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Married to Medicine - Season 9

Married to Medicine - Season 9

Married to Medicine is a popular reality television show that first premiered in 2013 and has captivated audiences ever since. The show offers viewers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of a group of accomplished and charismatic women in the medical field. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Married to Medicine - Season 9, which promises to bring even more drama, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

The ensemble cast of Married to Medicine - Season 9 features a dynamic group of women who balance their high-pressure careers with their personal lives. Returning to the show are Dr. Jacqueline Walters, known for her wit and wisdom as one of the most established doctors in Atlanta, and Dr. Simone Whitmore, a successful OBGYN and fan-favorite for her straightforward and unfiltered personality.

Joining them are Dr. Heavenly Kimes, a feisty dentist with a sharp tongue and a heart of gold, and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, a multi-talented physician and mother known for her inspirational journey of self-love and personal growth. Also returning is Quad Webb, a vivacious entrepreneur and television personality who always brings the glam and drama.

Married to Medicine - Season 9 introduces two new cast members, Dr. Anila Sajja, an anesthesiologist with a passion for fashion and social causes, and Jill Connors, a successful entrepreneur and wife to a prominent plastic surgeon in Atlanta. These new additions are sure to bring fresh energy and exciting storylines to the show.

In Season 9, viewers can expect to see the ladies navigate the challenges of their careers and personal lives in the midst of a global pandemic. As doctors on the frontlines, they provide a unique perspective on the medical crisis and its impact on their community. The show also delves into their relationships, both with their significant others and with each other, as they navigate the ups and downs of marriage, friendships, and rivalries.

Married to Medicine - Season 9 isn't just about the drama, though. It showcases the accomplishments and triumphs of these remarkable women, highlighting their dedication, intelligence, and resilience. Viewers will witness their personal growth and learn valuable lessons about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

If you can't get enough of Married to Medicine - Season 9, you're in luck! You can play and download the incredible sounds and music from the show right here. Immerse yourself in the rhythm and melodies that accompany these unforgettable moments. Whether you're dancing along to the show's catchy theme song or reliving emotional scenes with the show's soundtrack, you can now have the music of Married to Medicine with you wherever you go.

So mark your calendars and get ready for Married to Medicine - Season 9! This highly anticipated season is sure to deliver all the drama, humor, and heart that fans have come to love. Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey with these exceptional women as they navigate life, love, and medicine.

Play and download the sounds of Married to Medicine - Season 9 here, and get ready to be entertained like never before.

A 1962 Gran Turismo...
A Black OB/GYN.
A cow essentially does everything for us.
A functionally dysfunctional relationship.
A good husband you always talk to me about.
A great contract today.
A lot of noise for the one
A lot of people are doubting me,
A myomectomy, a hysteroscopy, a DNC, an ablation, nothing?
A real conversation, whether it's tonight
A skin serum for women.
About her sleeping around.
About to build another dream home.
Absolutely, come on this way. Let me show you.
After New York, Contessa ghosted me.
Ah! [ laughing ]
Ain't moving my sh , wait a minute.
Alaura Kimes
All are stocked up, yes. We're still putting bundles out.
All day on my vision board.
All hail the queen!
All I could do with this Gran Turismo is a photo shoot.
All my Heavenly Beauty stuff right here.
All of that, I can do it, okay?
All right, all right. Take it easy on me.
All right, Dr. Jackie!
All right, guys, start eating, okay?
All right! Yeah!
All right. And you say in heels, too, huh?
All right. How long you been living in Miami?
All righty. I got to go get my hair done.
All the furniture was blogged, okay?
All the stuff that she was saying about me
All the time, her talking about you.
All these goddamn horns and sh everywhere.
ALL: I just need some real friends.
Always. This is the first time I’m gonna
An orthopedic surgeon on call tonight.
Anamika, what do we do about jewelry for her?
And Anila Sajja!
And being okay with not getting
And bringing in new light.
And cautious about what I said.
And celebrate Diwali at the same time.
And child, he's moody.
And Curtis had so much ass in his face
And demonstrate that she's a true friend to me.
And Dr. Jackie is bringing her stuff as well,
And even though we've been open for a few months
And for you. You're happy too, God!
And have new friends in the neighborhood.
And he actually wanted to do business with me
And he said instead of doing that,
And he's having a great time, I'm super excited for Miles.
And hopefully we win all three battles.
And hopefully won't have to stay too long. [ chuckles ]
And I absolutely love it.
And I don't think she's ready to do anything differently.
And I haven't even started my own job.
And I promise you, you're going to feel like
And I said little to nothing.
And I trust you with my life.
And I want her to be here.
And I wanted to make sure she had a business
And I will forever be grateful to these people
And I'm stepping in egg.
And I'mma show y'all how to walk down the runway.
And I'mma show y'all what y'all need to do, okay?
And if it goes left, we don't have to wait
And if we can lock in these funeral homes,
And inject it back into areas in the vagina.
And it is grande soy chai latte,
And it's like, you're not being prideful and trying to be
And it’s for anybody to see.
And keep it moving.
And lean over this way a little bit.
And let you know that you're making the right choice, okay?
And mal information and just, you know, keep on pushing.
And Mason, today we're gonna learn
And now the man moved in, honey.
And only sexy lady in red.
And only you,
And people yell in Black families?
And people yell in Black families.
And quite frankly, I've run out of excuses.
And ready to mingle or anything like that.
And she's not even wearing anything Heavenly.
And sometimes you just need a little break,
And still got them same damn suits
And stuff gon' get in your teeth.
And that's what we need.
And the rest is history, in a good way.
And the single person loves her life.
And then Aryana needs jewelry.
And then can I get shrimp alfredo?
And then her friends are still supposed to love her.
And then if he does have a problem, he won't,
And then once we get your labs back,
And then you go to Twitter next week, honey.
And they keep doing it and you're like, you know what?
And they really do be having sex, I'm just playin'.
And trying to be right.
And unlike her mother, she's very fashionable.
And was able to reconcile, stay together.
And we did a soft launch, the grand opening is this week.
And we foresee about 100 people
And we need to stop at the gas station.
And we're a work in progress.
And when does the friendship begin?
And when you don’t work on a relationship,
And where on Earth would they want to get a nice,
And you can't have an authentic relationship with no respect.
And you just took them out of the packages.
And you know I never have anything but your back.
And your friend is upset.
And your relationship with me were equally
And, Avery, you need to bring that book downstairs.
Andrea has been great for Miles.
Andrea has been in Miles' life
Anila, it's going to mess up your makeup!
Anila, they stole her wedding ring.
Are in a beautiful home.
Are these the shoes you're walking in?
Are we at the strip club or are we at the beauty supply?
Are you ing kidding me?
Are you coming to greet me? Don't jump on me now.
Are you exterminating us?
Are you guys ready to make this the best Diwali ever?
Are you in the fashion show?
Aryana, Abir?
As important to you, hurt my feelings.
As me winning the lotto.
As soon as I closed on the house, like,
As your beloved wife?
Ashton, go put those socks in the basket over there.
Ashton, I asked you earlier to get the egg up off the floor,
Ashton, I didn't say take them out of the bags!
Ashton, those were gifts
At this point, I have 80,000 followers,
Avir, come on, papi.
Baby want something to eat? Is that what it is?
Baby, he a whole entire situation.
Baby, watch y'all better get from around my damn man.
Bam! Toya made it.
Bam. Toya made it.
Because a lot of people don't have that meal.
Because I actually I don't even know if you know this,
Because I texted him. He's supposed to be here
Because it is two weeks before Halloween.
Because it seems like you guys are all lit!
Because it's all at the same time.
Because sometimes I forget about you.
Because that's when the coffee machine's coming in and
Because they’re my boys.
Because we're just starting out.
Been in the game for a long time
Before going into the military.
Before you start talking sh .
Being pregnant is the same statistics
Being willing to compromise
Blog, blog, blog, blog.
Break it down, put it in the recycling.
Bring it out.
Brush your teeth, clean your ears.
Building the house was a struggle.
But based on your experience,
But for right now we moved right down the street.
But for this group, we probably need to do that
But for this group, we probably need to do that.
But he's everything to me, you know?
But he's happy that his wife and kids
But he's just really nonchalant
But Heavenly and I don't have that kind of relationship.
But I am not worried.
But I don't know what to do with all of this.
But I got close, I hope.
But I hope at some point we'll be able to have
But I just don't really
But I live in a volatile home.
But I love what I do.
But I need to be close to my family.
But I think I need some other outlet.
But I'm going to invite her to the grand opening
But I'm not gon' do it, you know what I'm saying?
But if I do end up in a situation to where,
But is known to do it again.
But it just wasn't large enough for kids and adults.
But Laila seem like she might finish her own fight.
But lo and behold, whoo,
But maybe we can get that on track tonight.
But me and Heavenly kind of took a little break. Yeah.
But now I'm living my best life
But she is not worried.
But she's also a little dangerous,
But she's never around to actually show
But still, when we have things that we have to get done,
But then again, I can't, because Mason lives with me now.
But we got to take the baby steps to get somewhere.
But what...
But when you get to the center, you got to drop it like this.
But when you were in the room
But you drink McDonald's coffee.
But, like, I'll tell him, you know?
But, see, the difference between you and I?
Bye, guys. Have a good day.
Call me a mother er one more time.
Called Heavenly Beauty.
Called Heavenly Beauty.
Can go out and do whatever at any given moment...
Can I get a sweet tea, please?
Can I get all my ladies out front?
Can I get an amen?
Can ride with it.
Can y'all bring everybody in the back for the pictures?