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The Da Vinci Code (2006) Soundboard

The Da Vinci Code (2006) Soundboard

The Da Vinci Code is a captivating thriller film released in 2006, based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Dan Brown. Directed by Ron Howard, the movie takes the audience on a high-stakes adventure as a symbologist and a cryptologist decipher hidden clues to unravel an ancient secret that could shake the foundations of Christianity.

The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, led by Tom Hanks in the role of Robert Langdon, the brilliant symbologist who finds himself caught up in a dangerous quest. Hanks delivers a compelling performance as Langdon, combining intelligence, wit, and vulnerability as he navigates through a web of historical puzzles and modern dangers.

Joining Hanks is Audrey Tautou as Sophie Neveu, a cryptologist who becomes Langdon's ally and romantic interest. Tautou brings a charming and enigmatic presence to the character, adding depth and emotion to the thrilling storyline.

The cast also includes Ian McKellen as Sir Leigh Teabing, a British historian with his own agenda, and Paul Bettany as Silas, a self-flagellating albino monk with a deadly devoutness. Both actors give standout performances, bringing their characters to life with intensity and complexity.

The Da Vinci Code takes the audience on a whirlwind tour of iconic landmarks and historic sites across Europe, including the Louvre Museum in Paris, Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and the Temple Church in London. The stunning cinematography and meticulous production design capture the beauty and grandeur of these locations, immersing viewers in the world of ancient mysteries and hidden codes.

The film's gripping plot revolves around the discovery of a hidden message within Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, "The Last Supper." As Langdon and Sophie decode the clues, they find themselves pursued by a relentless French police cryptographer, Bezu Fache, played by Jean Reno. Reno delivers a powerful performance as the determined law enforcement officer, adding to the tension and urgency of the story.

The Da Vinci Code delves into controversial subjects, challenging traditional beliefs and exploring the idea that there may be more to history than meets the eye. The movie confronts themes of religion, secret societies, and the line between fact and fiction, providing a thought-provoking experience for viewers.

With its edge-of-your-seat excitement, intellectual intrigue, and compelling performances, The Da Vinci Code became a box office success and sparked widespread discussion and debate. Its thought-provoking themes and exploration of forbidden knowledge continue to captivate audiences to this day.

If you want to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of The Da Vinci Code, you can play and download the film's soundtrack and musical score here. Let the haunting melodies and suspenseful tunes transport you into a world where every symbol holds a secret and every clue leads to a revelation of epic proportions.

A rose.
A single wrong entry disables the system.
About my family
All right! Okay!
An Englishman, lives here in France
And if you choose to believe...
And Levi answered:
And that is what they want you to believe.
And the letters
And venturing into the even more bizarre, notice how Jesus and Mary...
And vingt quatre Haxo, it's not an ID stamp.
Armed police!
Brave men sworn to defend her
Built 1185 and modern London just sprang up right around it.
But I couldn't find any records
But I was unwon'thy.
But if he offended the Catholic Church...
But they are all men.
But what you see in the photograph..
By infusing Jesus the man with the divine magic..
By the time you get to London, I will have the Grail
Can that really...?
Can we go now? We should go.
Christ, give me strength
Christ, give me strength.
Consider: Four men murdered? The same number as the guardians.
Constantine was Rome's supreme holy man
Corner of Denain Boulevard at the train station
Devil worship.
Did the Church finally get her?
Do it
Does doctrine necessarily include vows of chastity, tithing...
Excuse me, captain
Fire away
For bringing me here
For her own safety and for that of Christ's unborn child...
For you will be hunted by angels.
For your own safety.
Fortunately, a dragon most easy to slay.
Four of these names are the men killed last night
From the Middle English "Sangreal"..
Get me out of here, Fache
He burns them.
He forgot everything we've learned.
He has chosen a house of Opus Dei to make the exchange.
He jumped!
He phoned my office today. Several times.
He said I couldn't imagine the evil in this mars heart
Her smile is in the lower spatial frequencies
Here! Here! Here it is! Here it is.
History shows us Jesus was an extraordinary man..
How fortunate we are.
I believe Sauniere wrote it..
I can tell you he, as well as anyone, knows the meaning of this symbol...
I don't know the code
I hadrt seen or spoken to him in a very long time
I have prayed for this moment for a very long time
I know I got in front of you, old friend.
I must say, Robert, I'm quite impressed...
I need you to show someone our church tonight
I remember finding it once when I was a girl
I said, no!
I think I know where she's gone
I think the Grail has gone home
I told you, no
I was supposed to have drinks with him
I'm afraid that's easier said than done in my case.
I'm sorry
I've never seen that before
If we are to get away from here, we must find another way
It would be my pleasure
It's a phrase. Doesrt mean anything, not to me.
It's nonsense
It's one of the oldest families in France.
Keep an eye out for the police.
Like a girl again, just with no gift at the end.
Mary Magdalene was Jesus' wife.
My cause is won'th your life
My mother used to do it when I was scared, I think.
Neveu told us already
No extradition.
No, no, no. You're not gonna make it
Not quite. But I can pretty much remember what I see.
Not the Son of God?
Of course, the Priory knights were not just any knights.
Oh, good morning.
One of your followers called you about the crime scene photos
Only a small proportion choose to live ascetically...
Opus Dei is a prelature to the Vatican.
Philippe de Cherisey exposed that as a hoax in 1967.
Playing to my vanity, Robert. You should be ashamed
Professor, are you okay?
Put it away. They're too close together. You don't have a clear shot.
Put it this way:
Robert, no words. On your knees
Rose Line
Safe passage?
She was here
Silas has succeeded. The legend is true
So how are things in Rome?
Sometimes I wonder if I wasrt alone down there
Swear it to me!
Thank you, Remy. That'll be all for now.
Thank you.
That would depend on the tea
That's the code Sauniere left on the floor.
The gift at the end
The Holy Grail 'neath ancient Roslin waits
The living heir must be revealed
The Priory of Sion
The room is yours, as long as you like.
The rose was a symbol for the Holy Grail.
The Witches' Hammer.
Theories. There are theories.
There is no way to prove a living bloodline
This is a request from an important bishop of Opus Dei
This is Sandrine Bieil.
This is the secret that the Priory of Sion...
Those knights with their legs crossed...
Three centuries earlier..
Turn around!
Twenty years waiting for someone to come for that box..
We are looking for two criminals.
We cannot let ego deter us from our goal
We didn't agree on much
Were we to grant your request...
What are you doing?
What I did..
What is this?
What power? Some magic dishes?
What would you do if you had such limited time to send a message?
What would you do, Robert?
What's going on, Bezu?
When I was down in that well Teabing told you about..
Where is the keystone?
Why leave me with this?
Wine. They drank wine
Yes, yes, interesting. But they would disagree with you in Spain.
You and I, Robert, have observed history
You are a ghost
You are already implicated enough
You asshole!
You just know it as the Holy Grail.
You may pass.
You seek the orb that ought be on his tomb
You think you're in pain now, Andre Vernet?
You will go forth, Silas
You're under arrest!
Your grandfather gave you puzzles and cryptex as a child
Your grandfather, the other three, maybe more
Your police don't patrol this park
Yours is one of our oldest and highest level accounts.
Please. As you wish
Real enough to kill for. Who?
She wrote a gospel? She may have.
...a young Jew named Jesus had come along..
...and I'll put down the gun
...and the girl, 4.
...but which words?
...conquered the holy city of Jerusalem.
...considering your expertise and the markings on the body..
...enter your account number and your box is retrieved.
...he decided to unify Rome under a single religion, Christianity
...he took the location of Mary's sarcophagus with him
...I thought I was going to die, Sophie the cloisters of our residential halls.
...knowing I might never see you again.
...known only to the account bearer.
...others might call it God's will.
...Sir Robert
...the Priory of Sion...
...these Knights Templar, of limitless power. do penance and to amend my life kneel before the bones of Mary Magdalene...
...unless they knew their secret was preserved
...until most believed her sarcophagus...
...when I was a boy...
...which passed through this very church
...who raised you as his own. are the heir
"A. Pope."
"So dark the con of man
"The Holy Grail 'neath ancient Roslin waits