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Downton Abbey (2010) - Season 3

Downton Abbey (2010) - Season 3

Downton Abbey (2010) is not a movie or a song, but rather a popular British television series that captivated audiences around the world. This award-winning drama, set in the early 20th century, follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and the servants who work in their grand estate.

Season 3 of Downton Abbey, which aired in 2012, continued to delve into the lives of the residents of Downton Abbey and brought with it a multitude of captivating storylines. The season begins with the joyful celebration of Matthew Crawley (played by Dan Stevens) and Lady Mary (played by Michelle Dockery) as they prepare to tie the knot. However, their happiness is soon overshadowed by the tragic death of one of the beloved characters, which sets off a chain of events that challenge the future of Downton Abbey.

The exceptional ensemble cast breathes life into each character, making them feel like old friends. Maggie Smith delivers her sharp wit and clever remarks as the Dowager Countess, Violet Crawley, providing some of the most memorable moments of the series. Other notable actors include Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham, and Elizabeth McGovern as his American wife, Cora Crawley.

Season 3 introduced new characters as well, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline. Shirley MacLaine joined the cast as Martha Levinson, Lady Cora's outspoken American mother, bringing a delightful clash of cultures and new dynamics to the Crawley family.

With its sumptuous sets, exquisite costumes, and attention to detail, Downton Abbey transports viewers to the early 20th century, immersing them in the opulence and societal conventions of the time. The series explores themes of love, class struggle, sacrifice, and the changing world that shakes the foundation of the Crawley family and their way of life.

For fans who wish to relive the enchanting moments of Downton Abbey (2010) - Season 3, playing and downloading the sounds associated with the show would be a wonderful way to immerse oneself in the world of Downton Abbey. While specific details about the availability of these sounds are not provided, one could seek them out through various platforms that offer access to the show's soundtrack or specific scenes.

Whether you are a devoted fan of the series or new to the world of Downton Abbey, Season 3 is a must-watch for its gripping storytelling, stellar performances, and the delightful charm that has made the show so beloved. So, sit back, relax, and let the enchanting world of Downton Abbey captivate you once again.

A bit early for drowning your sorrows.
A bit. I'd imagined them surrounded by nannies and governesses,
A cat can look at a king.
A chance to see little Charlie from time to time.
A cousin in Bombay. I might go there.
A different life.
A facer, I admit. She'll have had some reason of her own, of course.
A good family gossip will be my payment in kind.
A halo? Really?
A huge amount. I had no idea.
A little. My grandfather was a sheep farmer in Ireland.
A lot.
A madwoman
A man can choose to be different without it making him a traitor.
A respectable, well born young woman going out with a married man?
A terrible, terrible tragedy
A thief broke in, cooked an arsenic pie and forced her to eat it?
A tiny one, really.
About getting that woman... about asking your other grandmother to come to our aid.
About how to rear our children, about any number of other things.
Absolutely not. After all, she won't find out unless you tell her.
Actually, I can't talk about this sort of thing. Even to you.
Actually, I'm pretty sure Mr Crawley would rather manage on his own.
Admired for their feistiness.
After all, Branson isn't... I mean, Tom. You are a member of the family now.
After all, darling, you are the one who's pushing us out.
After four years of war.
After the money turned up from Mr Swire, things went back to normal.
After the trenches, even the Embassy Club must seem an improvement.
After tomorrow, all things are permitted.
After working here for ten years?
Against my strict instructions to give the place a wide berth.
Against the wall! Mr Turner, search the bunk, please!
Ah ha ha ha!
Ah, Ethel.
Ah, I don't fancy it. Can I not stay put, have me dinner down here?
Ah, James. Upstairs, please.
Ah, Mary. Dearest Mary.
Ah, you gotta spend it on somethin'.
Alfred can't have got into trouble with the police, that's not possible.
Alfred doesn't matter. No one will believe a word he says. He's nothing.
Alfred here witnessed some roughhousing between two of the staff and misinterpreted it.
Alfred says he's always going on about you. Silly, sloppy stuff.
Alfred was confused. He thought he'd been transported to the Hotel Metropole.
Alfred wouldn't do the foxtrot, would you, Alfred?
Alfred, can I ask you something?
Alfred, go and check the meat larder.
Alfred, hurry up. I need you to take round the claret.
Alfred, what's the matter?
Alfred, would you take the luggage for Mr Branson?
Alfred. Alfred Nugent, milord. He's a good worker.
Alfred's sick and tired of it, and no wonder.
All God's creatures have their troubles.
All I know is Sybil would want you there.
All I want to know is if Vera ever...
All I'm talking about is investment, increasing productivity and reducing waste.
All of us married.
All right.
All right. But you mustn't cheat.
All right. I suppose I do.
All right. If Mrs Patmore agrees.
All that crossing and bobbing up and down.
All that Latin and smelly smoke and men in black dresses.
All the more reason.
All things considered.
All through the rooms? Won't they spill it on the floor?
Alone in Scotland with Aunt Agatha?
Along with my manners.
Although I'm quite sure it won't come to that.
Always supposing we have the choice.
Am I allowed to be?
Am I allowed to say I'm rather pleased you're not married?
Am I interrupting?
Am I kind enough to share it with him, Craig?
Am I the only one to stand up for Sybil? What about her wishes?
Am I?
An aristocrat with no servants is as much use to the county as a glass hammer.
An incident of this sort would have been reported to me or to Mrs Hughes.
An infinitesimal one.
And a walk to the village might blow some cobwebs away.
And all his stock and all his tools and all his money and everything.
And all the rest of that pagan falderal is pleasing to God.
And although I would not want to confuse him until he's much older, if then...
And am I to help persuade him?
And another thing. I mean, Edith isn't getting any younger.
And anyway, now that the funeral's over,
And as for taking new lands in hand, we won't be running it as separate farms.
And as for you, Daisy,
And ask the outside staff to help put back the carpet and the furniture.
And astonish the world with the extent of my wretched failure.
And at first this kept you apart and then that kept you apart,
And at some point he's going to see that.
And before you ask, Thomas has told me the whole story.
And besides, Mother absolutely relies on you.
And by the time she's 50, she'll be wheeling round a one armed old man.
And do you know what they say, my darling?
And don't say, "if we ever have any." Because we will.
And Durrant will lose his job and you will stay here five years longer.
And enjoy our lovely home and the lovely people we've spent our life among.
And even I can see that you did not ask for it.
And good riddance.
And has a practice in Harley Street.
And have nothing more to do with this man.
And he can apply to be a butler when he does leave.
And he can't stand up to Jimmy?
And he should have, if the country hadn't gone soft.
And he'll be furious if he finds out you knew and you said nothing.
And here's me thinking you'd like to dance with me.
And his daughter is your only grandchild.
And how would you do that, without telling him the rest of it?
And I agree with you. Sometimes it is nice to be informal.
And I am helping them, and I very much hope that I can help you, too.
And I can add to Cora's dress allowance, but that's all.
And I could cook something special.
And I don't think there's one where I should be happier than here.
And I doubt things change much in the future, but today, I wish you all the luck in the world.
And I feel like a Chicago bootlegger.
And I have been parted from my money, so I suppose I am a fool.
And I know it's what Sybil would want.
And I never saw her after.
And I prefer it, really,
And I shall make sure he behaves normally
And I suppose there's no ham and there's no salad?
And I suspect I'll need help controlling Rose.
And I think I can do that now.
And I was going to say, don't be afraid of being serious when it feels right.
And I wondered if there was anything I could do to help.
And I'd got the impression that he felt the same way. I was wrong.
And I'll be able to see Charlie.
And I'll not let you snub her. Now get a move on.
And I'll take over whatever it is you're doing.
And I'll tell you something else.
And I'm afraid she's fallen into a bad way, a very bad way
And I've brought these ?owers.
And I've got to do something.
And I've quite a bit put by.
And if he cannot match our standards, he will be found guilty.
And if I ever look as if I'm finding it easy to lose my home,
And if I like him, then I'm going to say yes.
And if it happens and I get the money?
And if Mr Barrow is to stay on, what would he be? My valet?
And if you are learning how to do your job,
And if you don't admit your guilt, they won't let you go when the time comes.
And if you mean by that that you are a prostitute,
And if you won't agree, I will sell, and it'll all be your fault.
And is poor Ethel to be the cudgel by which you fight your foes?
And it didn't occur to you to tell me?
And it doesn't matter that she's fast,
And it will be wonderful for him to hear something good.
And it worked.
And it's true we won't help Thomas by putting him in prison.
And join the human race!
And let Mr Bates take over tomorrow.
And let that young whippersnapper ruin a man for the rest of his life.
And may God bless you. Always.
And maybe the great grandmother with him?
And my next idea will probably lead to nothing.
And next time, will you wait to be asked before you take charge?
And no, Mrs Patmore, you may not tell him.
And now he ranks higher than I do.
And now I will take my leave.
And now we're to be turned out of Downton...
And now you tell me off for doing just that.
And now's as good a time as any. Listen, everyone.
And out of your hair.
And probably never will.
And right on top of the wedding...
And seven from downstairs, we're only one short.
And she asked it as a special favour.
And she was right. Where did she go?
And she would want to be remembered.
And she's going to wind up inside if she doesn't change her story.
And she's got some replies.
And she's more Catholic than the Pope.
And since I am a trustee should the estate ever need one,
And so do I. Poor Mr Travis. You're all ganging up on him.
And so does Matthew what?
And so does Matthew what?
And so she has to manage everything else by herself.
And so that's what I'm trying for.
And so will he, and you, and every one of us under this roof.
And so would Mary.
And some large new parcels in addition. All in an instant.
And some officers are working as dance partners in nightclubs.
And spinsters get up for breakfast.
And Sybil? Is she here yet?
And take it wherever you want to sit!
And thanks to Mr Swire, we have another chance, but we have to change our ways.
And that she was in the process of cooking hers.
And that we wouldn't move out until she's older,
And that, presumably, is the friend she spent two hours with in Warwick Square.
And that'll allow you the time to set it out properly.
And the baby?
And the British Empire. Does He approve of that?
And the case against you will crumble.
And the gaslight seemed to catch in the drops and make a sort of halo round her.
And the groom still cannot see the bride before the wedding.
And the line will be absorbed into the Canadian National Railway scheme.
And the mutton's still raw
And the next and the next.
And the other was... Mrs Bartlett, was it?
And the Russians? And the Spanish?
And then there's expense.
And then they go to the South of France.
And then we try to find them alternative employment.
And then you took her on somewhere?
And then, suddenly...
And there are things we must get started on, if you agree.