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Black Sails - Season 2

Black Sails - Season 2

Black Sails Season 2 is a thrilling television series that takes viewers on a high-seas adventure filled with pirates, treasure, and battles for power. Set in the early 18th century during the Golden Age of Piracy, this gripping drama captivates audiences with its intricate storyline and exceptional cast.

The show revolves around the tales of Captain Flint, played brilliantly by Toby Stephens, a feared pirate who seeks to secure his position as ruler of the infamous New Providence Island. Alongside him is the cunning and charismatic Long John Silver, portrayed by Luke Arnold, whose wit and charm make him a valuable ally to Flint's cause.

The cast is further enriched by the talented Hannah New as Eleanor Guthrie, the cunning and ruthless daughter of a powerful smuggler. Eleanor's character brings depth and complexity to the series, as she navigates the treacherous waters of piracy while holding her own in a male-dominated world.

Joining this stellar cast is Zach McGowan as Captain Charles Vane, a notorious pirate known for his brutish nature and ferocity. Vane's conflicting relationship with Flint adds an extra layer of tension and contributes to the show's gripping storylines.

Black Sails Season 2 explores the power struggles and alliances formed among pirates, as they seek to control the lucrative trade routes and ultimately dominate the seas. The intricate plot keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, as unexpected twists and betrayals occur within the pirate stronghold.

The series seamlessly combines historical accuracy with fictional narratives, creating a vivid and immersive world. The attention to detail in costuming, sets, and visuals transports viewers back in time, allowing them to fully engage with the story's rich historical backdrop.

In addition to its well-crafted storyline and exceptional cast, Black Sails Season 2 offers a remarkable soundtrack that enhances the viewing experience. The music, composed by Bear McCreary, perfectly captures the spirit of adventure and danger that looms throughout the series. McCreary's ability to create dramatic and emotional compositions adds depth to pivotal scenes, making them even more powerful and engrossing.

Fans of Black Sails Season 2, as well as newcomers to the series, can enjoy the immersive experience by playing and downloading the sounds here. Listening to the evocative soundtrack is a fantastic way to relive the captivating moments of the show, even when away from the screen.

Black Sails Season 2, with its exceptional cast, intricate plotlines, and captivating soundtrack, is a must-watch for those who enjoy thrilling historical dramas. Whether you are a fan of pirate tales or simply appreciate the beauty of well-crafted storytelling, this gripping series has something for you. So set sail with Captain Flint, Long John Silver, and the rest of the crew, and embark on an unforgettable adventure on the high seas.

A breach in the northwestern corridor.
A dozen armed men broke into his home,
A few hundred yards, ma'am.
A few things.
A girl who is now held in that fort.
A girl who would be in harm's way if you were to launch your attack.
A moment please?
A Nassau that can self govern,
A restored New Providence Island will need a governor.
A way towards the end which we have all been seeking.
About who is running Nassau now.
Adhere to our plan, you will have your gold
After a brief interlude,
After he invited you into his home,
After mother was killed in the Rosario raid, you left me here.
Ain't the only item the men took issue with.
Alfred Hamilton does not want those pardons issued.
Alfred: You thought I wouldn't hear what you'd done?
Alive and unharmed.
All I'd have to do is give up the fence
All of my attempts to regain control of this place
All right. What's the matter with the articles?
Allow their actions to condemn the rest.
Always do, don't we?
An opportunity that may not present itself again.
And are neither seen nor heard from again.
And ask Virgil to take five men to help put out that fire.
And at the end of the day, and all else being equal,
And believe me, if I could see a way to replace her, I would.
And discover something
And for that, I am sorry.
And he is going to help you achieve it.
And he told me what you did.
And he will say it all began with a woman
And he's still captain?
And how exactly is he gonna do that?
And I am asking you to come with me
And I could not be prouder of you for it.
And I saw no future in which a daughter
And I thought I could fill it.
And I thought it best if we could have the conversation
And I'll have my fort.
And I'm asking you to stop this right now
And I'm concerned that when he returns
And I'm telling you that what you and Thomas and I
And if I can identify the specific motive or not,
And if I have learned anything from you,
And in the manner of my choosing.
And it is miraculous
And it's because it isn't there to be found.
And not one of them has felt the need to have a go?
And now you and I must leave this place.
And once the pirate issue has abated,
And part of you believed it.
And protective and fucking committed to you since that day,
And slit their throats.
And so that there would be no misunderstanding
And suggesting pardons for these people.
And that is what I am asking you to do.
And the longer you delay,
And the same kind of perspective is what's called for now.
And then asks her to trust him again?
And then you and I are to disappear.
And then you queued up to be the next to fill the post.
And there is only one thing standing in the way.
And therein lies all the difference.
And they are less willing to forgive it or forget it in your case.
And though I know you're standing there,
And to remove myself from this place.
And we die.
And what that scrutiny might unearth.
And when he finds out what's been going on in this house,
And when you return her,
And you can make all my dreams come true.
And you flagrantly violated that trust.
And you need to return her to Carolina, to her father.
And you will have reminded him that you are still the man
And you will remind Peter that somewhere in his heart,
And you'll be back sailing with us like this never happened.
Anne? Anne?
Another nine injured.
Any idea what direction that might be?
Any man who proposes to pardon a traitor is himself a traitor.
Anything that has ever been worth doing
Anything you need that you don't have, I'll see sent to you.
Are you saying you can't sell it?
As a matter of political reality,
As are most of the westward guns.
As it would be for any of us.
Ashe: I have friends in Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels.
Ashe: Then where are you going?
Ashe: We need to get you moving.
At maneuvering an agenda through Parliament than Peter.
At the chaos of the day contemplating the end of the world,
Aye, they know your plans to recover the gold must be kept secret and silent.
Back from a lengthy journey
Be grateful it didn't happen on the gallows.
Because it's the only state in which you can function
Because you will have just presented him with his only daughter.
Before the men are massing themselves on the beach
Before they took him away, he made me promise him...
Before we've all gone too far to turn back.
Beg your pardon?
Bethlem Royal Hospital.
Both arguing that they are right, but one has to be wrong.
But an easy prize to consummate our new arrangement.
But at the moment, she is worth far, far more to this crew
But here's the thing...
But I am certain I will avoid the mistake you both made.
But I have been devoted to you since that day.
But I'm hoping
But I've come to see that you and I were wrong about him.
But in that moment, he believed it necessary
But it was the manner in which he said no that is most promising.
But it's become clear to me that a crew requires two men to function.
But know this...
But not this. It is too profane.
But since when did you care what people think?
But the men ain't.
But the truth of the matter is, it isn't for any of those things.
But they cannot have them until they find a way
But this is clearly a special case.
But this is too important to be deterred by dangers imagined.
But we cannot, we must not
But what he shared with you...
But what is clear is this,
But you cannot have it until you find a way
But you didn't mention the means by which you managed that escape.
But you, you see the world as it is.
But, Eleanor,
By a particular pirate captain.
By offering our plan directly to the Sea Lords.
By opposing voices in his head,
By the time I left, men were beginning to occupy the fort.
Can't stay away for long, that one.
Captain Vane and his men
Captain Vane, has he made any signal to surrender?
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
Darling, I think we'll both know it when we see it.
Do you really think he wants that?
Does something like that to a little girl
Don't be naive.
Don't treat me like I'm someone else. I know what London is, too.
Don't you?
Dragged his wife and nine year old son out into the street
En route to the Urca with my men in your service.
Especially a man so committed
Even if another crew could discern its specific location,
Even if he were to find out, he wouldn't use it against us.
Even if the information were to be divulged
Even if they could refit rapidly enough to get out there ahead of you,
Eventually they breach
Everyone out.
Everyone's saying it wasn't there.
Excuse me.
Face right now is the latter.
Far more damaging
Feel that this bargain has been breached,
Feels like twice as long.
Find Mr. Silver for me, if you please.
Flint killed him?
Flint: It's all right. I see a way through this.
Flint: There's an opportunity here today.
For having loved him.
For possession of pirated goods.
For the sake of the pirates of Nassau?
For the sake of Thomas and his memory.
Free from the danger of the pirates.
From driving you mad.
From her memory.
Fuck's your problem?
Fucking hell.
Fucking nightmare it must be up there.
Given a choice between capitulation and survival,
Given the state of things when last we saw each other.
Good God.
Had I been here,
Had I gone the other way,
Had I stayed another day, I'm not sure
Has been worth doing in the face of a little danger.
Has felled empires
Has he paid you a visit yet since his recent arrival?
Has reached a most critical stage.
Have been with an eye towards protecting you.
Have gone quiet the past few months he's been away
He arrived just before you did.
He can't be on the ship right now.
He could get out of that fort without being seen.
He has committed himself to doing everything in his power to prevent it.
He is exactly the kind of man we should be listening to.
He is my husband.
He is to be committed there,
He needs to move his powder stock to my warehouse here immediately.
He represents our best, perhaps our only chance of retrieving it.
He returns at last. It's good to have you back, Lieutenant.
He said no.
He will find a way to exploit it.
He will use it to ruin us.
He's in that fort, I assure you.
He's stubborn but he ain't stupid.
He's the closest thing I have to a father.
Hennessey: I would like to defend you.
His anger, I believe, was due to the fact
His weaknesses that torment him.
Hit a set a stores outside the southwest gates. Set it ablaze.
How are we gonna get her to keep turning out those leads
How close to the Intrepid's storehouse there?
How did you end up in the water?
How long do you expect?