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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A few months.
After the planets were formed billions of years ago.
All right, this is the most important story of our lives. Let's not muck it up
All will be destroyed.
And in five, four, three, two...
And is now prepared to detonate the bombs planted on Wolf Biederman
And Monash is injured
And take Jenny to the Ark. Short stick goes.
And that's when Mom got that picture of the house.
And then he was killed in that crash
And they trust you
And this one, too.
Another two in some cholera ridden hellhole,
Anyway, let's get started
Are at Cape Canaveral in Florida.
Are best to preserve their way of life.
Atlantis' four on board computers
Be good.
Because he couldn't keep his hands off women.
Beth, wait.
But I got them to let your family go, too
But not before being temporarily blocked out by the nuclear blast
But the water receded.
But there's a part of me that's always awake,
Call me lshmael.
Come on, come on! Let's go, let's go! Hang on. There's no room for this.
Come on!
Comets begin far out in space.
Decompression in area six
Do I know you?
Do you have a name?
Due to the distance they must travel
During this two day period, no unofficial travel will be permitted
Emergency airlifts have been ruled out as too dangerous
Engineers, teachers, soldiers and artists who have already been chosen
Fires have been left to burn, since many firefighters
First is Mission Commander Oren Monash.
Give us two days, Ms. Lerner.
Godspeed to you all. We're counting on you.
Good. The one next to it?
Have been randomly selected by computer will be notified
Here we go.
Heroes all. That's the finest group I ever had the privilege of working with
Hi, sweetie.
Houston is prepared for this.
I always thought it was women and children first.
I came back every time, didn't I?
I can hear him. I know.
I can't. She left me.
I don't do churches well
I don't get conveyed to the next secretary, so now I'm out a job.
I don't want anyone to think that I'm trying to take something away
I fall asleep and I dream
I know that you have terrible things that you wanna say to me.
I mean, conditions changed so much you couldn't know the whole trip
I promise you, next time we'll get you something more exciting.
I trusted the man.
I wish...
I'm gonna make it.
I'm not coming.
I'm not going, Eric. Go!
If there was a chance I might not be coming back,
If we can deflect these comets enough,
If we could just get a minute of your time.
In fact, isn't it true, sir,
In just under 12 hours, at 4:35 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.
In my photograph, so he shared the discovery with me.
It is my unhappy duty to report to you that the Messiah has failed
It is only prudent that we now take cautionary steps
It was about to come out, so he resigned.
It's being built in orbit around the Earth,
It's taking too long
Jenny. Jenny!
Jesus, that's big
Just a first name. Oh, my God, I'm going to say it.
Just step back to my car
Leo Biederman! Leo!
Let me steal your old man for a second
Lily, do as I say.
Mariette? I'm here. I can hear you.
MOLE'S at 125 feet
No men and women over 50 in the general population
No, no, no. Not for you. For me.
Now, I can promise you this, Ms. Lerner, all of you,
Now, the game was,
Now, with the help of Russian engineers,
Of the lottery procedure as we speak,
Oh, my God
Okay, that's it.
On the Mississippi River in Mark Twain's time,
Oren, suit pressure, 3.5.
Our home.
Outside of Earth's atmosphere,
Overheard the secretary talking to him about her.
Pentagon is unhappy with his readiness reduction proposals.
People knew about the Manhattan Project, you know,
Prepare to remove safeties and fire
Put another way,
Seems kind of unfair that I got picked.
She will. She does a good job. She misses Mommy.
Shortly after completing his medical training at Duke University
So for the past eight months, the United States and Russia
So gather your things and follow me to the orientation gallery.
So the President thought I was dead, too
Sometime in the next hour, the Messiah mission
Son, on the bus. Get on the bus!
Starboard cargo porthole's blown
Sweet mother of God
Sweetheart, listen to me. Let go. Put this on!
System check was okay, but I don't know about the radiation shielding
That at some point over the next 10 months,
That the Messiah will save us?
That's faster than the speed of sound.
That's only gonna make things worse. So...
That's what I'm doing.
The comets are now approximately 14 hours
The Messiah has safely lifted off the comet,
The Messiah has successfully docked with the Orion powered boosters
The sun's rising behind you. It's coming up fast
There are now two pieces, one 6 miles wide,
They will bounce harmlessly off our atmosphere
They're smarter and in better shape than we ever were in the old days
They're spreading flowers.
They're walking down the aisles and they're dropping rose petals,
This comet is larger than Mount Everest.
This is insane.
This is Messiah. We're ready to begin our run.
This is ours
This is what I get for talking to the press.
Those of you who have been preselected
Three, two, one
Throughout Latin America's major cities,
Tim, mission control in Houston. lra, the science guys lined up?
To love and to cherish?
We are a go for auto sequence start
We honor them with every brick we lay,
We may not have enough life support left
We need the arming codes for the last four nukes.
We now have the details for the national lottery.
We respect you
We've lost communication with the Messiah spacecraft,
Well, are we going to have an evening or not?
Well, disastrous.
Well, I always thought the truth was in the nation's best interest.
Well, it has to do something for me, for Christ's sake.
Well, they're not scared of dying
What a bottle of water cost you yesterday,
What about Entrekin?
What happens if they do not get off the comet's surface in time?
Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth,
Wilco, Houston.
Will power the ship that will intercept the greatest threat
With every child we comfort and then teach to rejoice
Within a week, the skies will be dark with dust from the impact,
Yeah, I know. I see.
Yeah, I'm coming!
Yep. We don't have time to talk, Houston
You don't even really know who I am, which is okay.
You don't have any time. You have to go now.
You have reached the Department of Planetary Sciences.
You haven't trained for this mission
You know, I'm not a doctor or a scientist
You wanna hold her?
You're so full of it!
Beth. There's always the road.
Chernobyl? Chernobyl almost worked.
Depressurizing bay. Opening payload doors
Get her in. Get her in there. Wait, that's too many.
He what? No, I didn't have sex with him.
I don't trust that combination. Okay. Right, after seven hours,
I'm going in. Oren, no
Is that enough? No, that'll just break pieces
Jenny, what are you doing? Caitlin! Move! Come on!
Mom, Mom. Come on. No, listen to me.
Put this on. I'll see you soon. I'll see you soon
She adores you. It was beautiful.
Show him what you brought him. What happened?
so maybe we'll be okay. Come on, honey.
Sublimator looks good, Mick. Disengaging auto now
They're not there. Just check the goddamn list again.
This is Steve and Dwight. Of course I do.
Twenty five seconds. Prepare to synchronize the nukes
We know everything. Nobody knows everything.
What do I do with the car? We'll take care of the car.
What in the hell happened? I don't know. I don't know
What? You're taking my seat!
Wife, three kids? He's been after me for months,
Yeah. Yeah.
Yes, sir. I just wanna get these bars up
Yes, you will. Get out of here, Leo.
Yes. She missed you, too. All right.
1,000 feet and climbing
1.567 makes it eight degrees north.
17, 16, 15...