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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A great teacher is one that can learn from his students.
Ah, perfect.
Already lost the will to duel.
Ancient Gale livens affect activates.
Ancient Gear beast, show him who's top dog.
Ancient gear box attacks.
Ancient gear cannons affect activates.
Ancient gear Canon lock and load.
Ancient gear engineers affect activates.
Ancient gear gadgetron Dragons affect activates.
Ancient gear golem mechanized melees effect activates.
Ancient gear golem. Mechanized melee attacks.
Ancient gear golems affect activates.
Ancient gear howarter.
Ancient Gear hydra devaram.
Ancient gear hydras affect activates.
Ancient Gear night is here.
Ancient gear night, sparham.
Ancient Gear reactor dragon.
Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon's Effect activates.
Ancient Gear soldier attack.
Ancient Gear, Howard says. Effect activates.
Ancient gears effect activates.
And I end my turn.
And you may have lost but.
Attack ancient can't gadget?
Attack with, I don't know, flaming jab.
Because here comes two nation gargola.
Can I activate the spell card magnet circle level 2?
Can I attack you directly?
Can I end my turn?
Can't you take the hint that you're nothing but a slacker?
Chaos ancient giant Giants effect activates.
Chaos. Ancient gear. Giant attacks.
Classes in session.
Come here, ancient gear engineer.
Come here, ancient gear.
Come on out. Ancient gear golem. Mechanized melee.
Counts on in ancient gear. Hunting hound.
Crush of darkness.
Do not perform any of the moves I made and that ends the lesson dismiss.
Don't call me Mr Crowler, it's doctor Crowler.
Everything is still under control.
Feel the wrath of ultimate ancient gear golem.
Go ancient gear howitzer.
Go ancient, gang genier.
Go get em ancient gear gadgetron camera.
Heat this attack ancient Gaul reactor dragon.
Here I go, let's battle.
Here's an example of proper dueling technique.
Here's the machine of all machines.
Hi activate a field spell.
Hi activate a quick play spell.
Hi activate and equip spell.
Hi activate my quick play spell limiter removal.
Hi, activate a ritual spell.
Hi, activate a spell.
Hi, activate my field, spell gear town.
Hi, activate my trap card, zero gravity.
Hmm. Let's see from my hand.
How can this delinquent to defeat me?
I activate a continuous spell.
I activate my equip spell ancient gear fist.
I activate my trap card. Desperate battle.
I activate the spell card ancient gear catapult.
I activate the spell card ancient gear drill.
I activate the spell card ancient gear explosive.
I activate the spell card ancient gear factory.
I activate the spell card polymerization.
I attack you directly with my monster.
I can't believe I won. I almost had a heart attack.
I draw.
I draw.
I may be hard on them, but I see potential in all my students.
I pendulum summon a monster.
I present to you ancient gearbox.
I remember that move when I was still a naive rookie.
I said a monster.
I say your strategies are quite exemplary and impressive jewel on your part.
I set a card.
I summon a monster in attack position.
I synchro summon a monster.
I tribute a monster.
I'll give you a private lesson.
I'll teach you to respect my PhD in dueling.
I'm ritual summon a monster.
Iccees summon a monster.
Image ancient gear gadget.
It's my turn.
It's my turn.
It's my turn.
Jayden, as a professor, I remember all my students.
Join us, chaos ancient gear giant.
Leave me alone. I don't want you to see me like this.
Lesson #1A duelist must never give up, no matter how grim the outlook.
Let me educate you on the fact that duelists like you are a dime a dozen.
Let's go slacker.
Mistake isn't in my dictionary.
My continuous spell activates ancient gear castle.
My continuous trap activates.
My monster attacks.
My reveal my face down card.
My special summon one wicked token.
My town.
My trap activates.
My turn.
Nice set the pendulum scale.
No unnecessary chatter in the classroom or during a duel. Remember that.
No, no.
Not going to work.
Not good. Not good at all.
Nothing to it. The easiest duel of my life.
Nothing you do can fool me.
Pay attention. Here's a special lesson.
Precious thing.
Prepare to be expelled. Ultimate Ancient Gear golem attack.
Rapid fire flurry.
Rise Ancient gear, soldier.
Rolling in ancient gear cannon.
Saw ancient gear and gadgetron dragon.
See you again duellinks.
Shadow games are no part of a well-rounded education.
Sicam ancient gear hunting hound.
Sink your fangs, ancient galivan.
So silly.
Step forward, ancient gear golem.
Students, I was simply teaching you how not to do or.
Swoop to the field, ancient galivan.
That continuous trap, ancient gear reborn.
That hurt.
That I activates spell gear.
That won't stop me.
That's what you get, slacker.
They don't work in the real world.
This dragon will shine for eternity.
This is the end of your lesson.
This is too easy.
Time for battle?
Time for your dueling lesson.
Tune ancient gear golem.
Ultimate Ancient gear golems affect activates.
Up here, ancient gear hydra.
V0107 22 00 01
V0107 22 00 02
Wait, time out.
Watch and learn.
Well done. Very well done.
Who's a good porch? You are. You are.
You flunked my class.
You mustn't speak out of turn, young scholar.
You need to study more.
You think you're so smart.
You're done for.
You're nothing but a truant.
You're trying hard, I'll give you that.
Yugioh duel links.
3 equip spell ancient gear tank.