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Caleb Pressley (Barstool) Soundboard

Caleb Pressley (Barstool) Soundboard

Caleb Pressley was a quarterback on the North Carolina Tar Heels football team. He hosts the Sundae Conversations series on the Barstool Sports Youtube channel. Pressley is an American blogger, podcaster, and interviewer for the sports and pop culture blog Barstools Sports.
See also: A. C. Reynolds High School, Coleman Pressley, Robert Pressley, 2022 Arizona Bowl, Arizona Bowl, and List of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alumni.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And no one can rhyme the word orange.
Do you smell like meatballs?
Have you ever double teamed somebody?
I call it. The zoo aquarium. It's a zoo in an aquarium all in one. So basically you got bears, lions, tigers in the water and you got a bunch of fish on land. You just see what happens. When the fi...
I just do what I gotta do, brother, and that is what I do.
I'd live in a fat body.
I'm very dedicated, but not dedicated that much.
In the night you turned 18. You. Registered to vote not huh. That's not what I thought. You thought I was going to say join the military? But I know you joined only fans the night you turned 18. I ...
Octagon. Eight sides. October. 10th month. Proxy logist. Medicine for the anus and rectum. Explain that to me.
Shut the fuck up, fat ass.
So when's the last time you busted a nut?
Something's not adding them.
The stroke. Stroke. Yes, Sir. Stroke. Stroke.
We can move on.
When you don't consume all that worthless fiber, your poops come out perfect. Crispy, hard. You know you don't have to waste time.