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Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) Sport Soundboard

Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) Sport Soundboard

Goon: Last of the Enforcers is a sports comedy film released in 2017. Directed by Jay Baruchel, it is the sequel to Goon (2011) and follows the story of Doug "The Thug" Glatt, a hockey enforcer for the Halifax Highlanders.

The movie takes place several years after the events of the first film, where Doug Glatt (played by Seann William Scott) has become a team captain and a legend among enforcers in the NHL. However, his career takes a turn when a young and talented player, Anders Cain (played by Wyatt Russell), joins the team and becomes his replacement.

Feeling threatened by the new recruit, Doug is faced with the ultimatum to retire or adapt his style of play. With his wife Eva (played by Alison Pill) expecting their first child and struggling financially, Doug decides to hang up his skates and join the workforce. But even in a regular job, Doug cannot escape his love for the game and the thrill of being on the ice.

Driven by passion and the desire to prove himself once again, Doug seeks out his old mentor, Ross "The Boss" Rhea (played by Liev Schreiber), who is facing his own challenges after being forced into retirement. Together, they train relentlessly, preparing Doug for a comeback that could not only save his career but also restore his self-confidence.

To add to the excitement, the film introduces a new character, former hockey player Xavier LaFlamme (played by Marc-André Grondin), who has turned to coaching since his career-ending injury. LaFlamme becomes an instrumental figure in helping Doug find his rhythm and regain his enforcer status.

Goon: Last of the Enforcers brings back the same hilarious mix of physical comedy and heartfelt moments that made the first film a hit. With Jay Baruchel's directorial debut, the film delivers sharp and witty dialogue, further enhancing the chemistry between the characters.

The cast, led by Seann William Scott who shines once again as Doug Glatt, brings the perfect balance of humor and authenticity to their roles. Liev Schreiber adds depth and gravity to the enforcer image, while Marc-André Grondin delivers a memorable performance as the flawed but lovable Xavier LaFlamme.

The film also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery, as the characters navigate the challenges of their personal and professional lives. Audiences can expect an entertaining mix of slapstick comedy, adrenaline-fueled hockey sequences, and heartfelt moments that touch upon the complexities of following one's passion.

As for the soundtracks of Goon: Last of the Enforcers, they capture the energy and intensity of the film perfectly. From hard-hitting rock anthems to emotional ballads, the soundtrack features a variety of artists and genres that complement the on-screen action. Fans of the film can play and download these sounds here, immersing themselves once again in the world of Doug Glatt and the Highlanders.

In conclusion, Goon: Last of the Enforcers is a hilarious and action-packed sports comedy that offers a fresh take on the world of hockey enforcers. With its talented cast, sharp writing, and memorable soundtrack, the film provides a satisfying continuation of the Goon franchise. Whether you're a fan of the first film or simply looking for a good laugh, this sequel is definitely worth a watch.

A lot of fucking pierogis, eh?
About drinking the opposing team's Gatorade,
Amateur hour limp dick... Anders!
And Cain stood up to the world.
And down goes Laflamme.
And for some reason, he feels he has to hide the fact
And I miss it too
And I only got you those bloody business cards
And they count the goal. Should it count?
And we're gonna shove it up their fucking sphincters. No K Y!
Anders Cain absolutely... What are you doing?!
Are here! Yes! Yes!
Are perfect examples of the kind of the top quality talent
Are you ready to go extinct?
Are you ready?
At a popular Halifax Highlanders'
Both sides at full swing
Bra ah!
But he gets up. He appears to be alright.
By Anders Cain to keep
Come on, come on
Come on!
Come see! This toilet looks just like your mother.
Doug Glatt's return continues to electrify
Fighting for the $400 grand prize
First hockey game since being knocked out by his now teammate,
Follow the dream! Yeah!
For just the second time in ten years,
From the bench to the deck. Huh? You wanna go?
From the jaws of victory. Pretty good, Dougie!
Fucking A, you worthless cocksuckers!
Fucking radiant during childbirth.
Get in there
Good music, nice heat, great friends
Here we go. See? Flat, I'm fine. It's the stairs
Here's a shot. The save is made. Puck goes into the corner.
Here's the pass up the wing. Oh, baby!
Hey! Come on! You're gonna fucking turtle on me?
HEYYY! There he is! No, no, come on,
Hyrum Cain
I am so proud of you, Dougie. You found something secure and steady
I can't believe I'm gonna be a grandmother
I got you.
I just need some time, Doug
I wanna show those translucent, Rust belt
I'm not ready to go fucking extinct!
I'm so in love with you.
If you wanna be a Highlander again,
Is reigning champ, Ross "the Boss"..
It goes back to Anders Cain, the former captain
It's really safe
Its eggs inside of me.
Known for his fists and, frankly, not much else.
Look at 'em.
No lube or nothing
No! No more fucking candies!
Now it's Laflamme again. He's all over the ice! Murphy steps into him
Now, Owens is bumped by..
Off the fucking ice!
OH! He's been hammered. That's bullshit!
Oh! Waxman's Murphy bed! Cain scores!
OK, now that Dougie is retired, we need a new captain,
On the goal. Magic hand shot!
One can't help but wonder if GM Hyrum Cain has
One time, I had a dream that I was a captain of a monkey ship
One, two, three
Out of here, Cain! Rhea is down.
Place of work! Place of work!
Put some heat on it, boy.
Quite an individual effort by Anders Cain!
Rhea goes in after it.
Send a message. Wake 'em up, Doug. Go, go, go!
She's becoming very open minded.
So good to be out of the house.
Some stomach issues today.
SportsDesk, our slogan is a slogan
Stesy, take his lead.
Thanks for asking, though
That I saw last night? Did you see that game?
The Highlanders need one more win after their gutsy
The Shamrocks bring it out of their own zone.
There's no tomorrow if they don't.
This old piece of shit is gonna take your fucking head off.
To 12 straight losses to start the year
To lower your voice.
Tonight as he has been suspended
Turned over by Laflamme. Laflamme looks across,
We ruled the world. We thought we "wuz" the kings.
We're gonna do this together! Highlanders on three!
We're gonna give him a piece of our mind. OK, boys?
What the fuck! Holy shit!
What the..
Whatever this team has needed you to be
Whatever we do, we do as a team, OK?
With just a quarter of the season left, Hyrum Cain seems
Yeah, yeah. Dougie, listen to me. You watch their backs.
Yeah. There's...
Yep, she laid eggs right inside of me, and now you're here
You, my dear, are gonna look
You're watching SportsDesk
8 minutes 51 seconds Fuck!
...levels the Newark goalie and Stevenson.
"Next goal wins" is a thing. That's..
♪ And down the mountain ♪ Ow!!
♪ Oh, Dougie boy ♪
AAAH! Surprise! Hey, fuck!
AAH! Guys! Dropping loads
AH! Jesus Christ on a bike!
Ah! Ohhh!
Ahem! I, uh...
And immediately, Rhea begins to chase Cain. Rhea!
And that is what friends are for, especially
Anders, work! They're making you look bad!
As it should be. Great room. Great room
Bring it in! Bring it in!
Calm down, man. Get your fucking hands off me!
Come on, Doug.
Come on, Dougie. Come on! Dougie, here!
Come on, man!
Come on, Stevesy, you're good, you're good!
Congrats, bud. Fresh beat ice, boys. Thank you, buddy
Deep slow breaths. Breathe, Eva, breathe!
Don't fight.
Doug Blatt is a Highlander once more.
Eva? Hello?
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fuck off! Dammit! Fuck it! Whoo!
Getting tired?
Go fuck yourself. Boys, bring it in
Good luck, kid.
Haha! Fuck!
Halifax Highlanders and the Hamilton Steelers
He can't fucking fight anybody.
He's back as a Highlander. You know, Sean,
Here's Anders Cain! He scores!
Hey, big fella. You like Kim Mitchell?
Highlanders draw first blood at the buzzer,
Highlanders' GM, Hyrum Cain, confirming
Hockey history is full of star players
Holy cow! Jesus!
Holy pussy cunt balls, it's happening!
Hyrum, did you not see the same fucking hockey game
I don't even want to fight anymore; you killed the mood.
I don't have to fight you.
I don't know how to do anything else.
I was just pretending to butt fuck my friend. I don't think we've been properly introduced.
I was scared.
I would do anything for you, Eva.
I'm not as tough as I used to be
I'm OK. Welcome back, Dougie.
It's a buyers' market out there, so for most of you, that's your fucking career done
It's my team now
It's never over.
Jesus Christ!
Jesus, Doug. You OK?
Jesus, Stevie, you fell in the garbage.
Let me know if you're not gonna keep it, OK?
Let's go around, boys. The pattern. Good job.
Lovell and Halifax.
Meanwhile, Stevenson comes out of the corner.
My fuck, can he still bang.
No word yet on whether Hyrum Cain plans
No! No! My water broke!
Now, Anders Cain takes a shot at Laflamme
Number 28, Tim Walters2 minutes for roughing.
Oh no! Down goes Stevenson.
Oh, you're crying. What's that, you little bitch? Huh?
Ohhh, I gotta take a piss. OK.
OK, lads
OK, now we're gonna take this fucking power play,
Oof! Oof!
Or I know exactly what the fuck I'm doing, James.
Pat always gets boners
Right winger!
Ross Rhea is back!
Ross! Ross! Ross! Ross!
Sit down. Rest that fucking ass.
Six minutes left in the third period.
Smiling? Mm hmm.
So sorry, so sorry, but... Eva, I just gotta tell you,
Take ice away. Come on! With it is Anders Cain.
Thank you, Doug.
Thanks for inviting me. Welcome
That tie is too short, Chad.
That's captain X! It was Laflamme
That's it, rotate.
The linesmen are nowhere
The other story to follow of course is Hyrum's son
There you go! Next goal wins it, right? Hahaha! Go, Dougie!
They gave you my C.
They're bringing out the stretcher
This is for someone else.
Ugh! Oh!
Uh oh! It looks like we may finally get to see
Wake 'em the fuck up.
We are very much happy you are playing again.
We're all glad for you. Flamer, come on.
Welcome home, kid.
Well, folks, big girls may not cry... What about that, eh?
Well, we're never gonna know that now, are we?
Where are you going?! What are you doing?!
Whoo! Hey hey hey hey!
Yeah, Doug Glatt comes out to take the opening
Yeah, I did. I saw compete
Yeah! Indeed! Gonna get "shittered";