tell me, OK?
Well then, what is it?
Well then. And who's stealing my caravans?
Well, I've run the Fargo traders for about 5 years before that. I was an atom before that near the glow.
Well, it's a big ruined city to the South. The children, the followers in addition are there along with all the gangs and stuff.
Well, it's the place where everyone goes to trade in the boneyard. It's the only place civilized enough to do it.
Well, last I heard it was trashed by someone. Don't know who though.
Well, Necropolis is east, but I wouldn't spit there if it came out gold. If you get my drift. Those ghouls. Elita Man's face faster than old lady shopping at bargain day.
Well, OK, I'll tell the committee, but I don't think they'll believe it, although I have seen mighty big rats around.
Well, some caravans have been disappearing on us lately. Damn if anyone can figure out what happened to him.
Well, there's something, but I never listened to those rumors.
Well, they run a big old hospital on the southwest side of downtown. Bunch of religious nuts if you ask me.
Well, what are you doing in here? Get out.
Well, what do you got for me?
Well, what do you have?
Well, you got Old Town and the Heights, but that's just houses. Downtown's got all the stores and stuff.
Well, you got the Junk Town to the north and the Brotherhood of Steel to the northwest, and of course the Boneyard to the South.
Well, you got the Maltese Falcon. Nice place to eat, believe you me. And then let's see the all in one store, the weapon shop, and of course Bob's Iguana bits.
Well, you you don't want to go there. The prices are really high and the quality is bad.
Well, you're a bright one, aren't you? Here's the job. Find out who's stealing my caravans. Money big. You. Fail. Hurt big. Understand? Now get outta here.
What a pain they are. We think they're hideouts in Old Town, but we can't prove.
What did you say?
What do I look at create shy of a load? Did you even see the Death claw?
What do you want with them, wackos? Jeez, all that peace preaching and tree hugging makes me sick.
What do you want?
What What would mutants want with our caravans?
What? Get out. I need to tell the committee about this. Go on, get out.
What? Well. Well. I'm not afraid, Rutger. I got guns, Rutger.
What's that? You agreed to a job without knowing what it is, Huh. Damn, you must be desperate. I like.
Who the Hell's rough?
Why? What have you heard? I heard it had been ransacked but no one knows who did it. But I'm not worried. No one can take the hub.
Wow, you are dumb. I don't have time for this. Go talk to Rutger.
Yeah, just the normal stuff.
Yeah, right. Like I'd believe that. Get out until you can find me something useful.
Yeah, well, I don't like going around talking about my personal life and such.
Yeah, yesterday. Get going.
Yeah, you're making fun of me, aren't you, Rutger? Show this jerk the street and don't come back without some real information.
You know I don't like you. But that doesn't matter. You want the job or not.
You. You killed it.
You. You killed it. Well. I umm, where did these mutants come from?
You. You really wanna hear it, huh? Well. Some say it's the death claw. But. But I don't know nothing about that.