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Ah, we lost. I need some food.
All right, we won.
Alright, we won. I think it's time to go. See you next time on Nick Junior.
Are you kidding me? We lost. Ohh come on, who rigged my car?
Believe me kid, you will not regret this.
Big me again. I'm the 1:00 to pick, OK? Very handsome guy. Big me, big me. Come on, come on. What are you waiting for? OK, pick me.
CHAR 06.XA[5]
Do you realize that we just lost? We lost. I'm very upset. Sal. Sal, where are you? Sal.
Don't be annoyed. It's me, Floyd.
Flange Dozer at your service.
Flange Dozer Right here. Let's get to work.
Floyd is at your service.
Funny piggy. Piggy. Piggy. Biggest furniture. Piggy piggy me. Because really?
Gee, boss, I love to win. Let's do it again.
Go. Good job. We won.
Gradius, you make the best choice, OK? We going to win? Yeah.
Great job we won, yeah. Hey.
Greetings, I am Sam the Eagle.
Greetings, I'm Doctor Honeydew.
Greetings, I'm Link Hog throb, of course.
Hello, I'm bean Bunny, cuteness extraordinaire.
Hello, I'm being funny.
Hey, how you doing? It's Rizzo.
Hey, what's up? I'm Clifford.
Hi there face here. Wanna go for a raised one and a game for?
Hi, Hold Kermit the Frog here.
Hi, I'm Ralph.
Hi, I'm Robin.
Hi, I'm Robin. I'd love it if you picked me.
Hmm, I guess we lost.
Hmm. I think I'm gonna play the Blues for a while.
How about we try again, OK?
I am Miss Piggy, but you knew that.
I guess we can't win them all.
I hate losing. Let's try again.
I hate to mention this, but we lost.
I think it's time for a race.
I think you and I would make a great team.
I think you and I would make a great team.
I'm Fuzzy Waka Waka.
I'm fuzzy.
I'm Gonzo the Great.
I'm Scooter, the band's road manager.
I'm Scooter. I'd love to race today.
If you pick me, it'll be one cool ride.
It would be really groovy if you picked me.
It's a great day for a drive.
It's no surprise to me that we won.
It's Sal at your service.
Kitty. Two more more more.
Losing is worse than a bad case of fleas.
Losing just isn't here.
Man, nothing beats the feeling of winning.
Me. Me. Me.
Of course we won. Were there any doubts?
Oh, Oh yeah. Pick, pick me. Yeah.
Oh, oh, I haven't picked. Hey, everybody, I got picked. Yeah, I got, I got picked.
Ohh boy oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. We won. We won. Hey kid, we make a great team.
Ohh boy. Winning is extra super special.
Ohh dear we lost.
Ohh have a nice day. OK, have a nice day Sir. Bye, bye now.
Ohh man we lost.
Ohh well we lost. That's OK. We'll do better next time.
Ohh whatever this condition. Here they bring in the study group. First he came to her. There were two sheep.
Ohh wow. Like I'm Janice.
Ohh yeah baby. Absitively fuzzy Lutely.
Ohh, can we try again?
Ohh, we lose. That's alright. Let's race next time.
Ohh, we won. Far out.
Ohh. Oh, oh.
Ohh. Ohh.
Our nano and nano.
Pick me if you are a true American.
Pick more if you want to win.
Racing's cool.
Racing's cool.
See, I love it when we win.
See, I told you it went.
That's OK. We'll do better next time.
This is some bad, OK? Should I get up and push? Come on, come on. This is so bad again, I'm going to cry again. This is so bad. OK, I gotta take a look at it.
Wait, wait. I'm gonna tell Sal. Sal. Yeah, I won. Good for you. Can you Can you believe that I won?
Wanna go for a spin?
We lost but. It's OK.
We lost. Bummer.
We lost. Luckily it wasn't my fault.
We lost. Ohh no. There must be some mistake.
We win. We win. We win. We win. We win. We win.
We won. Not bad at all.
We won. Science is our friend.
We won. We want. You and me and me and you we we. We we did. We won. We, you know, you were driving and I thought you were doing bad, but then you got good and we were.
We won. Whoa.
What will Camilla hears about this?
Why would you pick anyone but me?
Winning good. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
Winning is definitely where it's at.
Winning is very patriotic.
Woof woof, Ralph the dog here please to meet ya.
Yeah, I'm Doctor Teeth. Can you dig it?
Yeah, yeah, the cheesy food. Good. Did you choose?
Yo, this is Rizzo here.
You know, if you race with me, you're going to win. Simple.
You know, you look like you would like to race with me.