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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A man calling himself Berlin
A sheet of paper,
A woman's life is in jeopardy here.
According to the official statement, nothing
Agent: FBI!
Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI.
And a Turkish diplomat.
And am I worried that someday it's not gonna be enough?
And by Thursday,
And has a digital subscription
And if your customers come under scrutiny, Apolonia,
And it isn't
And the rest?
And then I woke up one day..
And they're all after her.
And three weeks later, she was killed
And why the hell are we being trailed by Mossad?!
Any idea what was taken?
Aram, can you pull up that file you showed me?
As far as the District of Columbia is concerned,
At a considerable discount.
At least in the Northeast Corridor.
Berlin: Ah, Mr. Reddington, I presume
Bullet fragment. Must have passed through the house on our way out
But always nothing
But that ain't gonna be me.
Concierge: It's nice to have you back, Mr. Howe.
Cooper: Is this what I think it is?
Cooper: What you're telling me
Corner of Stalowa and Srodkowa.
Dembe: Raymond
Did you know Miss Tomczak well?
Don't change the subject.
Don't go through with it. We can find another way.
Employees here on long business trips
Ever to talk seriously about.
Everybody just went on like nothing happened,
Exploited a few hairline fractures in the wall that surrounds your operation.
Finding the status updates,
Fire burned itself out
For my protection.
Frank: Honey, what was the name of the lodge in the Alleghenies?
Got it.
Has people on the intelligence committee asking questions.
He doesn't care that Berlin is still targeting us.
He may very well point us to Berlin.
He's waiting for you under the Swietokrzyski Bridge...
Hear you guys are part of some, uh, elite task force?
Heard rumors.
Hello, darling.
Hey, it's me. It's Marcus
Highly superior autobiographical memory
Hired a bounty hunter to find me and my associates.
How do I feel about that?
How is my sweet, gentle boy?
I can still call off the other two.
I changed my passwords and I reported it.
I couldn't do it.
I don't know what you're talking about!
I don't remember him
I finally convinced them I was innocent
I have control of all your assets at Monarch Douglas.
I have the girl.
I like the way you and your people do business
I must admit, mój droga, I have ulterior motives..
I need to know! Where was she taken?
I staged it at the bank to ensure there'd be an investigation.
I talk to you all the time. Aren't you board certified?
I think you were right.
I want you and Ressler on the next flight to Warsaw
I was safe before you got here
I'll be there in less than three hours
I'll contact our legal attaché in Poland
I'll make it rain fire on you.
I'm not coming back.
I'm out on the far end of the limb
I'm sorry, I don't know what a rum soaked, rose..
I'm waiting to take possession of vital cargo
I've come to propose a business transaction
I've transferred every penny into a numbered,
If I wasn't confident in our handling of the situation?
If the police know where I am, so does Strickland
Is going to release me within the hour.
Is it?
Is run out of an unassuming little branch in Warsaw
Is that how we speak to each other now..
It's a matter of national security
It's come to my attention
It's okay. There was someone. I I can't remember his name
It's perfect
Kaja Tomczak. FBI
Kill him.
Layers of protection.
Liz: And this Nora..
Liz: Get down!
Liz: What the hell is going on?
Lois: You shouldn't be here!
Make sure your passion isn't your sickness.
Marcus: I hate to remind you of what happened on Fullerton, but..
Martin said you were extracted by Mossad.
Men are always with her.
Monarch Douglas bank
More than a few. Your reaction time was crap
Moved through shell corporations...
No, you can't take her! No! Y... guys, guys.
No, you're not... Not yet.
No! If she finds out..
No. He's up to something else
Not a day goes by where I don't think about Agent Malik.
Not so fast
Now, there's a point of view that I can relate to
Of a wire transfer I made 36 hours ago
Of course she was.
Of course. I'll make arrangements
Oh, my God! No, no!
Oh, my goodness.
Our fault... snafu in corporate communications
Quite safe, I assure you. On her way to my gulfstream
Reddington double crossed us.
Ressler: That's great, but we have a thing here...
Revenge isn't a passion... it's a disease
Salerno's dirty. The safe house was assaulted by a TAC team
She can give us account numbers, amounts
She hated everybody.
She wanted me to use my position at work
She works as a data engineer at Quancord Analytics.
Six minutes in and out.
So I made you a little something to remember her by
Someone accessed my systems.
Sorry, Dr
Strickland: Your assets are safe. It's a minor systems problem
Terrorist cartels, organized crime
That Google knows their search history
The actions that concern you were approved by my predecessor.
The Cuban. Orci.
The disease caused her to lose her sight.
The formula is missing. That means the money is missing.
The government listening in on their most private lives,
The image, sound, memory that flips her switch
The Juarez cartel, the entire Marbella crime syndicate
The man with one hand,
The safe house just across the river
Then things got contentious
Then you have something nice to pick from
There was only one employee who swiped into the Warsaw branch
They should've cracked a window
They're watching every move. We got to get out of here.
This business with your wife, this pursuit,
This has been a long time coming
This is the perfect setup..
This was left at the front desk for Mr. Hirschfeld
To be of any practical use
To both the Wall Street Journal and Cat Fanatic.
To find her a doctor, someone he can trust.
Turns out Berlin didn't contract Lord Baltimore to find you
Typically, I steer clear of tin pot dictators
Uh, w... where do we go?
Uses some sort of collection algorithms
We can be ready in 20 minutes
We had to!
We identified the key you found in Mills' apartment.
We know you're treating Kaja.
We need access to your data..
We need to find that girl, find out where she's being held
We really should act swiftly.
We're gonna need a copy of Kaja Tomczak's employee file
Well, less than two hours ago,
Well, the bank can't cooperate without implicating itself
What did he instruct you to say?
What is this? What are you doing in my house?
What kind of deal?
What number do you need me to trace?
What we need to do is identify the trigger..
What? Why?
What's going on?
When are you coming back to work?
When you killed your sister?
Where's the nearest landline to their current location?
Who are tasked with finding me.
Who else has Berlin hired to hunt me?
Who employ boy soldiers,
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell is Samar Navabi?
Why would Berlin hire Lord Baltimore to track him?
With her mother in 1990
Within your agency's jurisdictional bailiwick
Woman: [Gasps]
Yaabari, look at me.
Yes, $250,000 was deposited into my I.R.A.,
Yes, sir
You are finished with my wife.
You did good.
You do not have the power to make arrests,
You money men, you love military terms
You need to talk to your wife
You remember, the one with the fireplace and the moose head?
You were at her apartment
You're an asset I'm charged with protecting.
You're late
[Laughter] I never said that. You said you don't believe in God.
[Sighs] What is this place? This way.
[Taser crackling] Aah!
♪ And me ♪ You know who you are...
♪ If you've got the time ♪ Ha!
♪ We three ♪ How long was I gone?
Huh? Colonel Yusuf
I told you I don't know! [Whooshing]
I'm sorry. What are you talking about?
It's Warsaw
out of place? You think someone's been in here?
Seriously? Life is far too important a thing
So do millions of other men. Thousands, actually...
the trauma and guilt of the murder. No, I..
to big data. Most people don't care
What? Why? Ressler: You got a light?
Who are our friends? I'm not taking any chances
Who? The same data that was