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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Activate halos defenses and destroy the flood
After I'm through with truth
Are you sure?
Can anyone hear me, over
Captain keys
Did anyone else make it?
Do you still have it?
Does he usually mention me?
Don't get any funny ideas
Finishing this fight
Halo, how do we use it against the covenant?
He's a friend
I need a weapon
I think were just getting started
I understand
I won't
I'll find cortanas solution, and ill bring it back
I'm getting you outta here
Is it true
No 2
No thanks to your driving, yes
No, nothing
Not close enough
On halo, you tried to kill Cortana you tried to kill me!
Permision to leave the station
Punch it
Relax, I'd rather not piss this thing off
She stayed behind
Sir, finishing this fight
Sir, yes sir
Slow down!
So, stay here
So, what sort of weapon is it?
Something buried
Something tells me I'm not gonna like this
Spark! Move!
Tell that to the covenant
The rings will kill us all
This is spartan 117
Thought I'd try shooting my way out
To give the covenant back there bomb
Wake me when u need me
We will make it
We'll make it
What happened?
What is this place?
When did you know?
Where is he
Yes sir
You alright
You have a better idea?
You know me, when I make a promise
You told me there wouldn't be any cameras
You're losing me
You're not
Your pal, where's he going?
Your prophets are making a big mistake