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Angie Tribeca (2016) - Season 2

Angie Tribeca (2016) - Season 2

Angie Tribeca is not a movie or a song, but rather a television show. Specifically, it is a comedy police procedural TV series that premiered in 2016. Created by Steve and Nancy Carell, the show is a hilarious parody of police dramas, aiming to bring constant laughter to its audience.

Set in the Los Angeles Police Department's "Really Heinous Crimes Unit," Angie Tribeca follows the comical adventures of the titular character, Detective Angie Tribeca, portrayed by the talented Rashida Jones. Known for her deadpan delivery and impeccable comedic timing, Jones brings a perfect blend of witty humor and charm to the character.

The show also features an ensemble cast that includes Hayes MacArthur as Angie's partner Jay Geils, Jere Burns as the eccentric and enigmatic police Lieutenant Atkins, and Andree Vermeulen as the quirky medical examiner, Dr. Scholls. In addition to these main characters, each episode of Angie Tribeca is filled with memorable guest stars, including famous comedians and actors, who frequently pop up to add to the show's comedic brilliance.

Season 2 of Angie Tribeca takes the sarcastic and absurd humor to new heights. From investigating a stolen ventriloquist dummy to a band of tattooed thieves, each episode is filled with impossible scenarios and fantastical crime-solving methods. The show cleverly parodies popular police dramas while immersing viewers in its whimsical and over-the-top world.

The year 2016 marked another successful year for Angie Tribeca, as it garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike. An instant hit amongst fans of slapstick comedy and police procedurals, the show has created a loyal following with its unique brand of humor.

If you're eager to immerse yourself in the hilarious world of Angie Tribeca, you're in luck. You can easily catch up on the laugh-out-loud moments from Season 2 by playing and downloading episodes from various streaming platforms or online stores. Whether you're a fan of witty banter, ridiculous crime-solving methods, or simply enjoy a good laugh, Angie Tribeca Season 2 is sure to be a delightful treat.

So, sit back, relax, and let Angie Tribeca take you on a nose-tickling comedic journey. With a stellar cast, clever writing, and outrageous storylines, this TV show is bound to leave you in stitches. Don't miss out on the fun, play and download Angie Tribeca Season 2 today!

A 95 pound undercover cop pretending to be a lifeguard
A bicycle pump, and some pool noodles...
A big bag of Dick's.
A bureaucratic process that could take months to resolve.
A charity concert, and he's back out on tour.
A Coast Guard truck? This late?
A dad is throwing a football with his son,
A dead body fro...
A drowning victim's lungs would be full of water.
A few dentist appointments, one shower.
A grandfather clock fell on his head back in the day.
A hot pot of tea or coffee,
A jacket and long pants?
A little aggravated?
A little anxious. There's been some dark moments.
A man of passion and romance.
A man of passion and romance.
A memory
A mom's helping her daughter with homework.
A parasite.
A pre owned Toyota Avalon.
A really effective crime initiative last year.
A ring.
A routine toxicology report
A Sergeant Edward Pepper
A service designed to give a voice to a group...
A shave ice? In this part of town?
A weight loss drug?
A year that could have been.
A. Tribeca.
Aah! Dang it. Now I have fleas.
Abigail Liukin.
About knowing what the world really is.
About nine months.
About nine months.
About not being in a good mood most of the time.
About that, sir. I can't find Detective Small.
Abs, pecs, Magic Mike V.
Absolutely not.
According to the latest polls,
Aching in your loins.
Actually overdosed on an illegal weight loss drug.
Actually, Jackie, we find that, generally,
Actually, Perry pledged to get us off coal by 2020
After him and Lori Loughlin broke up,
After his campaign manager turned out to be a murderer,
After the doctor left,
After the target is eliminated here,
After what happened to you.
Against the National Harpoon Database
Agent Duran, Detectives Treils and Gibeca.
Agent Duran, why?
Ah, the very cold case, yes. Come with me.
Ah, this is gorgeous.
Ah, Tribeca, Geils. Come with me.
Ah, yeah. Please.
Ah. Your teeth belong to Kobayashi Maru.
Ah... just, like, 5 minutes.
Ahh, ahh, aah! Your feet are freezing!
Ahh. Come on, more pressure.
Ahh... Oh. They're not lickies.
Alan Thicke narrated it.
All due respect, Commandant, this base is in L.A. County,
All he's ever wanted is to be the bad boy,
All of a sudden, sees a body...
All of Mayor Perry's dirty laundry.
All right, environmentally, we can get the city off coal,
All right, give me a minute.
All right, guys. Here we go.
All right, I'll check the records room.
All right, I'll talk to the band.
All right, look alive.
All right, maybe I I need a refresher.
All right, so hit me. Anything. Give it to me.
All right, so you know your Nobbingsly.
All right, Sousa.
All right, that's it.
All right, well, if you see him around,
All right, well, Scholls thinks I had the baby
All right, what do you guys want, huh?
All right! I'll talk, I'll talk!
All right? You want a court order?
All right.
All right. Go play.
All right. Grab me a cup, then.
All right. I got to go. I think we're about to eat Maru
All right. Let's do this. Hands in.
All right. Let's give it a shot.
All right. Look who it is!
All right. See you around.
All the blood was from the victim.
All the fruit's grown locally.
All women should go to prison.
All you had to do is get the spare key to Maru's office
Allow us to demonstrate. Name any fruit.
Almost everybody.
Along with some of your hair, a to do list in your handwriting
Already on it.
Also, find out what the parking's like down there
Although he did die with it.
Although, the last couple weeks,
Am I free to go?
Am I profiting off P.T. Cruiser's death?
Am I?
An orderly is charged
An utter disregard for the rules of volleyball.
And a bitter ex wife with motive, opportunity,
And a common ingredient in pesticides.
And a former FBI operative named Diane Duran
And a glass of fresh squeezed juice.
And a mother who could tell the difference.
And a pantry full of pesticides.
And a sandwich with a bite taken out of it
And all the healthcare in Louisiana
And all the healthcare in Louisiana.
And all you could become is a nurse.
And also presumably to make money.
And as of 10:00 tonight,
And ate some drug money.
And better than ever!
And bring this company tumbling down.
And by the end, you'll be crying and wishing you...
And combined, they gave over $200,000.
And does so by making use of a website
And don't even try an object lesson on me,
And drops it right in your hand.
And elect Dick Dreyfuss,
And elect Dick Dreyfuss,
And even less often get an erection.
And even though we never see it, we're raising a baby together.
And everything's gonna be okay because I love you.
And Geils tells his girlfriend.
And GQ just named you Scumbag of the Year.
And Greenpeace does a lot of work to try to protect them.
And he got really weird about stuff
And he just expanded the Expedition line to Santa Monica.
And he vanished under mysterious circumstances.
And he would say, "Huh? What?"
And here's the one that started it all.
And his age... 71
And his fingerprints match exactly those
And how does that make you feel?
And I abandon you for another woman
And I abandon you for another woman,
And I can tell when you're rolling your eyes
And I conquered my fear of performing surgery.
And I don't appreciate being questioned by a man
And I especially don't like partners
And I promised him we were gonna go.
And I say, "That's a lot of snow for Los Angeles."
And I thought it would be fun to do something together.
And I thought you said you were coming at 2:00.
And I was about to bust out of here anyway,
And I would just be a little worried if he had an attack.
And I'll be watching you...
And I'll go talk to Alistair Cook...
And I'll never forget you,
And I'm gonna buy some Kombucha.
And I'm gonna put it in your little hands.
And I'm making linguini alle vongole,
And I'm piloting it back to this room.
And I've fallen in love with every single one of them.
And I've got a victory party to attend.
And if he can get in here,
And immaculate plating of Kobayashi Maru.
And it feels like there's nothing the police can do about it.
And it took us a little bit longer
And it turns out, someone is pushing.
And it was found at a murder scene as the murder weapon.
And it wasn't in her handwriting.
And it's a beautiful election day here in Los Angeles.
And it's all leaking out his ribcage
And it's freaky.
And just show her the woman cop you really are!
And let us have a look see?
And let you guys talk?
And look at the suture knot.
And neutralize her by any means available.
And not a handsome versatile musician,
And nothing in the foreseeable future's gonna change that.
And nothing's gonna change that.
And now he's in a better place.
And now he's inside the LAPD's network.
And now I am leaving.
And now the guy you loved is banging the head of forensics!
And now you're finally taking a chance on someone
And once we have him, we let him off on a technicality?
And one thing that they're not interested in
And our baby
And part of an elaborate conspiracy
And Pfoopa won't even give him a shot.
And pin the blame on someone else.
And probably killed your dude.
And probably no hassles.
And ride roller coasters all afternoon.
And say aloha, the goodbye one.
And Scholls, return my copy of "Total Recall"
And see if she can help us out.
And see if she has a name for us.
And see if we can pull some DNA.
And see the good guys get it all wrapped up nicely,
And select what kind of hot beverage you want?
And she helped get them out.
And she knows he'll be at the dog park in the morning,
And she's FBI...
And she's the focus of the case.
And since I have a PhD in behavioral psychology
And Sir Ian McKellen.
And so sometimes we go out on these boats
And some kind of hot beverage.
And some people, too.
And something tells me he wasn't born with it.
And still feel insecure because we're surrounded
And stop texting me after midnight.