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Home > Summer Rental (1985) Romance Soundboard
Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Aah! Similar?
At 105 degrees, climbing to 110, it's a record for this date.
Flies! We got flies. They followed me all the way from Atlanta.
His teacher asked what happens after the sperm meets the egg.
Honey, everybody likes them. Thanks.
I apologize. The man was a slob.
I don't want it now. I want to play Frisbee. Here, catch!
I embarrassed him for life. Right now, he's wishing you were a widow.
I see.
It's still dark.
Maties, which boat will it be?
My fault, it was my fault! My fault!
Nice one!
Ooh... You don't want to know.
Put your top on!
Shut up! Stop saying everything I say!
That's enough! Do you have a dustpan, maybe?
Way to go, Bob!
Well, well, well, renter.
Yeah, I...
Yeah, I'm breathing out anyway.
You've been landing planes for 13 years. Face it, you're burned out.
And don't sit on the seat! Excuse me.
Does your head hurt? Yes, it does.
Hal, can't you pull some strings for me? The Agency gave you a mandatory five.
I hate the sun! I know.
I told her never to say things "suck"
I'm changing the air in my splint. OK.
Is this your tie? No.
Not until I lose three or four pounds. I love the way you look in a bathing suit.
Sharp turn we're making! Yeah!
You're finished! He's not! Tell him, Dad!