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Ant-Man (2015) Soundboard

Ant-Man (2015) Soundboard

Title: Ant-Man (2015): A Marvel Cinematic Adventure

Ant-Man (2015) is a thrilling superhero film that brings a new dimension to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Directed by Peyton Reed, this action-packed blockbuster takes viewers on an exciting ride filled with humor, intense action sequences, and a unique twist on the classic superhero trope. With its stellar cast and technological marvels, Ant-Man has cemented its place as a fan-favorite within the superhero genre.

Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) finds himself at a crossroads in life after being released from prison. However, fate has new plans for him when he crosses paths with Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), the original Ant-Man. Pym, with the help of his brilliant daughter Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), recruits Scott to become the new Ant-Man and save the world from impending chaos.

- Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man
- Michael Douglas as Dr. Hank Pym
- Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne
- Corey Stoll as Darren Cross/Yellowjacket
- Michael Peña as Luis
- Judy Greer as Maggie Lang
- Bobby Cannavale as Paxton
- T.I. as Dave
- David Dastmalchian as Kurt

As Scott trains under Dr. Pym's guidance, he masters the incredible Ant-Man suit, which grants him the ability to shrink in size while increasing in strength. Equipped with this unique power, he must pull off a heist that will prevent Cross, Pym's former protégé, from weaponizing the Ant-Man technology and unleashing chaos upon the world.

Ant-Man explores themes of redemption, family, and the unexpected potential that lies within individuals who are seemingly overlooked. Paul Rudd's portrayal of Scott Lang brings a lovable everyman quality to the role, injecting the film with humor and charm. Michael Douglas delivers a stellar performance as the seasoned Dr. Hank Pym, a force to be reckoned with both intellectually and emotionally. Evangeline Lilly shines in her role as Hope Van Dyne, showcasing her strength and intelligence as she navigates her complicated relationship with her father.

With spectacular visual effects, the film takes audiences on a wild ride as Scott shrinks down to microscopic proportions, navigating the world in electrifying action sequences that are truly mind-bending. From epic battles in a child's bedroom to staggering pursuits on moving trains, Ant-Man boasts thrilling set pieces that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The film's screenplay, penned by Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Adam McKay, and Paul Rudd, seamlessly blends humor with heart, resulting in a well-rounded cinematic experience. Ant-Man's story is a refreshing departure from the typical superhero narrative, showcasing that size does not determine the strength and power within an individual.

Ant-Man (2015) is a must-watch for both Marvel enthusiasts and action movie lovers alike. Its talented cast brings these beloved characters to life, and its inventive story sets it apart from other superhero films. With its perfect blend of humor, heart, and spectacle, Ant-Man proves that even the smallest heroes can make the biggest impact. Don't miss the chance to witness this extraordinary journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You can experience the electrifying sounds of Ant-Man by playing and downloading the official soundtrack here.

All right, just one step at a time.
All right, princess. Let's get back to work.
And can I go back to jail now?
And for twice the price,
And Hank explained the science of the suit to them.
And I've transcended the laws of nature.
And radio ahead
And she was gone.
And still know absolutely nothing.
And there's not a day that goes by
And they get to talking, right?
And what does he do?
And you are very beautiful, ma'am.
And you have to get engaged to a cop?
Ant thony! A little help!
Are you sure they can handle this?
But all I learned was we know nothing
But I got the van!
But I think I am now!
Call 911!
CASSIE: Daddy, where are you?
Come back, Daddy!
DAVE: (STAMMERING) That's witchcraft.
DAVE: Considering the Crown Vic's the most commonly used car
Did you think you could stop the future with a heist?
Do you have any idea what he's asking you to risk?
Don't worry.
Ever since you robbed Vista Corp
Every single time I asked you,
For undercover cops, man,
Full sensors at all entrances
Get away from us!
Get me to the roof.
Get off! Get off!
Get out of here before this place blows!
Go! Go!
Good boy.
Got a Crown Vic right outside there
Great job, guys. I'll take it from here.
GUARD: All right, break it up.
HANK: Gotta hand it to you, Darren
HANK: I am controlling 247. He is not listening to you.
HANK: I told you I'd be in touch, Scott
HANK: Sit down.
HANK: So they can give you a lift past their five block perimeter
He heard rumors about what was called the Pym Particle,
He never believed in you
He said, Yes
He still can't shrink a live subject.
He was in grief
He's inside my pack!
Here we go
Hey, look..
Hey, Scotty
Hope trained in martial arts at a difficult time.
HOPE: Camponotus pennsylvanicus.
HOPE: Paraponera clavata
HOPE: Paraponera clavata.
Hope. Look at me
How was the party?
How you managed to get past my security system.
How's your face?
I already have.
I always suspected you had a suit stored away somewhere.
I can't.
I chose my mentor poorly.
I devoted my genius to him.
I guess some old wounds never heal, huh?
I had a lot of time to think about it and I love her.
I have Cross' complete trust.
I knew I had to shrink between the molecules to disarm the missile.
I love him!
I love you so much
I love you, too
I need a snooze button.
I realized you can't destroy power
I took a detour...
I was in prison for three years. I know how to punch
I'm doing this for her
I'm gonna miss you, too, Peachy.
If that regulator is compromised,
If you want the fuel, you'll have to come to me.
In the bug zapper. There..
Is it possible?
Is that where our focus should be?
It's gonna be chaos.
It's got what? Ernesto didn't tell me nothing about that.
It's gotta be airtight.
It's not a suit, it's a vessel.
It's some retired millionaire living off his golden parachute.
It's time to return to a simpler age.
It's too loud, there's a tank
Janet! No!
Just for a few days. I'm gonna return it.
Kill anything that comes out of that vault!
KURT: No, I will not move! Go now!
Let's go get 'em, buddy!
Like a whistling. You know what I'm saying? To like, blend in.
Like crazy stupid fine
Located the breach.
Look, man, I got a master's in electrical engineering, all right?
LUIS: Hey, what's up, hotshot?
LUIS: Okay.
LUIS: Scotty, what's up, man?
LUIS: So, uh, he tells me that she's working as a housekeeper now, right?
MAN: What's going on down there, Sam?
Maybe not
Neither do I
No one will be making for distress call tonight.
No, I love this one.
No, I'm serious, man. I'm not going back
No, you wouldn't have heard of me.
Not necessarily.
Nothing's happening.
Now, before we start, I'd like to introduce a very special guest.
Number 1 on the Schmidt pain index?
Of course Ernesto comes to me because he knows I got mad thieving skills.
Of course, I ask him...
Of course, sweetheart. It's your birthday.
Oh, no, no. Daddy don't get scared.
Oh, no.
Oh. Oh.
On the geopolitical landscape
One where the powers of freedom can once again operate openly
PAXTON: I know this van.
PAXTON: Scott, I met with my captain today
Peanut! Oh!
Practical applications include surveillance,
Red shrinks
SCOTT: (FAINTLY) Luis, down here!
SCOTT: All right.
SCOTT: Guys? We might have a problem
SCOTT: I'm deploying the bullet ants.
SCOTT: Well, here's the thing. It doesn't do so well in the cold.
SCOTT: What?
Set up a five block perimeter. Now!
Silly, I know.
SIRI: Playing Disintegration by the Cure.
So we expand our team
Stop cheating
Sweetie, that's pretty amazing, peanut.
Take it easy!
Thank you.
That could change the distance between atoms,
That depends if you think it's a poor attempt to replicate my work.
That was a lot scarier a second ago.
That your mother and I worked on together.
That's a good boy, Ant thony.
That's a messed up looking dog.
That's enough!
That's good!
That's what they called you. Right, Hank?
The Pym Particle is a miracle. Please
The relationship between man and suit is symbiotic.
The ultimate secret weapon.
The Yellowjacket is an all purpose weapon of war
The Yellowjacket.
Then why are you here?
There you are
They don't run on diesel.
They were really rooting for you.
Think about Cassie.
This company's founder and my mentor,
To tell you to tell me, because I'm tight with Ant Man,
Vista job, yes.
Wait a minute, I know this guy
Wait a minute! Get out of that van!
We can't do this without her.
We gotta set her down somewhere.
We have to call it off
We need to start everyone working around the clock.
We're working, here.
Well, if that's the case,
Were you watching me?
What do you call the only man
What does that mean?
What if he saw me here?
What's the occasion?
Where are you?
Who knows if the Accords will let him help.
Wish me luck.
Yeah. Well, uh...
Yo, I'm looking for this dude who's new on the scene,
You can do it, Scott. Come on.
You charge big, you dive small, then you emerge big.
You didn't even move
You haven't paid a dime of child support.
You know that he was arrested for stealing a smoothie machine, right?
You know what I'm saying?
You know what? I'm still the only one who knocked him out.
You like that?
You mean you're a pussy.
You proud of me yet?
You really stuck it to those billionaire SOBs.
You seem like a really great guy
You tried to hide your technology from me.
You turn right back to crime
You wanna tell me what you want?
You were instructed to go to Russia.
You're gonna be on your feet in no time. Watch.
You're gonna need to signal the crazy ants to blow the servers,
You've learned about the suit,
Your mother,
(MACHINE WHIRRING) Distinguished guests,
(SIRENS BLARE) POLICEMAN: Get down on the ground!
All right, let's fly, Ant thony. (CHITTERING)
Back it up. Okay.
Bringing him in. Sorry about this!
Dave? Wheels on the ground.