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Dwyane Wade Soundboard

Dwyane Wade Soundboard

Wade spent the majority of his 16-year career playing for the Miami Heat. He was a 13-time NBA All-Star, an 8-time member of the All-NBA Team, and a 3-time All-Defensive Team.
See also: Zaire Wade, Gabrielle Union, Miami Heat, 2010–11 Miami Heat season, 2006 NBA Finals, and 2011 NBA Finals.

And before a game I've done it, since I've been, since I've started playing basketball, is I always take a moment and just be thankful. I'm thankful for the places that I'm allowed to go. I'm thank...
And once you reach a level, everyone expects you to stay at that level. And I'm 40, right? I ain't the same.
And you're like, God, what's up? You know what I mean? Like.
Astounded #shocked #awe #amazed #dunk contest #mind blown #dwyane wade
I guess stressful trying to be good all the time.
I had no clue. And that's the that's the beauty of life.
I think I understand that my purpose is is bigger and whatever it is, whatever is on my heart, whatever my experiences are, I'm going to speak out.
I'm very appreciative of everybody along this journey that really. Nudge me and and lift me up.
If you're open in this world, you will have experiences that you've never could have imagined.
LA this is my LA swag.
Like you lose yourself a little bit, you lose sight of like important, you know, principles and important things.
Most great ideas come out of something that's personal to you, and so we decided to set out and start a comp.
They're so easy to quit on yourself. It's so easy to say I have nothing left. But when you read, when you go past that level and you go to a, you tap into another place that you didn't think you ha...
This is not a a thing. This is not something that you just do.
To be in a position where you have resources, you know, where you have connections, where you have finances, where you help, where you have all these things and then you can get a little bit more i...
We all have. We all reach a point in whatever we're doing when we reach that boiling point where we feel we have nothing else to give. And as an athlete, you reached that point constantly.
You know what? My life do not consist of sports, only talking about sports when I'm on TNT on Tuesdays. Besides that, nothing else in my life really consists of sports besides, like watching my son...
You know, as someone who's a public figure, sometimes the human side, if you get lost.
You know, if you don't have someone in your life that can help, you know, put you with certain people, people and like a big mentor throughout your life or a big or father figure who has certain re...
You know, you try not to question you try not to ask why it's a part of the job.