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Evan Almighty (2007) Soundboard

Evan Almighty (2007) Soundboard

Evan Almighty is a comedy-fantasy film released in 2007. It stars Steve Carell as the titular character and is a sequel to the 2003 film Bruce Almighty. Directed by Tom Shadyac, the movie blends humor and spirituality, offering a lighthearted take on a biblical story.

In Evan Almighty, Steve Carell portrays Evan Baxter, a former television news anchor-turned-congressman who has just been elected to the United States Congress. Evan moves to a new house with his wife, Joan, played by Lauren Graham, and their three children. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he is visited by God, portrayed by Morgan Freeman.

God tasks Evan with building an ark, just as Noah did in the biblical tale of Noah's Ark. Evan is initially hesitant and skeptical but soon realizes he is chosen for a divine mission. As Evan starts constructing the massive ark in his suburban neighborhood, he faces ridicule from his family, friends, and neighbors, who believe he is losing his sanity.

The film explores Evan's journey as he learns to trust in God's plan, face challenges, and navigate the conflicts arising from his ark-building project. The story touches upon themes of faith, believing in oneself, and working towards a greater purpose. Despite numerous obstacles and a looming flood, Evan remains determined to complete the ark, inspiring others along the way.

Evan Almighty boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including top-notch comedic talent alongside veteran actors. Supporting roles are portrayed by actors such as John Goodman, who plays Congressman Long, Evan's colleague and antagonist. Wanda Sykes shines as Rita, Evan's sassy executive assistant, offering plenty of humorous moments throughout the film. Jonah Hill, playing the role of Eugene, delivers his signature comedic style as Evan's goofy and well-intentioned assistant.

The film also features talented child actors in the roles of Evan's children. Jimmy Bennett plays the role of Ryan, the eldest son, while Graham Phillips portrays Jordan, the middle child. The youngest daughter, Dylan, is played by Johnny Simmons. Their interactions with their father's ark-building adventure provide heartwarming moments amidst the chaos.

Evan Almighty received mixed reviews from critics upon its release. While praised for its family-friendly comedy and Carell's performance, some felt it fell short in comparison to its predecessor, Bruce Almighty. However, the film's positive messages, impressive visual effects, and feel-good storytelling resonated with many viewers, making it an enjoyable watch for audiences of all ages.

If you're curious to experience the sounds and watch Evan Almighty, you can play and download it from various online platforms or rent it through streaming services. The film packs plenty of laughter, heart, and a touch of spirituality, offering an engaging and entertaining blend of comedy and fantasy.

Regardless of its critical reception, Evan Almighty remains a noteworthy addition to the genre of comedy-fantasy films. With a talented cast, an imaginative plot, and a lighthearted approach to themes of faith and purpose, it is an enjoyable movie choice for those seeking light-hearted entertainment. So grab some popcorn, gather your family around, and dive into the world of Evan Almighty!

All right, Baxter brood, I will see you later on this afternoon for the big hike. Yes?
All right, everyone, wish me luck. The Congressman has left the building.
All right.
All right. What do you say we take a little break?
ALL: Yeah.
Although I wouldn't worry so much about these wolves as those.
Although you probably already know that. Or have heard it. Not experienced it.
An Argentine lake duck has a penis as long as its body.
And Bob Hughes is Transportation.
And do you know why?
And my response to said question is,
And then Ryan did the cutest thing. He asked if we could all pray together.
And we're gonna get out of it as a family,
And, now, we have a surprise for Evan.
Are you equally stunned by this man's appearance?
Are you familiar with Jim Jenkins, the junior congressman from Tennessee?
Back to work?
Building something
Buster is part of the family now. You're just gonna have to get used to it.
But did he tell you to make your friends believe in you and follow you here
But now he's sitting on his own committee.
But this has got to stop. Please. You're scaring me.
Can I help you?
Caught in the storm surge and heading towards Memorial Bridge!
Chuck Long, Resources Committee Chairman.
Close the door after I leave! Just do it!
Congressman Hughes
Congressman Long, I, I, I, I...
Dad, Dad, I think it's done.
Dad, whatever you say, I'm with you.
Did you just do a wardrobe change?
Do not mouth off to me, sir. I am the boss of you.
Do the dance.
Don't look down, Congressman, but the wolves are here,
Don't recognize it, eh?
Don't scratch!
Don't! No! Just put it down! Look at you.
DYLAN: Yeah. Whatever. New house, same old dad
Enjoy your office. Your neighbor, Congressman Long.
Evan, what are you doing? You have a pony tail on your face!
EVAN: Come on, Buster.
EVAN: Guys, easy.
EVAN: Insult to injury! My!
Evan? Take it in. Take it in.
Everybody hang on!
Everyone but Buster is going to get a sandwich.
Genesis, chapter six, verse fourteen.
Get on the ark now! Let's go! Get on the ark! Let's go!
God bless America.
God commanded me to build an ark!
Good luck getting a tree to come to the polls.
Good morning!
Good to see you.
Gopher wood.
Guys, help me with the door!
He can't do that.
He chose all of us.
He lives in all things and has over six billion seven hundred million children.
He's a mook.
Here we go
Here we go!
Here's your mail and your schedule. Okay.
Hey, guys.
Hey! No, no, no! That's my cup!
Hey. Hey, we said we would have to make sacrifices, right?
Hey. You okay, young man?
High five. High five.
Hold it right there
Hold on. Congressman Long asked us to junior cosponsor his bill? What's the bill?
Holy... Get everyone on the ark now!
Hon, could we have some more chicken September 22, midday?
Honey, maybe God didn't mean a literal flood.
Honey, you're the one who said you wanted to change the world.
Hot, hot, hot! Hot off the press! It's a joke. Here are your plates, sir.
How about some sandwiches? Okay.
How long do you want to do this, son? I've got all eternity.
How much did you make off of all this land?
HR7124, better known as CINPLAN.
I actually think it's really comfortable. That's why I'm wearing it
I command thee halt! Stop! Whoa!
I don't even want to know what's coming out the back.
I fought you every step of the way.
I gave you a little shove at the end. Sue me.
I gotta hand it to you, this is quite the show.
I just did.
I just want you to trust me. You just have to have faith.
I know. We just need something to lift those beams.
I love you guys. All right.
I mean, I've been suspended, but I'm still a congressman.
I thought I would never get them to bed.
I want your full support and nothing else.
I went to that meeting in a suit, and he took it off of me.
I will lower taxes,
I'll need you to put that into a letter of intent,
I'm cold. I'm wet. I'm going home.
I'm doing a background check on that kid.
If that's true,
Image is everything, isn't it?
It can't end this way
It's called business, son.
It's fast, it's smart, can fend for itself, but it chooses not to.
It's going to rain! There's going to be a flood!
JOAN: Congressman Long went to the city. There's a laundry list of code violations.
JOAN: Here it is, hon
JOAN: No, come on. Come on! RYAN: Come on!
Joan! Do we have a Bible anywhere?
Just don't take too long, okay?
Just put some leverage. You got to put some body weight.
Ladies first! Move!
Let me see that.
Let's go. Let's go, guys. Come on
Long locked us out.
LONG: Ladies and gentlemen! Please!
Making lemonade out of lemons. Pick up your phone! Come on!
MAN 3: Save us, Baxter!
MAN OVER TV: High temperatures tomorrow back into the 90s everywhere,
Marty said that Long cut corners, violated building codes.
Marty! Sorry I'm late. Come on, let's go.
Maybe that's put too much pressure on you. I don't know.
Mmm hmm. That's a good new house dance.
Mom! Dad! Come here!
Mother! Father! Sister! Brother! Wow!
Nice, isn't it? Politics is dog eat dog,
No, Dad. I told you, I'm with you.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no!
No, you don't. We do.
No. He might have lice, fleas, maggots or something.
Noah build the ark for his wife and 3 sons...
Now, you expect me to believe everything is hunky dory?
Oh, gosh.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, my God. It is you.
Oh, well, you know, I figured it was a weekend, and I thought...
One act of random kindness at a time.
Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient?
Over the potential disappearance of one stupid bird...
Perfect. Thanks.
Please! Congressman Baxter has a tendency to embrace the theatrical
Prestige Crest used to be federal lands,
Ready? One, two, three. Come on.
Remove him now!
Remove him now!
Rita, I know that this doesn't make any sense
Ryan, do not touch him, please!
RYAN: Holy moly!
Save them from what, Congressman?
Seriously. Okay, I got it.
Served sans pastry of any kind.
So do I.
So, you're really him, aren't you?
Some animals know when weather's coming. When they feel it coming, they sit.
Something's wrong.
Successful, powerful, handsome, happy.
Thank you.
That is nice! Which is best?
That is not possible
That way I'll have more time to work on the ark!
That's easy. Just don't.
That's it
That's right. He lives in Prestige Crest, right up the street.
The Arctic white wolf, Congressman, realizes
The Congressman and I are going to have a little chat.
The dam, Congressman
The point is
The whole weekend?
This is day one.
Those animals are following me because of him.
Those are the wolves, son.
Those fish are on you like bait on a hook.
To lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
To their natural habitats?
Uh huh.
Up, up. Push it up. Push it. We got it. We got it. Oh, yeah, yeah.
Was it this big in the brochure?
We don't have money to hire anybody else.
Well, I like stories.
Well, let's see.
Well, okay. Okay, so what do I do? I grab the wood and...
Well, sir, actually, things have been a little more dory.
Well, then you have to understand that this whole building an ark thing
Well, well, well. There they are. It is good to see you guys.
What are we going to do?
What is going on with you?
What is that?
What makes you so sure God chose you?
What the..
What would you pray for?
What? Are you shooting up Rogaine?
What? Well, why an ark? I mean, that's like flood territory.
When I met Congressman Jenkins, he was fresh off the turnip truck,
When it reconvenes in the morning
Who's crazy now, huh? Look at us all squishing!
With all these species, what's being done about the feces?
WOMAN 2: Please. It's a trick
WOMAN: No one knows where they came from
WOMAN: We're going to crash!
Wow. That is disgusting.
Yeah, me neither.
Yeah. And you grow this crazy beard!
Yeah. What did you pray for?
Yes, sir.
You can't be sitting in a chair.