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Peep Show - Season 9

Peep Show - Season 9

Peep Show - Season 9: A Hilarious Culmination of Chaos and Comedy

Peep Show, the iconic and immensely popular British sitcom, reached its ninth and final season in 2015. Created by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, this outstanding series offers a unique perspective by presenting the hilarious and often cringe-worthy inner thoughts of its two main characters, Mark Corrigan (played by David Mitchell) and Jeremy "Jez" Usborne (played by Robert Webb).

Season 9 of Peep Show picks up right where the eighth season left off, diving headfirst into the chaotic lives of Mark and Jez. The season, consisting of six episodes, maintains the show's signature format of point-of-view camera shots that reveal the unfiltered and often embarrassing inner monologues of the characters. This distinctive approach ensures that audiences remain fully engaged and empathetic, despite their flawed and sometimes despicable traits.

The final season of Peep Show introduces new challenges and opportunities for Mark and Jez, as they navigate the realms of work, relationships, and personal growth. Mark continues to face the trials and tribulations of his corporate job, battling his intrusive thoughts and scheming nature. Meanwhile, Jez searches for purpose while attempting to launch his musical career and navigate his ever-complicated love life.

The exceptional cast of Peep Show deserves immense recognition for their remarkable performances throughout the series. David Mitchell's portrayal of Mark Corrigan, a socially awkward and neurotic character, is nothing short of brilliant. Mitchell effortlessly captures the essence of Mark's perpetual internal conflict, delivering lines with impeccable comedic timing that will leave audiences in stitches.

Robert Webb's portrayal of Jeremy "Jez" Usborne perfectly complements Mitchell's performance. Jez is a carefree and somewhat lazy character, perpetually chasing after his dreams and desires, no matter how far from reality they may be. Webb's natural charisma and comedic prowess shine through, making Jez simultaneously lovable and frustrating to watch.

Joining Mitchell and Webb are series regulars Olivia Colman as Sophie Chapman, Mark's on-again-off-again love interest, and Matt King as Super Hans, Jez's perpetually drug-addled and hilariously unreliable friend. Colman's nuanced performance brings depth and complexity to the character of Sophie, while King's portrayal of Super Hans consistently steals the show with his outrageous antics and absurd yet oddly insightful ramblings.

Peep Show - Season 9 continues to tackle various social and political issues with its trademark irreverent and satirical tone. The writing, helmed by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, encompasses a brilliant mix of clever one-liners, awkward situations, and biting social commentary that has become synonymous with the show. The series delves into themes such as class divides, relationship dynamics, mental health, and the absurdities of modern life.

Fans of Peep Show will be delighted to know that they can relive the hilarious moments of Season 9 at their convenience. With the option to play and download the sounds of the show through various platforms, viewers can enjoy the final hurrah of Mark and Jez anytime, anywhere. The remarkable performances, sharp writing, and an unforgettable cast make revisiting this last season an absolute must for fans of the show.

In conclusion, Peep Show - Season 9 serves as an impressive culmination of chaos and comedy, providing a satisfying conclusion to the beloved British sitcom. Through its unique point-of-view camera shots, exceptional performances from the cast, and biting social commentary, the show continues to entertain and resonate with audiences. So, dive into the world of Mark and Jez one last time, and relish in the hilarious moments that made Peep Show a modern television classic.

*Play and download sounds from Peep Show - Season 9 here.*

A bank robber is heading into the bank right now.
A bit like I want to karate chop my hand through a very high stack of poppadoms.
A bit of a depressing backward step?
A cat?
A dream sort of setup. Well, I do all the PR.
A few years back he became totally obsessed with
A fucking Mazda. Sorry, I've got a fucking Micra.
A fucklot of the micronutrient content has been neutralised.
A genius IQ...
A giant, walking, talking, anthropomorphised shit on stilts.
A goodly stroll. 'Invite him out for a walk,
A loan to a friend of yourself,
A muffin? You're going to stand here, waiting for a massacre, eating a muffin?
A nice man...
A night in one of the Royal Parks.
A nutter who may or may not have got the memo re not shooting me.
A pub man? I I'm getting robbed?
A shit for all seasons.
A snake would be so duplicitous?
A very respectful, very boundaried, rather horny triangle.
A weird, kind of creepy, dermatological kind of date.
A... No worries, you decide. Take your time.
About the awesome power of the C U N T.
About the garrotting.
Absolutely you're a shit.
Actually, I'm probably going to go. You can't go. This is match point.
Actually, Jez, it's lucky you're here,
Admit it.
After I went a bit overboard that time.
After the weird picnic, I just felt..
Agh! Fuck it!
Ah, cool your heels, let's have a coffee.
Ah, cool your heels, let's have a coffee.
Ah, OK, that's a good...
Ah, please don't punch me. I wish you both well.
Ah, sorry, mate. You're getting shit canned, Mark.
Ah, you love people from the past,
Ah... Mmm!
Ahh! He's so fucked.
Alison. You remember Alison?
All above our heads.
All I can think about is death.
All in good time, Hans.
All my hopes and dreams, everything I've been working for
All right, Jez? Hans.
All right, you're home now, let's get you on the futon.
All right.
All right. Leave him in there for now.
All the Whores of Malta.
All this garbage he pretends to like, Jerry drugs his head off.
All you need is a reference from a landlord
ALL: # I just want to fuck and suck all the whole night through. #
ALL: Speech! Speech!
Also, and I know this might sound
Also, Megan, would you happen to have a small make up bag about your person?
Although Angus is going to a conference.
Although I still haven't totally forgiven you...mate
Although there's a small chance it might not be possible.
Although, do you think he witnessed the burial?
Am I a shit?
Amazing. They found some more web space, then? Yeah.
An act or a feeling...
And And what, out out of interest, was the temperature like in the room
And Bond and burgers,
And comparing the different coffee shops he doesn't like
And concentrate, like, 100% on my boxes.
And dissected it to death.
And does it mean...
And don't talk about upsetting shit.
And dump him. Um...
And eating lamb pasanda like a pair of zombies.
And even if someone loves another man...or...
And even... Apology accepted.
And for falling in love with Dobby, for everything.
And getting into mime and fucking street theatre.
And he's claiming mental incapacity due to the influence of the internet
And he's not sure we should go on this cruise.
And he's off to Alison with her little fuck me Mazda.
And head off any potential weirdness
And his DNA expunged from humanity.
And how ATOL protection wasn't something to make light of.
And how Brooklyn is changing for the worse,
And how their coffee isn't real coffee.
And I ain't afraid of no snakes!
And I couldn't sleep cos of the guilt.
And I don't want to go raving for a week.
And I don't.
And I drink my own piss and it doesn't work.
And I feel...
And I need to phone Dad, tell him about you. He's going to piss blood!
And I never want to see you again.
And I realised it was actually your sales record. Oh.
And I really am sorry if that makes things difficult,
And I really don't see that happening.
And I should just say, like, "Are you ready to commit? Because I am."
And I was just checking that he wasn't,
And I was like, "No way." I couldn't see that happen. Spiking.
And I will be coming and going as I please.
And I would punch in the throat anyone who tried to stop me.
And I...
And I'd very much like to sit here
And I'm going to drink them all up.
And I'm going to stop just flinging my jizz around hither and yon.
And I'm gonna stand well back while you're fired out of the airlock.
And I'm not even certain that
And I'm thinking Herodotus and a bowl of muesli.
And I'm thinking maybe you could have a little chat with him.
And if that person is considered to be a downer,
And if Wadey could just borrow Mark's swipe card, we'd both be quids in.
And if you like I'll lay it on with a trowel
And if you think about it, I'm sure you don't really want me to.
And if you want me to stop, just say, but...
And is sort of a total fucking mess.
And is there a comprehensive history of the Byzantine Church
And it will, if I'm lucky,
And it's like, when is it going to happen for me, you know?
And Joe, he's like this great guy, and cool job...
And Karen Armstrong on the Western Christian tradition,
And listen to my Mr Nice audiobook
And Megan thinks Joe's fucking around on her.
And most of the bulk of the writing, too.
And most of the vitamins, but if it's been pasteurised
And my sole subterfuge
And never paying you any rent
And now I've actually decided
And pretend nothing's happening. DOORBELL RINGS
And put his bank card in the freezer.
And say, "Let's take drugs and go crazy."
And she's got weird hair, and she smokes.
And tear you to shreds. Is this about the permanent markers?
And tell you how I like you,
And thank you.
And thanks...
And that is an absolute red line.
And the carrot cakes?
And the interesting thing about you
And the mystery of the Trinity.
And the sexy, pep up the party, acid in the punchbowl one.
And then he hit me. He did not hit you.
And then I...took it, but then I didn't give it to him...
And then I'm going to collect those tears in a little silver bowl
And then pop into the Whistle for a pint of IPA.
And then we can have a big chat about everything later, yeah?
And then we'll have a big chat about everything.
And there's a man in a stovepipe hat with a long, hooky stick, that's him.
And there's one other thing I did that I shouldn't have.
And they don't have enough bytes left to add my name.
And to qualify for this loan,
And twice more this week.
And watch a property based reality show while she does it.
AND watch Storage Hunters. Does that make me a bad person?
And we fell out and he came for me, but I did him.
And we'll settle this thing once and for all.
And what about now that it's been confined
And what does Gregory do?
And what's three times 133?
And when I read it I'm usually extremely high,
And would an aggressive campaign to claim shared credit
And you can just scoop him up like a sick whippet
And you don't deserve Joe, cos I've been with him, and he fucks like a dinosaur.
And you hide behind this mask of, like, slacker bullshit,
And you, well, you're a real meat and potatoes, straight up and down,
And you're hung up on whose jizz ends up on what bit of cloth.
And you're obsessing about...roomal geography?
And, eh...I think you need to leave.
And, er, you'd only need to repay 2% of the capital a month.
And, erm, have you been back to your flat since we spoke?
And, frankly, it's a pamphlet.
And, honestly, I don't even like drinking my own piss.
And?! What?!
And... I'm...I'm sorry, in your bedroom?
And...people are...
Andrew Roberts doing a jam on World War I trench letters.
Angus is coming. April's husband.
Angus is so busy with all his...
Angus loves you, but...he doesn't know if he respects you.
Angus wanted stuff done to him, I wasn't into it, it's all pretty disgusting,
Angus would never do this.
Angus, must know I had nothing to do with this.
ANGUS: He said he was going to cut my willy off and put it into my bottom.
Angus! Jesus, Angus, are you OK?
Answer the fucking question!
Any Anything I could use that might be a bit more romantic?
Anyone has ever received! Wow.
Anything else for the speech? Gregory, it's all cool.
Anyway, I probably don't have a high enough IQ.
Anyway, it's cool, yeah?
Anyway, really great, Jez, everything, bye.
Anyway, this proves nothing.
Anyway, um, as I was saying, I really like this guy...
Anyway, what I wanted to say, just before you go,
Apparently I'm not even allowed to do a little fucking naughty kidnap,
Apparently, he lived on nothing but dry bread and goat's milk.
Apparently, now he wants to go to Ibiza...
Apparently, the net has run out of web space
Apparently, you get an incredibly clear silhouette of the whole downstairs area.
APPLAUSE 'Oh, fuck!
Apple grievances, Lemmy...lyrics.
April and I just had an overpriced coffee and did it in the toilets.
April from Darty's coming over, as it happens.
April said you were off to a conference.
April, don't go.
April, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.
April, if you like, there's a B&B nearby,
April, that's...that's awful.
APRIL: Speech, Jez.