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Good day
Hello, is this Frank?
How can I help you 1?
How can I help you 2?
How can I help you 3?
How can I help you then, because someone called us
How's it going?
I don't know
I don't know about that
I don't know anybody by that name
I guess this conversation is concluded then
I guess you're playing around then
I said how can I help you?
I'm a senior care specialist with Life Alert
I've been doing dispatch, seeing how they work
If you don't even realize that you called us
Laugh 1
Laugh 2
May I help you?
My name is Michael
My name is Michael, a senior care analyst
No 1
No 2
No 3
No, never heard of ya
No, someone contacted us
No, you called me sir
Oh yeah
Ok, well who is this for?
Okay 1
Okay 2
Okay 3
Okay 4
Okay 5
Okay 6
Okay, calls from where?
Okay, I'm not familliar with that
Okay, what is your job?
Our operators are trained the same as a 911 operator
So 1
So 2
So are you interested in an alert system?
So how can I help you?
So is anybody interested in the system?
So that's what you get, emergency services
Somebody called me
Somebody called me on this line
Someone called Life Alert from another line
That's fine
They did
This is Michael
This is Michael with Life Alert
Uh hu 1
Uh hu 2
Uh hu 3
Umm uhh
We didn't call you
We don't have an office in Texas
We go anywhere in the United States
We got two people on the line here
We have office in these locations
We have several six offices in the United States
We'd have everything on file
We're getting a complete profile on you
We're Life Alert
We're Life Alert, we never heard of ya
We're not Life 24 7
We're not playing on the telephone
We're owner operated, not outsourced
Well anyway, like I said, somebody called me
What I do is look over our clients
What is your name, ma'am?
What is your name, sir?
Where are you calling from?
Who is Life 24 7?
Who was I speaking with, your wife?
Why would I call the phone company?
Yeah 1
Yeah 2
Yeah, I never heard of ya
Yeah, I'm hearing it
Yes 1
Yes 2
Yes hi
Yes I am
You called me, sir
You called me, you got transferred to me
You called us, like I said
You guys called me
You're with Life 24 7?