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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A bush?
A cookie did not tell you to build a giant metal cage.
A great justice has been done here today, ha!
A little advice to help you make a decision.
A nice little trip down memory lane.
A.K.A. the mummy wrap. So much waste.
Actually, I gotta get to English class, Robin
Ah, he's hopeless. Come on, let's go.
Ah, they love those bumper cars.
Ah! Robin's the one who tells us what to do!
Ah! What's up, guys?
Aha! Obinray!
Alas, Beast Boy, we live in a world that frowns upon violence
All american boy? More like crazy crane kicking guy
All of the snacks you say? You must be stuffed
All right, I am feeling this.
All right, ladies, let's do this.
All that candy, gone
All this chocolate milk by myself.
ALL: Dibs!
ALL: Dibs!
ALL: Leg lock!
ALL: Pinch, pinch, pinch.
ALL: Pinch, pinch.
ALL: The Titans?
ALL: Two Commissioner Gordons?
ALL: Uh...
ALL: Watching...
ALL: We are!
ALL: We knew it!
ALL: Whoa!
ALL: Yar!
Also, I was hungry.
Always studying, talking about wizards and dragons all the time
And crane kick your karate rival from the evil dojo,
And follow those leprechauns to their pot of gold
And get ourselves some accolades.
And get some time momentum going!
And he's doing horrible things to me.
And I don't want to spend all day dealing with it
And I propose a game of Heads Up Seven Up
And make crazy noises when we hit him.
And now that I trashed a bully,
And Robin, are you gonna keep on pushing me
And sha blow up his whole face!
And that magical time at the lake,
And that's what I'm going to give them
And the ghoul!
And the senior has wonderful stories
And the tiny wolves ate the tasty grandmother.
And we are going to see how many we can pop.
And within it, a maiden so fair who is
And you guys wanted to waste it reading.
And, Raven, skeletons!
And, the future is nothing without the past.
Animals. I need animals!
Animation is created by countless talented animators
Apologies, our intent was not to frighten you
Appearing as a multicolored arch in the sky.
April Fools! [LAUGHS]
April Fools! Ha ha!
Are you crazy?!
Are you the chicken?
Argh! [CRASH]
Argh. This is the worst.
Aw! Sounds like someone's cold again.
Beast Boy, you are a Taurus, aren't you?
Beast Boy: At the funeral, we learned that Summer was temporary.
BEAST BOY: Denim. Parka.
BEAST BOY: Doesn't he like wear a vest or something?
Beast Boy: Summertime..
Because our unique personalities that have never been previously
Because you got to forget about it first,
Become large enough to be affected by gravity.
Blah, there's nothing good on tonight.
BOTH: Wally T!
BOTH: Yar, yar, yar!
But his name is Robin, and he's a real butt sometimes
But if it's not buns... what can "obinray" mean?
But last Summer was..
But the truth is people are desperate to be told what to do.
But we need to get out of this bottle, [GRUNTS]
But when you're bad you get the spray bottle.
But why not? They are the best of friends.
Buy those eggs yet? You know how I feel about secrets.
By facing your pains and regrettables head on
Can't do it! My two legs... not enough.
Can't stop now, Mama
Cankle cross!
Cast out in the forest on the coldest of nights.
Come back here and rescue our young selves.
Come on Raven, shred your bi's with us.
Come on, bro, get spicy with us.
Come on, Titans!
Come on! Just ask, "Why?" For me?
Constitutional Crunch!
Crane kick, crane kick, crane kick!
Crane kick! Crane kick! [groaning]
Crane kick! Crane kick! [groaning]
Cyborg, Starfire.
Cyborg, we must speak on the topic of the song.
Cyborg: "A cyborg
CYBORG: Booyah
CYBORG: Walk sign!
CYBORG: We have secured the nut mix!
Did I ever tell you about the time I got a free onion?
Didn't that last clip just happen?
Do you love me?
Do you remember when we were remembering the remembrance?
Doing his underpants dance in front of the fourth wall.
Dude, we're awesome teenagers with no parents
Dude, you just transformed into a dog.
Er, where's Beast Boy?
Everyone, through the door, before the sparkler burns out
Fan out and find him!
For however you look, we will always hold you dear in our hearts.
For more information about investing in rental property,
For my skin is the radiant with the heat
Fortune cookies, palm reading, horoscopes,
Friends, you have repaired your romance.
From Episode 57.
Gentlemen, go!
Get paid! [ALL CHEERING]
Get the money, get the cash!
Good boy, good girl
Good bye forever, friends!
Good luck. You'll need it.
Guys, knowing that looks don't matter
Guys, these pranks aren't fun
Ha, haha!
Ha! You all like, "My man forgot Valentine's Day."
Hansel and Gretel ate all the food and got kicked out of the house.
Happy about that if he wants this place to lose money
He is the right
He probably just thinks he'll wake up any second
He's gorgeous with his big muscles and handsome face
He's really owning it
Heads Up Seven Up!
Hello, Mr. Kitty!
Help me!
Here it comes!
Hey, let's get...
Hey, pants. What's your favorite poem?
How dare you speak of mine candy canes in such way!
How much he weighs, his facial skin conditions,
Huh, not funny.
I agree, it's all pointless but we have no choice.
I am crushing these curls.
I am glad you have come to the understanding
I am really enjoying this wonderful garden sanctuary
I am sorry, Titans.
I am still unsure who exactly was the bully in that situation
I am the guy who stands up to bullies
I applied the human facial cosmetics. Do you like them?
I believe this is another mask
I called dibs on the cereal
I can do this. [GRUNTING]
I can eat a sandwich my own height
I can handle that
I didn't want to admit it. But yeah.
I do not feel the comfortable conversating.
I don't know what their goal is, but if it's this secret,
I don't know, man. I don't know.
I don't wanna get in trouble
I have one chance left at being the All american boy
I have spent weeks designing an obstacle course
I have to become valedictorian, no matter what it takes
I hear there's witches out here. [GASPS]
I I just wanted a good clean toot sound.
I just got one for my husband. [BAWLING]
I just remembered how I like remembering all this stuff.
I know. Now, I'm gonna miss the academical regional championships.
I need my own space to care for all my little babies.
I never thought I'd admit this, Cyborg,
I never thought I'd be competing in an academical decathlon
I think he has pink fur
I think these are the access tunnels that the ghoul uses
I thought everyone considered us an abomination.
I told you there was nothing funny about April Fools pranks.
I used to think it was all about them legs,
I want to blade on the Demon's Tongue.
I'd expect nothing less, brother.
I'll tell it fast so at least one of us can get out of her tower
I'm flattered, but no
I'm from resedaaaa!
I'm listening to the current exit polls concerning the election.
I'm not a creep. I just hate secrets.
I'm not part of the test.
I'm the All american boy next door!
I'm the manager of this amusement park,
I've always wanted to know who he really is
I've been watching you all for years.
I've got to get those freaked out freaks freaked back in.
I've only seen this kind of cumulus despair once before.
I've read every book on pigs in the library
I've seen enough courtroom drama movies to know juries
If Father is missing, who'll get the medicine for Mother?
If I knew it was going to end like this,
If we don't disarm Dr. Light's Light Bomb,
If you want it gone, you gotta do it yourself
Impressive about what you're doing. Please stop
In the eyes of society, we are righteous.
Is by staying inside and doing rainy day activities
Is it too much to ask? [GRINDING TEETH]
Is there another socially acceptable form of cartoon violence?
Isn't something to be used for fun and games
It feels good not to be weighed down by character development, yo!
It is good to see you, but I cannot dally
It is not making the breaths.
It means everything to me.
It must mean, "Tight buns."
It seems unwise to face me without them.
It's a great way to share all the feelings that I keep bottled up
It's just an article in the school paper, Star.
It's not about labels
It's pie time!
It's strange, it makes me want to learn and grow as a person
It's working! The leprechaun is making his move, yo.
It's working. Just a little more
Johnny, you're a cream puff! I hate this stupid bike!
Just flush already
Just wanted to shred.
Kisses for the gun show!
Leave me alone!
Leave that to me.