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The Expanse - Season 6

The Expanse - Season 6

I'm sorry, but I cannot generate a response about the subject of "The Expanse - Season 6" as there has been no official announcement or release of a sixth season for the show at the time of my knowledge (October 2021). As an AI language model, my responses are based on the information available up until September 2021. Please note that the information may have changed or there may be future plans that I'm not aware of. If you are referring to a different subject or need assistance with something else, please let me know and I'll be happy to help.

A Belter with ships and guns
A century of oppression
A coolant pipe dislodged. I have to reseat and patch it.
A fat prize.
A few Golden Bough did not like kissing Marco's ass
A few more seconds, and I would have pulled it together.
A friend of the Belt.
A full scale assault on Medina Station
A future that for the first time
A good life for my children.
A happy misunderstanding.
A heavily armed assault team.
A little crowded, maybe, but we will make do.
A little help?
A little side work,
A little worse than Russian Roulette.
A little.
A lot more.
A lot of places we could go before they get here.
A month worth of fuel pellets and some new mining nets.
A person above reproach,
A place all Belters can be proud of
A place where you can stay.
A reminder of media's obligations
A revolution that doesn't make you rich
A ship outside would be better protection.
A ship will disappear in transit.
A spotter ship that's been guiding the rocks.
A statement, our commitment to collective action.
A true pirate,
A UNN crew will board each of your ships
A very wise woman I know once said you shouldn't believe
Abandon Ceres.
About a number of ships
About almost drowning in my own puke.
About intimate disease, they're fine.
Abruptly vanish without a trace.
Accommodating their needs instead of fighting for ours.
Actually, it's more like I told him.
After a while...
After all we've done,
After salvage operations are complete,
After the first rocks hit. It's a long story.
After what Filip's mother did to me,
After what it did on Ilus?
Against Belters.
Against virtually all of theirs.
Ah, alligator skin. You like?
Ah, fuck.
Ah, it's the Waxing Gibbous.
Ah, poor, poor Earther.
Ah, what was her name?
Aisle is closed. Hold two is clear.
Alexander would always be here.
All Belters will have to answer
All guns free fire!
All hands, stand by to cut thrust for dock.
All I can do is promise that I will.
All invasive nerve fiber be killed,
All of our combined forces
All of our decks have been re pressurized,
All of us.
All remaining missiles checked out fine.
All right, everybody brace.
All right, that's it. We're in.
All right.
All right. Amos, hang on.
All ships acknowledge.
All ships maintain radio silence, no new contacts.
All ships, counter batteries, fire!
All ships, emergency eva...
All ships, this is Drummer.
All teams, fall back!
All teams, sound off. How many are left?
All teams, take what you can, then get back to the ships.
All the students from Xan's class loved him.
All the things regular newsfeeds skip.
All the time on the Razorback.
All they have to do is say so.
All units in place. The route is secure.
All will have been for nothing.
All you gotta do is stay awake
All you have to do is warm it up.
Along with these ships.
Amos brought her back with him from Earth
Amos told you what we discussed in the hull.
Amos trusts her, and I trust him,
Amos, you okay?
An authority with two Inner votes and only one
An Azure Dragon.
An Inaros spotter ship.
An Inner?
An outsider, and I always will be
And a lot more fighting back.
And abide by its decisions.
And all agricultural supplies from Earthers stopped.
And all the brothels are union.
And all the rest that are ready to launch.
And all the rest that are ready to launch.
And all vestiges of the Inners from our space,
And also by paying attention in class.
And an insignificant one at that.
And anyone else who stands against us.
And anyone else who stands against us.
And as long as you're part of the crew,
And at our current rate of consumption,
And at the mercy of the Free Navy
And blow Medina up.
And broke away from the Free Navy.
And by the time they're close enough to use it,
And come through the Ring behind us,
And conduct a thorough security screening.
And consign every soul upon it
And counsel, the kind that no one else can.
And did the captain of the Granicus
And dropped the rocks to get revenge for all of us, ah?
And establish a forward position in the Belt
And farms throughout the Belt.
And for a few seconds,
And for different reasons.
And for the next minute, more people fall into that.
And for what?
And force them to surrender.
And forever call home!
And found it stripped.
And Fred Johnson is dead.
And friendly Belter assets,
And from reinforcements from Medina.
And hand the Inners the leash.
And have you vigorously debriefed.
And he has kept what's left of our fleet
And he joke about it, but it always bother him.
And he made it ours.
And he turned it into a trap.
And he was cruel, but he tapped into something real.
And he was spaced as well?
And here I am.
And here it is.
And hundreds of colonies under your thumb,
And I always liked it, so...
And I asked Bobby if the UN
And I can't help you.
And I didn't ask.
And I didn't wanna give her a chance.
And I don't owe you a fucking explanation.
And I don't owe you a fucking explanation.
And I expect a UN representative to be present
And I failed.
And I found this.
And I give her whatever she wants.
And I probably would have been on a prison barge.
And I thought it would go on forever.
And I was jumping off the Chetzemoka
And I was only in it long enough to get thrown out.
And I was sure if I could break it, shut it down...
And I will deal with it accordingly.
And I will help Josep find a way to also.
And I would be proud, because this is the life we've chosen.
And I'd rather do a little less soul searching
And I'll come to you.
And I'll put us on the float.
And I'm no expert on those things inside the Ring.
And I'm pretty sure it could have peeled
And if any Free Navy ships get past the main fleet action
And if I can't...
And if I'm gonna get myself offed for the cause, fine.
And if someone falls in, they're gone.
And if they wanted to be good to us,
And if we can't find a way to trust each other at this point,
And if we don't,
And if we had a better option, I would've used it.
And if we win...
And in conjunction with Sentinel 16,
And in different Rings.
And in that spirit,
And Inaros' power will continue to grow.
And is that glitter?
And it won't be over until we are dead or victorious.
And it's happened a number of times.
And it's only getting worse.
And just tipped over.
And keep an eye on things in case of emergency.
And know this.
And left Belters to starve.
And live soil farming,
And lost.
And make it just a little harder
And make it just a little harder for them
And make ourselves a much harder target.
And maybe now they'll understand that.
And money shows up in your pocket.
And my planet is now covered
And new production is not brought online immediately,
And no indication it was destroyed.
And none of your fucking business.
And now the people we're hunting and killing
And now they are dead.
And now we let the flagship of the Free Navy escape
And now we will turn it into the jewel
And now?
And of the true OPA.
And one missile rack.
And our victory complete.
And pilot them in and conduct a...
And prove our manhood is exactly what Inaros wants.
And railgun slug, and we time it all just right,
And rejoin the fleet if you can.
And say it's the same as being sad.
And see if we got any holes that need plugging.
And share their benefits with all.
And she came through, but there's a ton of data.