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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Accelerate might come in handy for crossing the water and retrieving the hydraulic control unit from Jonah's boat.
Ah, gross.
Alright, hero time.
Be careful in here, Ben. There's a lot of weird things waiting for you.
Believe me when I say you do not want to pick a fight with Vilgax.
Ben, be careful. You don't know what tricks he's got up his sleeve.
Ben, don't go rushing into this area without thinking first. There are logs that may break beneath your feet and pitch you can fall into. Check out the shack when you get to it, and I think Diamond...
Ben, it's important you watch out for Omni release devices. Vilgax has planted them everywhere.
Ben, this area has lots of elevators. It can get real confusing. You've got to take the humanoid pods out of the mothership before it takes off, and you don't have much time.
Ben, those drones must be after the Omni tricks.
Congratulations, you've collected all the souvenirs. Now you can build the Omni shield.
Congratulations, you've collected the souvenirs.
Crab is an intergalactic bounty hunter. Be careful.
Doctor Animal was a promising researcher in veterinarian science, but it turned out he was doing all these twisted genetic experiments where he was mutating animals.
Does the expression look before you leap mean anything to you?
Don't just stand there, doofus. Dial up some help.
Don't just stand there, doofus. Dial up some help. You should try heat blast.
Don't lose track of time, Ben. Remember, Hero mode doesn't last long.
Getting pretty industrial here, and pretty dangerous too. And be sure to watch out for that molten seal.
Here, Kitty, Kitty.
Hex uses black magic to control all sorts of evil beings. His bag of tricks is full of some majorly bad mojo.
Hey Ben, it looks like a gang of misguided youngsters are causing trouble in the traffic tunnel. After you take care of those kids, you'll need to find a way to the subway.
Hey Ben, why don't you try out that new watch of yours and see what he can do?
Hey, doofus, whose side are you on?
Hmm, you'll need to be street smart here. Use your brain power band. But watch out for Kevin Eleven since he can morph into the same aliens as you.
Hunter Droid is an alien weapons master. Unfortunately only he knows the secrets of the Omnitrix.
Hurry, rescue those pods before the mothership blasts off.
I don't have too much advice for you here, Ben. Deal with the megawatts the best way you know how, and try not to get electrocuted.
I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.
I don't like the look of that Zombozo character, Ben. Focus on one thing at a time, disable the cannons, then deal with zombozo.
I feel ultimate.
I guess his luck ran out.
I know you're a dweeb in all Ben, but be careful, this guy looks like real trouble.
I like carnivals, except with guys like acid breath around, I'm not so sure. It might be a good idea to give your enemies a smaller target here.
I should have known the galactic overlord Vilgax was behind those freaks. Watch out, he's after the Omnitrix.
I'll stop flow and I've heard a kick, some tail.
If I remember my chemistry correctly, diamonds are a poor conductor of electricity, right? That could be important.
If the watch doesn't work, use whatever objects you can find as a weapon.
If you think those small mecha droids were tough, wait till you meet their boss. This guy will make those guys seem like kids play. Oops, sorry, I forgot you are a kid. But remember, just because s...
It looks like it would be easy to get lost in that maze. There must be a secret area nearby. Ghostfreak might be very helpful here.
It would be a good idea to put off the final fight with crab until you got everything you need. I'll bet he isn't immune to TNT.
It's always a good idea to meet the enemy eye to eye, so why don't you get on their level?
It's important to find where Jonah and his henchman put those eggs. Check out all the crates. You've only got so much time to get all the crack and eggs back into the water.
It's time for a change.
Jonah Melville isn't a friend to any kind of wildlife. He travels around the world poaching wild animals and then creates them up and sells them to private collectors.
Keep an eye out for secret areas. They contain souvenirs. You'll need these souvenirs to defeat Vilgax.
Keep your eyes open, Ben.
Keep your eyes out for handholds, Ben. You can use them to gain higher ground.
Kevin 11 is a total punk. He'll steal anything he can get his hands on your money, your friends, even your powers.
Let's wrestle.
Look for backpacks. They boost your health.
Looks like a butterfly that's full out of stock flow.
Looks like you need a key.
More creepy creatures here. You're going to need help Ben. If you can get past these guys, make your way to the bell tower and ring the bell.
No, it can't be. Said by a man child, Tenneson. This isn't over. There will be another day.
Not bad for a doofus.
Not bad for a doofus.
Now that's what I call coming through in a pinch.
Now this is really creepy and you have to find your way through the maze of booby traps and get to the bottom floor. They don't ask me to help you on this one. I'm way too big.
Now would be a really good time to go hero.
Oh yeah, I'm on fire now.
Ohh yeah, who's bad?
Ohh your hero.
OK, radical thought, but right now might be a good time to go hero.
OK, radical thought, but right now might be a good time to go hero.
Remember the Omnitrix is a prototype and doesn't always function correctly, so be ready for that.
Remember the Omnitrix is a prototype and doesn't always function correctly, so be ready for that.
Remember to think out there, Ben. Don't just try to muscle it. Might isn't always right.
Scan my card to get some help.
Some bozo is the leader of an evil circus. He feeds on people's emotions and sucks their souls.
Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire, Ben. Think about your enemies abilities here.
Stay away from the Scorpions, Ben, or this is not going to be pretty.
Success they Omnitrix is mine.
Thank goodness you're still alive.
That gives new meaning to the term capital offense.
That guy turned out to be a real 0.
The ground here doesn't look very stable. Ben. Can you get higher up?
The limax are aliens who feed on people and take over their farms to bait their trap.
The limax are in force here, but they have a weak spot, so I hope you're a good shot with a water pistol ban, because you're going to need to be.
The Omni shield should protect you from high frequency radio waves that may cause the Omnitrix to release from your wrist.
The Omnitrix is a prototype and doesn't always function correctly.
The subway can be a dangerous place. You need to pick up as many items as you can, but be careful.
Then we've managed to build something out of all those souvenirs you've collected.
There are many items you can pick up and use in the levels.
There's lots of very strange characters here. You can't escape them whether you're high or low. And remember, you gotta find your grandmother's old brooch.
There's some big Transformers here that look like they could conduct quite a bit of electricity. That might come in handy.
There's water everywhere and Jonah's come prepared. You'll need to find a scuba suit and be a good swimmer to defeat him. Ripjaws might also be a good choice.
They hate water.
This alien makes me feel strange.
This looks like a hot area. I'd be careful out there, Ben. You may be able to destroy those meteors by throwing objects at them, but if I were you I'd get some help from heat blast.
This may be a key area, if you get my drift. I know the warehouse holds some important items and you'll need to open a gate to gain access to it. Keep your wits about you, Ben. You've got to get in...
This place looks a little ramshackled. It might be a good idea to upgrade this technology.
Those are megawatts right now. Might be a good time to go hero.
Those cracking eggs don't look like they belong there.
Time to turn up the heat blast.
Time to workout.
We believe that Vilgax has created some sort of Omni release device to try to steal the Omnitrix. Be careful, we think the ghost town is full of Omni release traps.
What are you waiting for, doofus? You should try wild mutt.
When you scan my card, it saves where you are in the game.
Who knows beyond the tricks?
Whoa, lots of mecha droids ahead. Looks like they want to prevent you from climbing the Cliff. You can try and punch your way through or call on wild mutt, heat blast or Diamond Head for help.
You have to figure out the strategy for each level and then scan the correct cards.
You know me, Ben. I'm not crazy about heights, but if you can make it to the top of these cliffs, we'll be closer to our goal.
You know, ever since you've had that watch, you're like a magnet for the weird.
You should try heat black.
You wanna mess with that answer? Try me on for size.
You'll need to avoid some dangerous boulders and then you'll be on the right track. Don't fall in the pit. Hey, now there's an idea.
You'll need to find a way to open a door, and you're going to need a lot of help from that watch.
You'll need to get control over the creatures that Doctor Animal was commanding, and I'm pretty sure you'll need sting flies help.
You'll need to investigate the water tower, and the rungs on its ladder don't look very sturdy. It might be safer if you wade less.