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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) Soundboard

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) Soundboard

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a delightful romantic comedy film released in 2016, directed by Kirk Jones. Building on the success of the original film released in 2002, this sequel reunites the beloved Portokalos family in yet another hilarious and heartwarming adventure.

The movie showcases the trials and triumphs of the boisterous Greek-American family led by the unbreakable couple Toula (played by Nia Vardalos) and Ian (played by John Corbett). Set 17 years after the first film, the story revolves around Toula and Ian's relationship struggles, as well as the family being disrupted by yet another wedding.

The cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 delivers stellar performances, bringing a combination of laugh-out-loud humor and heartwarming sincerity. Nia Vardalos reprises her role as Toula, an endearing, quirky, and fiercely proud Greek woman trying to balance her family obligations with her own desires. John Corbett shines as Ian, the laid-back and ever-supportive husband, who tries to navigate his way through the whirlwind that is the Portokalos family.

The ensemble cast also includes beloved characters from the first film, such as Toula's larger-than-life parents, Gus (played by Michael Constantine) and Maria (played by Lainie Kazan). Michael Constantine embodies the overbearing yet lovable father figure, while Lainie Kazan portrays the warm and welcoming mother, holding the family together with her unconditional love.

The hilarious Aunt Voula (played by Andrea Martin) makes a memorable return, as well as Toula's cousin Angelo (played by Joey Fatone) and her spirited best friend, Nikki (played by Gia Carides). These characters add an extra layer of comedic charm and dynamics to the story.

In this sequel, the central conflict arises when Toula discovers that her parents' marriage certificate was never officially signed, making their union invalid. As the Portokalos family rallies together to plan an even bigger and fatter Greek wedding for Gus and Maria, the storyline emphasizes the importance of love, acceptance, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 beautifully captures the essence of Greek culture and explores the clash between tradition and modernity. The film humorously portrays Greek customs, such as plate smashing, romantic superstitions, and the infamous Greek family meddling in each other's lives. These cultural elements add color and authenticity to the story, making it relatable to audiences of all backgrounds.

With its witty dialogue and charming performances, the film tackles universal themes of love, generational differences, and the search for personal identity. It explores the challenges that arise when trying to juggle family expectations while pursuing personal happiness.

The heartwarming soundtrack complements the film perfectly, featuring Greek music that captures the spirit and energy of the Portokalos family. From traditional folk tunes to lively Zorba dances, the music creates a vibrant atmosphere and provides the audience with an immersive experience.

In conclusion, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is an entertaining and touching sequel that brings back all the beloved characters from the original film. With its humorous depiction of a close-knit Greek-American family and its relatable themes, the movie offers a delightful and heartwarming viewing experience. Fans of the first film will surely enjoy this continuation of the Portokalos family's story, while new audiences will be enchanted by the irresistible charm and warmth it provides.

If you're interested in experiencing the sounds of this delightful film, you can play and download the soundtrack here. From catchy Greek melodies to toe-tapping tunes, the soundtrack will transport you into the heart of the Portokalos family and their world of love, laughter, and joyful traditions.

'Cause families that are close like mine,
(GASPS) Okay, I put a towel over his private parts.
(GASPS) With love, from Dominique
(LAUGHING) We did! Come on!
Actually, no. Yes.
Ah. Well, now I know that.
Alabama, Florida, Texas, New York.
All my life, I had a mole on my tummy.
All right, I'll talk to my mom and dad after I make dinner.
ALL: Mana Yiayia?
ALL: Oh!
Always, she'll be, like,
Anarchy. Anarchy.
And I don't?
And it's ridiculous.
And nobody knew
And wife, if you had one.
Anyway, I'm Elizabeth.
ARISTOTLE: Bye bye! COSTA: Bye, Pappou!
Aunt Voula called me up, she said,
AUNT VOULA: The pink one. The pink one
Be careful, Gus. Your hip.
Because, uh, well..
Before she does what you did
BOTH: One, two, pull!
But I stayed too close
But once you're a parent, what else do you want to talk about?
But that's what family does.
But, I mean, what was with hiring a wedding planner?
Bye Bye.
Bye, honey.Bye.
Call Mike!
Can't wait.
Come here, darling.
Come on, let's go.
Come on!
Come on! Let's go!
Costa, did you finish drawing Alexander the Great?
Did you see the hair on that Greek god? Ah
Did you write that letter?
Do you have any children?
Don't apologize.
Don't have garlic tonight because you might get lucky
EDIE: Hi, there.
Everything go smooth?
Faster, faster! What?
Get it Off
Go, go! Okay,
Good enough
Good night, everyone.
Good. Look on the monitor.
Gus, the kids
GUS: Hello, Nicko.
GUS: Paris.
GUS: She's just kidding, you know.
He can't sleep without me?
Here in Chicago... (GASPS)
Hey, just meet her. She's from Holland.
Hey, Ma, let's go dance.
Hey, Paris.
Hey, you're late today.
Hey! Hey.
Hi, I'm Patrick. It's so nice to finally meet you.
Hi, Ma. Hey, Yiayia
Hi. Hello.
Hi. Hi.
Hi. Hi.
Hold up, Dad.
How about Ariana Skoufis' boy, huh?
How are the wedding preparations?
I can't take that everyone is always in my business.
I don't know how it got there. Delete, delete, delete..
I don't know what I'm gonna do
I don't know. Do I have to do everything?
I don't know. I don't know
I don't see you. I see you! (LAUGHING)
I don't snore, he snores
I don't understand. Why can't he just propose?
I have to do something
I just made baklava. You want a piece?
I know.
I love him.
I remember those good night kisses
I see you.
I slept on the cold floor by myself.
I thought it was romantic. Hey!
I used to park right..
I want you to be a dental hygienist.
I wanted her to think I was cool again.
I will be the hero,
I will have to return this, you know.
I'll get you there as fast as I can.
I'll go with you. Me, too.
I'm gonna get my ma.
I'm surprised you're not on the prom chaperone committee
I'm thirsty. Really? Yeah, it's..
IAN: Got my size? ANGELO: Yeah.
IAN: Okay, what's...
ILARIA: Oh, wait. I remember
Is someone ill?
It was shaped like Mykonos.
It's just, I've been a mom for so long, I don't remember how to be us.
It's me again.
It's okay.
It's pretty loud back there.
It's still puffy. Look.
JENNIE: Watch your step, Marianthi
Just pick it up and go right here? Yeah
Let's wait until summer. We check his feet.
Like thinking about prom?
Like, Fly, little birdy. Wait, no, let me hold your wings.
Look, it's my fault, too. We're busy.
Look, you coming out of the flower.
MARIA: Good?
MARIA: We're here!
MARIA: Yes. Good.
Marriage is not for everybody,
Me, too. How do we stop her from moving away?
Mike, can you taser her?
Mmm hmm.
More oily and in your face than anyone's?
My dad, into that ambulance, and you are standing here...
My family doesn't pull at me
NICK: Guys!
NICK: You can't breathe. You can't breathe.
No, it's okay. I'll pick you up
No, no, no!
No, no! Stop! No eyes!
Nobody warns you when you get married
Now, I'm going to fix everything.
Now, show me how to work that
Oh, God, that's big
Oh, Ian! Give me a hand, will you? Yeah
Oh, no, no, don't click on that, Dad. That's porn.
Oh, with alight
Oh. Yeah.
Okay, so just when my daughter doesn't want me around anymore,
Okay. Mom. Okay.
Okay. Move your hand on the mouse.
Okay. PARIS: I'm good
One more layer, and this won't move till your next wedding.
One of my ovaries never put out an egg.
One, two, three, pull!
Or your partner?
Pago, puck. There you go.
Paris, look
PARIS: Chicago. You?
Pepto Bismol pink. Where's the driver?
Remember, Paris, not until your wedding night
Right there.
Right. We're going.
She's, uh...
Should I bring them in now? Good time to visit?
Slower please. Just a little bit
So I can kill him.