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Dumb & Dumber (1994) Soundboard

Dumb & Dumber (1994) Soundboard

Dumb & Dumber is a hilarious comedy film released in 1994 that has become a classic in the genre. Directed by Peter Farrelly, the movie follows the humorous misadventures of two dim-witted best friends, Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne, as they embark on a cross-country journey to return a briefcase full of money to its rightful owner.

Jim Carrey delivers a side-splitting performance as Lloyd Christmas, while Jeff Daniels showcases his comedic chops as Harry Dunne. The chemistry between the two actors is undeniable, creating a perfect blend of slapstick humor and clever wordplay that keeps audiences laughing from start to finish.

The story kicks off when Lloyd, a well-meaning but oblivious limousine driver, picks up Mary Swanson, played by Lauren Holly, at the airport. Smitten by her beauty, Lloyd falls head over heels in love, even though Mary is actually on her way to Aspen to meet her husband. Oblivious to this fact, Lloyd goes to great lengths to return her lost briefcase, believing it is a gesture that will win her heart.

Along their journey to Aspen, Lloyd and Harry experience one uproarious mishap after another. From accidentally killing a rare owl with Lloyd's pet parakeet, Petey, to surviving a run-in with a group of angry criminals, the duo's antics never fail to bring the audience to tears of laughter.

Although the main focus of the film revolves around the humorous adventures of Lloyd and Harry, there are several memorable supporting roles that add depth and hilarity to the story. Notable performances include Mike Starr as Joe "Mental" Mentalino, the leader of the criminals seeking the briefcase, and Charles Rocket as Nicholas Andre, Mary's conniving husband.

One of the most iconic scenes in Dumb & Dumber occurs when Lloyd and Harry find themselves in a diner. As they question the tip amount left by Mary Swanson, they engage in a hilarious debate about whether Lloyd should pursue her. Their conversation escalates to the point where Lloyd reveals that he will always regret not asking her out, leading the entire diner to burst into applause. This scene perfectly showcases Carrey and Daniels' comedic timing and ability to capture the absurdity of everyday situations.

The humor found in Dumb & Dumber is not solely reliant on verbal jokes and physical comedy. The film also employs clever sight gags and slapstick elements that elicit laughter. One of the most famous gags involves Lloyd's decision to wear a bright orange tuxedo to a charity event, causing him to stand out in a sea of traditionally dressed attendees. This visual gag highlights the characters' complete lack of social awareness and adds another layer of humor to the film.

Additionally, the soundtrack of Dumb & Dumber perfectly complements the comedic tone of the movie. With songs such as "New Age Girl" by Deadeye Dick and "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate, the soundtrack enhances the comedic moments and captures the overall energy of the film. You can easily play and download these sounds here, adding an extra dimension to your viewing experience.

Dumb & Dumber remains a beloved comedy that has stood the test of time. With its unforgettable characters, outrageous plot, and comedic performances, the film continues to entertain audiences around the world. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and prepare to laugh until your sides hurt as you take a hilarious journey alongside Lloyd and Harry in Dumb & Dumber.

A tad, Lloyd?
About a week later, out of the blue she sends me a John Deere letter.
According to the map, we've only gone about four inches.
And God willing...
And it is with tremendous honor that we're able to bring Mr. Swanson forward...
Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk about you. How come you're here?
Are you a bird lover?
Bad day, huh?
Beautiful. There you go, Dolf.
Boy, this party really died.
Chablis, please.
Cold beer, a hot tub and paper thin walls.
Everybody freeze! All right, get those hands up!
Find a happy place. Find a happy place.
Follow me.
Get the hell out of here.
Go ahead. Open it up.
Good thinking.
Good, good.
He got me mad. I almost like it.
He must work out.
Hi there.
Highly unlikely from what I've seen.
Hit me with it. Just give it to me straight.
Hold that one.
Hold that plane!
How much you wanna bet?
Huh. I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this.
I can't believe it.
I don't know, I wasn't paying attention. But the thing that hurt the most...
I guess I forgot that you never, ever make a mistake.
I guess they're right.
I like you a lot...
I promise never to take you away.
I swear I'm gonna...
I think I just...
I thought I saw a pussy cat.
I was thinking the same thing.
I'm just sitting down to a nice meal with our boys.
I've had it with this dump!
In case we want seconds.
Is it 10 a.m. yet?
Is it locked?
It was a few years ago.
It's a beautiful day, huh, Harry?
It's imperative that we carry on as usual.
Just go, man.
Killer boots, man.
Let's not.
Lloyd, the... That... You... What are you...?
Look, Mary.
Look, you get the pills. Don't worry, I know CPR.
Man, Andre'll have a goddamn hemorrhage if we don't get that briefcase back.
Mind if I wait at the bar?
My friend Harry and I would...
My parakeet, Petey?
Ned, do you think he'll let us stay?
No. I don't... No. I don't think I could.
Not good.
Oh, I'm moving to Aspen.
Oh, man. I'm sorry, Harry.
Oh, my. There she is.
Oh, well, then.
Oh, yeah? Why not?
Oh, yeah.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay. Right. You're right.
One time, we successfully mated a bulldog with a Shih Tzu.
Please, believe me. I would never do anything to offend a man of your size
Really, I love a man with a sense of humor.
Sir, did you ever hear of the concept of other people?
Sir, you can't go in there.
Thank you. Hey, wait a second
That sure is warm.
That was incredible.
That's a lot of luggage for a little vacation.
That's a lovely accent you have.
That's nice.
That's not your problem. You didn't know.
There you go.
There's really nothing to worry about.
There's someone I want to introduce you to.
They gotta be pros.
This is incredible.
This is our big chance, man.
Tractor beam.
Uh oh.
Uh oh.
We gotta get out of this town.
We usually don't pick up hitchhikers..
We're in a hole.
We're just gonna have to dig ourselves out.
We're there.
What are you talking about, wimped out?
What was all that one in a million talk?
Whatever you want, sir.
When they're excited about something...
Who's got the footlong?
Wow, you weren't kidding, Lloyd.
Yeah, but it's just a tiny lump. No one will notice.
Yeah, he was pretty old.
Yeah, the boys are holed up in a little love nest for the night.
Yeah, walk away. Go on, go on.
Yeah, well, I'm starving.
Yes, I'd like a one way ticket to Amsterdam...
You can't triple stamp a double stamp. You... Lloyd. Lloyd.
You guys go ahead.
You left it at the airport, you big goof.
You mean he was poisoned?
You son of a...
You'll have to excuse my friend. He's a little slow.
You're it.
You're the woman I've been waiting for my whole life...
Your name is Harry, isn't it?
Act normally, you know. Yeah, don't you see?
Hi, Lloyd. Hi, Harry.
I promise. Thank you.
Lucky me. Police officers! Nobody move!
No, I'm not... That's not... Come on, please. Oh, Har, please.
No? Nope.
Oh, no. No. No... No, I don't wanna...
So where you headed? Aspen.
Son of a...! I'm gonna kill those sons of bitches!
That's nothing, sir. Yeah, nothing.
Watch the seat. Okay.
Well, the number's 555... 555
Who? Mary. With the briefcase?
Why should I do you any favors? I'll let you kiss me.
You have my briefcase? Yeah.
...and I know how frustrating it can be to lose a bag.
...but that's a real nice ski mask.
...everything has to be perfect.
...I give you the Icelandic Snow Owl.
...I'm sick and tired of having nobody. I think she was seeing another guy. it possible they could be feds?
...let me finish. to buy you guys...
...more like one out of a million.
...Swan, Swenson, Swanson? introduce us to the 24th, everybody. Karl.