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Notting Hill (1999) Soundboard

Notting Hill (1999) Soundboard

Notting Hill is a delightful romantic comedy film that captivated audiences when it was released in 1999. Directed by Roger Michell and written by Richard Curtis, the movie takes place in the vibrant and eclectic neighborhood of Notting Hill in London, known for its colorful streets and annual carnival.

The film stars the charismatic Hugh Grant as William "Will" Thacker, a quirky yet lovable bookstore owner. Grant brings his signature charm and wit to the role, making Will an endearing and relatable protagonist. Julia Roberts, one of the most renowned actresses of her time, plays the role of Anna Scott, a famous Hollywood actress who stumbles into Will's life one day when she enters his bookstore. Roberts effortlessly portrays the glamorous yet down-to-earth Anna, making audiences instantly fall in love with her character.

The chemistry between Grant and Roberts is undeniable, and their on-screen romance forms the heart of the movie. As their unlikely love story unfolds, we witness the challenges they face due to the glaring differences in their lives. The film masterfully blends humor, wit, and heartache, creating numerous memorable moments that will leave you laughing and reaching for the tissues.

Notting Hill is not only a love story between two individuals but also a love letter to the neighborhood itself. The vibrant streets of Notting Hill come alive in the movie, serving as a character in its own right. The colorful houses, eclectic markets, and lively atmosphere contribute to the film's charm, immersing viewers in a world that feels both magical and comforting. The iconic Carnival scene, which showcases the neighborhood's cultural diversity and festive spirit, is an absolute delight.

The supporting cast of Notting Hill also delivers stellar performances, adding depth and richness to the story. Rhys Ifans shines as Spike, Will's outrageous and lovable roommate, whose eccentric antics provide much of the comedy throughout the film. Emma Chambers portrays Honey, Will's quirky and endearing sister, while Hugh Bonneville and Tim McInnerny bring humor and charisma to their respective roles as Bernie and Max, Will's close friends.

Notting Hill boasts an exceptional soundtrack that perfectly complements the film's romantic tone. From Elvis Costello's beautiful rendition of "She" to the soulful melodies of Ronan Keating's "When You Say Nothing at All," the music elevates the emotional moments and adds another layer of enchantment to the story. These iconic songs became synonymous with the film and can now be enjoyed by fans and new viewers alike. You can easily play and download these timeless sounds here.

Notting Hill is a heartwarming and timeless romantic comedy that continues to captivate audiences. With its charming and relatable characters, picturesque setting, and memorable music, the film has become a classic in the genre. Whether you're a fan of romantic comedies or simply in the mood for a feel-good movie, Notting Hill is a must-watch that will leave you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart.

All day long I can hear
And everyone keeps getting promoted above me.
And from break of day hundreds of stalls appear out of nowhere,
And got down on his knees and... begged you to reconsider,
And he is generally acknowledged to be the worst cook in the world.
And make them all my souvenirs
And most of her limbs work, whereas I'm stuck in this thing day and night,
And over here around Christmas or early in the new year.
And ready years
And so, this is where I spend my days and years...
And then I Right. Okay.
Any horses in that one?
Are you a fan of Henry James?
As I walked the thousand yards through the market to work,
Asking him... to love her.
Bedroom. There's clean sheets.
Bella, this is Anna.
Bugger this for a bunch of bananas.
But Anna, she is absolutely gagging for it.
Casually marries my best friend.
Certainly. And, uh, little Johnny?
Cheers. Ooh, yes.
Combination of factors really. Uh, no clean clothes.
Come and have a look.
Come on, Willie. Let's get sloshed
Did you identify with the character you're playing?
Do you know that in over 50% of the languages,
Do you mind me not saying?
Do you want to, um
For June who loved this garden.
For where she goes I've got to be
From Joseph who always sat beside her.
Gimme some lovin' every day
Good bye.
Have you got Winnie the Pooh?
He'll give you a pair of headphones so you can hear the dialogue.
Hey, hey So glad we made it
How did I look? Not bad.
I die
I gotta say
I have to pay
I know. I know. Just get over here.
I may have told a few people down at the pub.
I only found out you were here yesterday.
I tell you what. Um, I'll call the police, and, um,
I will take this one.
I'll be everyone you need
I'll see what I can do.
I'm sorry about that
I'm sorry. Can you just give me a second?
I've had a series of not nice boyfriends, one of whom hit me.
Inform the Pentagon we need Black Star cover.
Is this important in comparison to, let's say, whether they should cancel Third World debt?
Is this your first film?
It takes place on a submarine.
It turned out that this person, uh
It's my sister's birthday. Shit. We're meant to be having dinner.
It's not yogurt. It's mayonnaise.
Just in case, you know, browsing turned to buying. You'd be wasting your money.
Kensington Park Road. Kensington Garden. Kensington bloody Park Garden
Let me just have a quick look.
Made of
May be my treasure or the price
May be the famine or the feast
Meg Ryan
More, uh, horses in it.
My God. And they got a picture of you dressed like that.
My place is just, um
No time at all. I leave tonight.
No, I don't think I do.
No, no matter
No, straight down to the Cromwell Road, then left.
Now down to business. The end of the scene.
Now what in the world in this garden could make that ordeal worthwhile?
Of my dream
Oh, Belle.
Oh, holy fuck!
Oh, it's in the way you hold me
Oh, right, right
Oh, right.
Oh. Hi.
Oh. Shittity brickitty.
Oh. You abide by rules like that?
Once again cast aside, as I would absolutely expect to be.
Right! Dominic.
Right. Vicious circle.
Saying you'll never leave me
See, I been gettin' a female vibe. Good.
She may be the face I can't forget
She may be the love that cannot hope to last
She may be the love that cannot hope to last
She may be the mirror of my dream
So could you get a message to him that I may be late.
So there were two. There were two messages? Right?
So we think cooking is cruel
So what did you think of the film?
Some genuine and some... not quite so genuine.
Speak on, dear friend
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stay there! Go! Go!
Taken of you with a young English guy.
Thank you.
Thanks for your, uh, help.
That's not an excuse. I just
That's very good news. Um
The meaning of my life is
The one I'll care for through the rough
The thing is,
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall
The two of you...
The why and wherefore I'm alive
There's a truth in your eyes
There's the market on weekdays selling every fruit and vegetable known to man.
They will discover I can't act,
They're scraping by on seven, eight thousand a year
This is work, by the way, my little travel bookshop,
Time for bed.
Uh, excuse me.
Uh, why... are you wearing that?
Uh, yeah, yeah. That's right.
Um, I mean, I know she's an actress and all that...
Um, it it it's a hat. You don't have to wear it or anything.
Um, right. Right. Come in
We believe that fruits and vegetables have feelings,
We could have you spick and span and back on the street again.
We're lucky enough to be talking to Anna Scott,
Well, no, 'cause that's, uh that's a novel too, isn't it?
Well, this is, uh
What is a fruitarian, exactly?
Which is here, Notting Hill, my favorite bit of London
Which is why we have to round things up now, so final questions, please.
Who... looks a bit like someone who was famous for a while.
Whoa! Down boy.
With a goat, playing a violin.
With at least ten other women and still be big bottomed.
Without saying a word
Wonder this time where she's gone
Wondered if I didn't...
Would you? 'Cause it's all talk, talk, talk.
Yeah, well, it seems they're shifting the whole outfit...
Yeah. Well, my pleasure
Yes, and you.
Yes, enormously.
Yes. Gentleman in the pink shirt.
You actually have... clauses in your contract about nudity?
You heard me saying a prayer for
You want me to write down all your messages?
You will want to hug me every day for the rest of my life.
You'd go and I'd be, uh,
You're certainly not going to be coming back to the shop.
You're right. Of course, you're right.
I'll get it.
Turn right!
Absolutely not. Do you believe the rumors?
Absolutely. It's delicious.
And Cartwright goes.
Awards, glory. Oh, no.
Floppy, huh? It's the hair.
Go away. Right.
Good night. Night.
Hey Sorry.
Hey. Hi
How can you be so interested in them? Well
How have you been? Fine, fine. Everything much the same.
I can't. It's one way. Do a U turn
I forgot my other bag. Oh, right. Right.
I know I know no matter what
I thought you were leaving tomorrow. I was.
I'm looking for Anna Scott. Does she know you're coming?
Is he financially viable?
No one else? Absolutely no one else.
No, I didn't. You said, Whoopsidaisies.
No, I'm sure it's fine. Thank you. I
No, sir. How 'bout Miss Flintstone?
No. No.
Nothing. Yes, you did.
Shame. I'm not saying it's a bad thing
Thanks, thanks.
That's all that matters to me No, no matter what
That's not true. Really?
There's this girl Aha
Uh Here.
Uh Uh, room service
Um, nearly, nearly. Well, maybe just one last question.
What I hear when you don't say a thing
Yes, I did. Good.
You know, Toppy. Topol.