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A deep breath for my fucking money Dan!
A kind of concept album about the various sizes of paper
A move from the pub to the club for some awesome sounds
A night down the pub with your mates and it's fucking mental
A4 sounds
Ah, nice
Ah, Robin
All of which I've chosen to ignore
Alright fuck sticks
Alright spunkflake
Alright toe job
Alright you bum pilot
Alright you fucker
Alright you zips
Alright you zips!
Am I going to write it myself Dan and not pay you any money?
And I'll be through in a minute
And Teriyaki meat salad
And the homeless, what's that all about?
And why not?
And, bat
Any fucking suggestions?
Any time you want to use any of the facilidados here, I can fix that
Apparently you are
Are you going to write an article about it?
Are you hard up for entertainment?
Ashcroft goes stray for pay
Ashcroft, Ashcroft, Ashcroft
Ashcroft's going to call the Weekend on Sunday a bunch of fuck zips
Bad to have a bad uncle
Bad to have a bad uncle
Bad to have a bad uncle
Bangers and mash, bum
Be enabled, Place is creativilisation
Because maybe you should
Because um, is that alright?
Best bit's in about an hour and a half
Big brown elephant shit crack
Business manager, sits in his office all day looking at charts
But Dan, last time I had to write it for you, because you went a bit
But he is an idiot
But he's a bibble
But Max Herbert at the Weekend on Sunday agrees with me
Buzz on my nads
Can I borrow a tenner?
Can I borrow your laptop?
Cap some Susans
Check it out yeah
Check it out yeah, it is well bu
Check it out yeah, Trashbat dot cock?
Check out the web site yeah, it's well fucking futile
Check them out, direct comparison
Check this out
Check this out you bleeding fucking bum wart
Claire Ashcroft
Claire Ashcroft
Claire, did you do me in my sleep?
Click on diary to see my new phone
Come on, that's just, you are ill
Dan Ashcroft
Dan Ashcroft
Dan Ashcroft yeah?
Dan Ashcroft!
Dan Ashcroft!
Dan Ashcroft?
Dan Ashcroft?
Dave Bikinis is going to be there
December 8th, 1980
Did you clean up afterwards?
Did you read my piece about the idiots?
Do it, then write about it
Do you know, I've had an ape hour, every day, since watching this thing on Discovery
Do you mind if I crash here?
Do you mind?
Do you need a laptop?
Do you reckon?
Does the Pope fuck kids?
Don't think you should mate, you're a bit jumpy
Donnie Docker, Howard Marks, Huggie Bear, Memorex, MP3, Marlon Brando
Dot cock
Dot cock yeah? Registered in the Cook Islands
Dot cock, that is funny
Eight screening rooms, five recording rooms, and a weekly juice market
Enominate bigamy
Everything made here, spurts out through this pipe
Feel sorry for you, finger slaves, yeah
Fifteen hundred quid?
Four rounds at the Nail Gun and then dinner
Fucked her in the arse
Fucking hel
Fucking hilarious and you can't lose
Future's cum flannel
Go on, get it up your beak
Going dark
Good yeah?
Got a shotgun strapped to my back
Hail the rise of the idiots
Halal halaman halal
Happens in working class family pubs like the Grey Lion, a lot of builders
Has your telephone number got an H in it?
Have you ever taken acid?
Have you got my money?
Have you read it?
He got ill because he swallowed a spike
He swallowed a spike
He was passing me the torch
He was watching the back of your tits when you got changed thoug
He'll sort out the paperwork, and Bob's your film
He's an idiot too
Hello, my name's Nathan Barley and I'm an idiot
Hello, my name's Nathan Barley and I'm an idiot
Hey Dan, Dan, preach
Hey Dan, we get something for you mate
Hey K hole!
Hey let's call it Barley yeah?
Hey Mr Trash Cock
Hey sis
Hey, you're
Hi fanny blossom
His trousers fall down and there's a piss stain on his pants
His trousers full down, and there's a piss stain on his pants
How are you doll snatch?
How's it fucking collapsing?
HQ's just around the corner
I can't get your money
I did
I do not beige
I don't drive
I don't even know him
I don't know, it was in France
I don't want to go back
I have Bonobo Syndrome
I hear you are dressing up as Preacher Man
I heard he got a big feature job at Suga****?
I just got a zappuccino
I killed his cat
I know, and isn't that great that we're going to share it with so many people
I know, you'll love this one, it's well girly
I need some money
I rate that easily the best thing I've ever read
I think you're going to have to record a public statement
I tried to sort this out this morning, but the barber couldn't finish because um.
I was going to offer you £2000
I'll do an interview at 6
I'll text it over
I'm a self-facilitating media node
I'm about to ease a smile into your totally gorgeous mush
I'm going to do laps basically after that
I'm Nathan Barley, watch the fuck out Japan
I'm not a preacher man
I'm one of them
I'm sat cross-legged, on a cushion
I've come about the film grant
I've just told you
I"m a filmmaker
Is that Doug Rocket?
Is that what you're after, a loan fuck?
It actually induced the first of many nervous breakdowns
It sounded good, strong healthy jet
It's also a camera, it's also MP3 decks. It's been out for three weeks in Japan, where's yours?
It's an online urban culture dispatch
It's for my web site, it's going to be awesome
It's not really meant to be funny
Just listen to me OK, you're retards
Keep feeling fascination yeah?
Keep fucking the idiots, yeah?
Keep it chopped out yea
Keep it dense yeah
Keep it dusty
Keep it foolish
Keep it livid
Keep it mencap you fucking ear!
Know it, I practically bum it on a regular basis
Laters honey tits
Laters you greasy cock fart
Latte, no sugar
Listen Dan I'd love to debate the tits off this, but I've got an 11:07
Looking, learning, moving on
Major breakthrough!
Michelle gets the £20,000
Music... Barley UK
My name's Nathan Barley, and I like throwing people out of windows
My web site?
Nancy Spungen
Nathan Barley just told me you were doing a term
Nathan Barley, AKA as Trashbat
Nice glass of dutch wine?
Nice one
Nice one Dan-bo
Night Toby
Night Toby!
No, no
Now they've entered the building
Oh for fuck's sake
Oh fucking hell!
Oh I do
Oh yeah respect for that?