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An ordinary life shackles us. We need to get away. Get away from boredom, from fear. But not me. Fear is how I know I'm alive.
Everybody wants to escape something.
Fire the gun. Fire the gun. Pull the trigger. Pull the trigger.
I am willing to focus the song. $1000 to anyone. I can tell that it is possible to obtain air inside of the hospital when I'm locked up.
If magic were easy, Your Majesty, every fool would be doing it.
It was the wrong moment to start thinking. If I started to think, I might forget who I was. The great rudini.
Ladies and gentlemen. Outlook program. Producing my latest invention, the water processor.
Like the man says, that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Put an ad in the paper and tell people you're going to do something crazy Tuesday at noon, and 1000 people will show up Tuesday at noon. Throwing a chance of me getting killed. You have to beat him...
So anything goes wrong when I'm locked up. One of my assistants walked to the kitchen, ready to regain demolishing the glass. Allowing the water to flow out in order to save money.
So even Rasputin, the man obsessed with religion and mysticism, couldn't see through my little parlor trick.
Some fears you face head on. Some you take. Team grave.
They say when you're going to die, your whole life flashes before your eyes.
Unlike other people. And almost escape life. Nice scape death.
Well, wonders never cease.
When we reach for greatness. Sometimes we stumble. We risk drowning ambition. I'm a lucky man, though. Where I found myself flailing in the darkness.
You get to take a free punch. I know you're itching. Come on. Sheriff, make it count.
$100 cash on the barrel head says you can't hold the incomparable Houdini quote. That's all we have. It's 100 bucks.