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Rebecca (1940) Soundboard

Rebecca (1940) Soundboard

"Rebecca" is a classic psychological thriller film that was released in 1940. Directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, this movie is an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's 1938 novel of the same name. With a stellar cast and Hitchcock's masterful direction, "Rebecca" delivers suspense, drama, and unforgettable performances.

The film follows the story of a young woman, played by Joan Fontaine, who falls in love with the brooding and secretive Maxim de Winter, portrayed by Laurence Olivier. After a whirlwind romance in Monte Carlo, they quickly marry and return to Manderley, Maxim's imposing family estate in Cornwall, England. Upon their arrival, the new Mrs. de Winter realizes that she must contend with the lingering presence of Rebecca, Maxim's deceased first wife, whose shadow still looms over everyone at Manderley.

Joan Fontaine delivers an iconic performance as the young and naive second Mrs. de Winter. Her portrayal of a woman pushed to the brink by her insecurities and the phantom memory of Rebecca is haunting and emotionally charged. Laurence Olivier, one of the most celebrated actors of his time, brings depth and complexity to the character of Maxim de Winter. His charismatic yet tortured performance adds layers to the narrative, keeping the audience guessing about his true nature.

The supporting cast of "Rebecca" is equally remarkable. Judith Anderson shines as Mrs. Danvers, the sinister and loyal housekeeper who had an unsettling obsession with Rebecca. Anderson's portrayal of this complex character adds a chilling aspect to the film, creating an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere. Other notable cast members include George Sanders as Rebecca's cousin, Jack Favell, and Nigel Bruce as Maxim de Winter's brother-in-law, Major Giles Lacy.

Alfred Hitchcock's direction is nothing short of brilliant and encapsulates his signature style. With carefully constructed shots, dramatic lighting, and a meticulously crafted atmosphere, Hitchcock immerses the audience in the haunting world of Manderley. His ability to build suspense throughout the film is masterful, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

The score of "Rebecca" further enhances the film's atmosphere and emotions. Composed by Franz Waxman, the music perfectly compliments Hitchcock's intense visuals and adds depth to the characters' journeys. The haunting and memorable theme captures the essence of mystery and obsession, becoming an integral part of the film's legacy.

"Rebecca" was a critical and commercial success upon its release in 1940. It received eleven Academy Award nominations and won two, including Best Picture. This achievement marked the only time that Hitchcock won the Best Picture Oscar during his career. The film's success solidified Hitchcock's reputation as a master of suspense and established him as one of the most influential directors in cinema history.

Decades after its release, "Rebecca" has retained its status as a cinematic masterpiece. It continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline, memorable performances, and Hitchcock's unrivaled directorial talent. The film's exploration of love, obsession, and the power of memory resonates with viewers, making it a timeless classic that deserves its place in the pantheon of great films.

If you want to experience the magic of "Rebecca," you can still watch and enjoy this influential film today. Its gripping narrative, astounding performances, and Hitchcock's brilliant direction ensure that it will continue to thrill and inspire audiences for generations to come.

Actually, he offered to withhold a vital piece of evidence...
All by myself and give you the surprise of your life.
All right, darling, I promise.
And a violin playing in the distance,
And to know that when you die, Manderley will be his.
Ayoung and lovely woman like her. No wonder...
Blackmail's not so pure nor so simple.
But he's a broken man.
But I'd like to talk about it with you.
Certainly makes a very nice costume, sir, and economical too.
Don't you feel there are some slight grounds for suspicion?
Go and take it off. It doesn't matter what you put on. Anything will do.
Good heavens!
Happiness is something I know nothing about.
He doesn't love you. He wants to be alone again with her.
Hear, hear. But for safety's sake, I think I'd like to go along too.
Here, let me haveJasper.
How do you do?
However, for the time being...
I do hope it won't inconvenience you too greatly
I say, aren't you rather afraid that the prisoner, shall we say, might bolt?
I shall be at the cottage all evening and shall leave the door open for you.
I should have thought Maxim would have told you.
I suppose that's why you married me.
I want to go to the inquest with you.
I was making a hasty departure. It was so rude of me not to let you know.
I, I try my best every day, but it's very difficult...
I'll make it the most famous showplace in England, if you like,
I'm so sorry. I... I never thought that I'd get Robert into trouble.
I'm sure there'll be no one there to touch you, madam.
I've threaded it up wrong, as usual, or something.
If it's something I'm able to answer, I'll do my best.
If you say we're happy, let's leave it at that.
In a manner so serious as this, we must make sure...
It must have been about two years ago now.
It was all a lie
It's blackmail, pure and simple.
It's up to you, you know, to lead us away from it.
Mrs. Danvers, I do hope we'll be friends.
Mrs. De Winter always had Dr. McClean from the village.
No, I'm afraid that sort of thing ceased to amuse me years ago.
No, thank you. I'm staying in town tonight.
Now, you heard. I said Rebecca's doctor, in London.
Of driving an expensive motorcar which isn't your own.
Oh, thank you, Frith. I'm sure Mr. De Winter will be very happy to hear it.
Should have wanted to end her own life?
So I didn't get it until the next day.
So I'll play the part of a devoted wife, mistress of your precious Manderley.
Suddenly she stumbled and fell.
The diver made another discovery.
The illusion went with it.
They'll identify her body, then they'll remember the other woman,
Time could not mar the perfect symmetry of those walls.
We'll walk down and take a look, if you really want to.
Well, I think if Maxim wanted anything done about it, he'd tell me.
Well, thank heavens they've gone. Now we can have a walk about the place.
What did you do with the pieces?
What do you mean?
What do you want in there, Jasper? Come on. Come on home.
What is my sort of worid?
Will undoubtedly come to some such conclusion.
Wouldn't that rather defeat the purpose?
Yes, I'll phone her at once, then we'll get straight down to Manderley.
Yes, it's going to bring it all back again,
Yes. Mr. Favell and I have a little business transaction on hand.
Yes. You might bring Mr. De Winter a sedative.
You can't understand what my feelings were, can you?
You know, Max, I'm getting awfully fed up with my job as a motorcar salesman.
You weren't really. You simply wanted to be alone, and...
You'd better leave, Mrs. Van Hopper. You'll miss your train
You'd have liked a bridal veil, wouldn't you?
You're trying to defend her. But that's what I'm doing.
Everything under control, Frith? Yes, sir. Thank you.
Frank, is it... Yes, it's Rebecca's.
Frank. Yes, Maxim?
Go down and tell the porter to take everything out of the car. Just a minute.
Oh. It's that fellow Ben.
Still having trouble with your teeth? Unfortunately yes, madam.
What do you mean, Mr. Tabb? I mean, sir, the seacocks.
Yes. My name's Crawley.