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Almost Famous (2000) Soundboard

Almost Famous (2000) Soundboard

Almost Famous is an iconic American film that hit the screens in the year 2000. Directed by Cameron Crowe, this coming-of-age drama captures the essence of the 1970s rock music scene and tells the captivating story of a teenage journalist's journey into the world of rock 'n' roll.

The film follows the life of William Miller, a young music enthusiast who lands a writing gig for the esteemed Rolling Stone magazine. William embarks on a life-altering adventure as he tours with the fictional rock band Stillwater, documenting their experiences on the road. While on tour, he encounters a myriad of memorable characters who shape his understanding of love, friendship, and the music industry.

The phenomenal cast brings these characters to life, with standout performances by a talented ensemble. William is portrayed by Patrick Fugit, who captures the innocence and passion of the character with charm. The enigmatic lead singer of Stillwater, Russell Hammond, is played by Billy Crudup, adding depth and complexity to the role. Kate Hudson delivers a breakthrough performance as Penny Lane, a charismatic groupie who captures both William's and Russell's hearts. The movie also features Frances McDormand as William's protective mother, and Philip Seymour Hoffman as legendary music critic Lester Bangs.

The soundtrack of Almost Famous is a true testament to the nostalgia and magic of the 1970s rock era. Featuring legendary bands and artists such as Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkel, Elton John, and The Beach Boys, the music enhances every scene with a sense of nostalgia and energy. The songs perfectly encapsulate the time period and provide a soundtrack that transports viewers back in time.

If you want to relive the sounds of Almost Famous and immerse yourself in the ambiance of the 1970s, you can play and download the iconic soundtrack. These iconic tunes will take you on a journey through the rock 'n' roll world, evoking nostalgia and leaving you longing for the carefree spirit of a bygone era. Whether you're a fan of rock music or a lover of heartfelt coming-of-age stories, Almost Famous is a must-watch film that never fails to captivate audiences.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing tale of rock 'n' roll and the transformative power of music. Play and download the sounds of Almost Famous here, and let the magic of the film transport you to a time where rock music ruled the world.

Actually, I'm alone.
Ainsworth, I'll see you around, man.
All dressed up and no place to go.
All of you
Although, some money would be nice.
And I don't forgive myself. Do you?
And if you ever get lonely...
And let's just pause and appreciate a man like that.
And she says to tell you, I know what's going on.
And sometimes a little cough syrup.
And the chicks are great.
And to all the folks out there: Smegma.
And you...
Aren't I?
As long as you can't see what's in this hand...
Because all the guys are good, but he could be great.
Beware, beware...
Big deal. I'm a year younger. They're 13, I'm 12.
Blackmore, Gillan.
But I grow it.
But if Bowie's doing Lou...
But on the distasteful subject of money...
But there's money to be made.
Cars leave for the party at 6.
Come by in a few minutes for that interview
Come on, boys, pick it up! We're an hour and a half late.
Could we get off this tour
Damn it, I'm gonna enjoy this.
Does Alice know you're here?
Don't forget me, okay?
Don't worry, William.
Don't worry. Come to the radio interview tonight. Okay?
Doris, we miss you!
Famous people are just more interesting.
Feed some liquid into your stomach.
Fever Dog.
Found you a pass.
Full of hope, and the dream that everything is possible.
Go away!
Good evening, San Diego!
Got a pen?
Groupies sleep with rock stars because they're famous
Guess I was wrong. One of them saved her life.
Harry Houdini, please.
Have you ever...? The most brilliant piece of gobbledygook ever!
He had a message. He said:
He says I'm a yes person and you are raising us in a no environment.
He's a drunk, posing as a poet.
He's a smart, goodhearted 15 year old kid...
He's just a kid.
He's under the name Harry Houdini
He's very Bob Dylan in Don't Look Back. He's trying to write.
Hello. This is Ben Fong Torres calling from Rolling Stone.
Hey, guys! Check it out. William doesn't have any pubes.
Hey, Lady!
Hey, Red Dog!
Hey, Russell.
Hi, welcome to Swingo's. You must be Stillwater.
Him with honours.
Honey, you're too sweet for rock'n'roll.
How does it feel to be the mother of the best rock journalist we've met?
I always tell the girls, Never take it seriously.
I am a golden god!
I am dark and mysterious and pissed off!
I can't breathe, man
I could go with the crew, but that'd be pathetic...
I could keep going, but my glass is full.
I don't want to hear any more. Shut up, Jeffrey!
I have to pee
I just got off the phone with Rolling Stone.
I know, I know. It's all happening.
I love all of you.
I love this kitchen. I fucking love this kitchen!
I mean, you know, that's just the way I usually do it.
I need a new crowd
I need you to do that thing that fixes the garbage disposal
I never believed you anyway. You're too good looking and talented.
I only do this for a very few people, and I think we should do it together.
I think we should work on those last words!
I think you should be writing for us. Any ideas?
I told him he could write what he wanted.
I understand.
I used to be able to hear..
I'll always tell you the truth.
I'm a journalist for Creem magazine.
I'm bored.
I'm flying over Tupelo, Mississippi, with America's hottest band...
I'm getting good stuff out here.
I'm going to England with Deep Purple in an hour.
I'm only the fucking lead singer!
I'm responsible for his moral conduct.
I'm worried about people using her
I'm worried, man.
I'm... I'm gay!
I've made a decision. I'm going travelling to India.
If you like Lou.
It allows you to forgive yourself if you suck
It doesn't sound like music anymore.
It only takes 18 minutes a page.
It'll be a rough set down, but we should be fine.
It's a T shirt
It's all happening.
It's all happening. I must vamoosh.
It's me, Polexia!
It's Quince...
It's safe to say popularity sucks.
Jeff and Russell are the band's figureheads...
Just enjoy the ride.
Just help me get my interview.
Lady Goodman
Lady Goodman.
Lggy Pop!
Life. Death.
Listen, pal. Your shoddy stage setup almost killed my guitarist!
Lock the gates!
Look, do the story.
Love you
Make a live album! This is your last tour!
Man, I need some...
Man, take good care of her in San Francisco, man.
Me too.
Memory of a Free Festival, that's vintage Bowie.
Mom, I'm 15.
My son is very important to me too.
No exploiting our bodies and hearts.
No, you can trust him. He's a fan.
No. Hold on.
Now, I don't hear it..
Oh, it's okay. I'm easy to forget.
Oh, my God!
Oh, the band's over.
Okay, I got it.
One day...
Penny Lane! God's gift to rock'n'roll.
Really good. But here I am telling secrets...
Remember this: Don't do it...
Russell, wake up
Russell. So, what is it you love about music?
Seat back and tables locked.
See, friendship is the booze they feed you...
She knows Leslie's coming to New York tomorrow. Everyone understands.
She named you Lady?
She was the one who said, No more sex.
She'll be back.
She'll eat him alive.
Side proposition to the winner: For 50 bucks and a case of Heineken...
Small bills on the outside. Call if they're drunk.
So I'll see you guys in Topeka, okay?
Some coffee.
Some of us have wives.
Somebody help him.
Stillwater? Fucking kid's doing drugs.
Thank you!
Thanks. I got in with Stillwater.
That's great
That's great.
That's William over there. Hey, William!
The Doors? Jim Morrison?
The Enemy!
The Enemy? Stop fucking looking at me!
The guitar and songwriting of Russell Hammond
The indefinable thing when people catch something from your music.
The mistakes. There's only one and it makes the song.
The song is Love Thing.
Then you forget.
There's a single woo at the end of the second verse
There's hope for you yet, Russell.
There's no bigger Zeppelin fan than Vic
Trying to reconcile the brain with ancient urges.
Vallencourt, are you getting on the bus or what?
Very dear, very close friend of Lester Bangs.
Want to see me feed a mouse to my snake?
We are not groupies.
We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and we'll see you all again in 1974.
We inspire the music. We're here because of the music.
We'll be at the Riot House all week.
We're playing you tomorrow night, man.
We're professionals. I don't need to tell you this.
We've gotta stop them.
Well, tell your friend...
What am I to you?
What are you saying? Did Russell say something?
What do you think of Russell?
What is your role in Stillwater?
What kind of beer?
When did you get so professional?
When you play a great show like tonight...
Who do we got here?
William Miller
Wow! Cute.
Write what you want.
Yeah, yeah. Great.
You are home.
You doing coke again?
You got a great kid here. Don't worry.
You gotta take what you can, when you can, while you can..
You never did half of what you said.
You okay?
You put too much pressure on him. When he rebels in some odd way...
You saved the tour. That's good enough for now, okay?
You scream...
You seem cooler.
You travelled a long way to pay that promoter to electrocute you.
You were sleeping with Penny, that fucking groupie...
You weren't honest. And worse, you wasted our time.
You'll meet girls. They'll fly you places, offer drugs.
You're 18 and I can't stop you.
You're free of Mom.
You're not a what?