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Battle Wing Megazord, we are united.
Blazing strike.
Can you keep up?
Claw Armor Megazord Double claw strike.
Claw our Megazord, we are united.
Congrats on your new record.
Cortana Power, Samurai strike.
Do continuous moves to overpower the Mega monster.
Dodge attacks to your feet by jumping.
Dodge attacks to your head by ducking.
Don't give up.
Duck to dodge.
Ducked dodged the enemy's attack.
End this with a finishing move.
Final strike.
Fire Smasher Cannon blast mode.
Fire smasher.
Five disc beetle cannon.
Five disc cannon.
Five disc swordfish cannon.
Getting a little tired.
High score.
I bet you're tired now.
I'm ready for you, nyloc.
If I'm just tiger cannon.
Input commands by performing moves.
It's going to keep getting harder.
It's gonna get a bit faster.
It's important to keep your training schedule.
It's not good to overdo it.
It's time to load up.
Jump or duck to dodge the enemy's attack.
Jump to dodge the enemy's attack.
Jump to dodge.
Just a little more you can do it.
Keep at it.
Kicks can send your enemy flying.
Kidding blast.
Let's try it again.
Mega mode power.
No problem.
Now is our chance.
Now the real battle begins.
Over 100.
Over 150.
Over 200.
Over 250.
Over 300.
Over 350.
Over 400.
Over 450.
Over 50.
Over 500.
Over 550.
Over 600.
Over 650.
Over 700.
Over 750.
Over 800.
Over 850.
Over 900.
Over 950.
Perform attacks to get in range of the enemy.
Perform your special attack move to power up.
Pilot the Megazord and defeat the enemy.
Pull off 2 cool moves in a row.
Rampaging inferno.
Rangers together, samurai forever.
Recharge the Megazord and bring it to its feet.
Recharge the Rangers to bring them to their.
Same right, gigazord, we are united.
Same riser, go go samurai.
Samurai Gigazord, symbol power, mega strike.
Samurai Megazord, we are united.
Samurai Rangers victory is ours.
Samurai Rangers, zords combine.
Spin sword.
Step aside to dodge the enemy's attack.
Step left and right to dodge.
Step left and right.
Step left to dodge the enemy's attack.
Step left to dodge.
Step left.
Step right or left to dodge the enemy's attack.
Step right to dodge the enemy's attack.
Step right to dodge.
Step right.
Step to dodge.
Stop breaking bricks if you're done.
Super blazing strike.
Super mega power.
Super Samurai combination.
Super Samurai mode.
Super spin sword.
Swordfish Megazord karate strike.
Take a step.
Take this.
That's a new record.
That's about enough for today.
That's OK, we can try this again.
The pace will slowly pick up.
The time to go for.
To the same attack at the same time for a synchronized attack.
Use the bullzooka.
Use the five disc cannon.
We can do this.
We did it.
We're just getting started.
We're nowhere near done.
Well done, now you can fix.
Write your symbol to morph.
You can dodge enemy attacks by stepping right or left.
You can use your finishing move.
You're really something.
You're really working hard.
You're the best.
You've been well trained.