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Prince William Soundboard

Prince William Soundboard

William, Prince of Wales, was born 21 June 1982. He was educated at Wetherby School, Ludgrove School and Eton College. He served as a full-time pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance for two years. William performs official duties and engagements on behalf of the King.
See also: William Prince, Prince William of Gloucester, Wilhelm, German Crown Prince, William III of England, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester.

Convincing myself about I was like, yeah, but these are really amazing. Look how far you can see. And she's looking at me going. They're binoculars. Like, what's going on? Did you?
For me personally, I hope it means he stays out of my fridge and there's something standing off on. My food is done over the last few.
I applaud her for all her, you know, her dedication and her drive in doing that.
I feel very, very, very privileged, yeah.
I'm obviously extremely funny and she loves.
I'm sure, I'm sure there's a way. If you keep talking about mental health for the rest of the day, and if you do another lollichon that's clues more mental health, then maybe we can have a deal.
Is like, why aren't you doing a team talk? Instead you're talking to a stag do. And he was like, well, it's really point.
It has crossed our mind.
It's just the once.
No, it wasn't. In fact, it wasn't my stag.
The Catherine and I, it is very important that we are with you here today. To remember the 22 lives so brutally taken.
There is comfort in remembering. In acknowledging that. While taken horribly soon, they lived. They changed our lives.
Thing that you put your party a bit though.
This is this is a Facebook com.
We've had a, we've had a, you know, an amazing time promoting mental health and and particularly with, you know, with their heads together sort of camp.
Well, yeah, exactly. I'm trying to learn from that exactly. I'm. I'm learning as many ways as as I can to to promote areas that I believe in and that I support.
What I'm doing in Africa is probably not obviously related to what she did, but it's about helping the needy and the vulnerable. At the end of the day, you have to care and you have to feel for the...
Yes, I had it a few.
You know, and you know, I've got enough trouble with my dancing recently, so it's kind of best to keep away from that as well.