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Derry Girls - Season 2

Derry Girls - Season 2

Derry Girls is a popular television show that first premiered in 2018 and quickly gained a dedicated following. Set in the early 1990s during the conflict in Northern Ireland, the series offers a hilarious and heartwarming glimpse into the lives of a group of teenage girls attending a Catholic high school in Derry.

Season 2 of Derry Girls, which debuted in 2019, continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of comedy, drama, and cultural commentary. The show brilliantly weaves together the personal struggles and misadventures of its characters against the backdrop of the Troubles, a period of political unrest and violence in Northern Ireland.

The cast of Derry Girls is incredibly talented, bringing each character to life with their exceptional performances. The main cast includes:

1. Saoirse-Monica Jackson as Erin Quinn - The witty and ambitious protagonist who navigates the complexities of teenage life while dreaming of a brighter future.
2. Louisa Harland as Orla McCool - Erin's quirky and eccentric cousin, who often offers comedic relief with her outlandish behavior.
3. Nicola Coughlan as Clare Devlin - Erin's best friend and a smart, shy girl who struggles to fit in but remains loyal to her friends.
4. Jamie-Lee O'Donnell as Michelle Mallon - The fearless and outspoken member of the group, always ready to stir up trouble and laugh at inappropriate times.
5. Dylan Llewellyn as James Maguire - The English cousin of Michelle, whose arrival in Derry shakes up the dynamics of the group. James' outsider perspective often leads to hilarious misunderstandings.
6. Tommy Tiernan as Da Gerry - Erin's caring and sometimes clueless father who tries to navigate his role as a parent while dealing with his own insecurities.
7. Tara Lynne O'Neill as Ma Mary - Erin's strong-willed and no-nonsense mother, who constantly pushes her children to strive for success.

In Season 2, the Derry Girls face new challenges while embracing the chaos of their teenage years. As they grapple with school exams, crushes, and the curious world of boys, the backdrop of the Troubles remains a constant presence. The series deftly explores the impact of the conflict on daily life, showcasing the resilience and sense of humor the characters rely on to cope.

While the show tackles serious topics, such as bombings and political tensions, it does so with a touch of levity and humanity that sets it apart. The incredible writing, sharp dialogue, and brilliant comedic timing keep audiences engaged, ensuring that Derry Girls remains a must-watch series.

Fans of Derry Girls can fully immerse themselves in the show by accessing its delightful soundtrack. Packed with iconic '90s hits, the soundtrack perfectly captures the nostalgia of the era. From The Cranberries' "Dreams" to Snap!'s "The Power," these timeless songs evoke a sense of youth and rebellion that resonate with the characters' experiences.

To fully enjoy the sounds of Derry Girls Season 2, you can easily play or download the soundtrack from various platforms. Whether you want to relive the excitement of the gang's mischievous adventures or simply enjoy the catchy tunes that define the era, the Derry Girls soundtrack is a must-have for any fan.

In conclusion, Derry Girls Season 2 continues to entertain audiences with its delightful mix of humor, heart, and historical context. With its talented cast and engaging storylines, the show provides an insightful and entertaining glimpse into the lives of teenagers growing up during a challenging period in Northern Ireland's history. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh along with the Derry Girls, while enjoying their memorable soundtrack that transports you back to the 1990s.

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A '50s prom!
A Fenian hating madman!
A few short months ago,
A fitting rendition of what I consider to be
A group of firefighters who were helping with the search
A historic evening for Northern Ireland.
A history project.
A hopeful city full of young people
A pear drop, I think it was,
A piece of that fine Protestant ass. [laughs]
A present for Protestants?
A similarity. Yes?
A spelling mistake?
A through to F,
A week? We're going to be stuck with them for a week?
About life after death.
About the British Empire,
Above the stage, look.
Abseiling is a great trust building exercise,
Absolutely crippled with the old gallstones, so she was.
According to this, you're going to need a...
Ach, but I really wanted to find out
Ach, Cathy, it's yourself.
Ach, come off it.
Ach, drop dead, you spiteful old hag.
Ach, Eammon, how are you? What brings you here?
Ach, Geraldine.
Ach, God, so it is.
Ach, I wouldn't say I upstaged her now, Gerry.
Ach, isn't she gorgeous?
Ach, it's a great wee day so far, isn't it?
Ach, Jesus, Joe, you're looking well.
Ach, love.
Ach, Mary, you'd think the wain's been dropped into it.
Ach, Orla, love.
Ach, really?
Ach, Sarah, you'll choke the wain.
Ach, thanks very much.
Ach, well, at least yous were given the day off, that's something.
Ach, when all is said and done, she wasn't a bad old soul.
Actually, I think you'll find they were our mother's earrings, originally, so...
Ah, better leave Jim's gun back so.
Ah, Clare. Clare Devlin. There you are.
Ah, it'll come to me. Anyway,
Ah, it's my mother's wake.
Ah, she's definitely up to something, love.
Ah, sure, nothing ever is.
Ah, there it is!
Ah, Trampy Tara.
Ah, yes.
Alcoholic beer.
All right, Bridie? You well?
All right, don't be gettin' worked up.
All right, Ian, we get the idea, like.
All right, Mary, Sarah, Deidre.
All right?
All right. I see.
All the best, your mother, Mary."
All these false promises,
Although I have heard he is really good with his hands.
Although maybe she wanted to mutually split up a bit more than I did.
Although tomorrow is not officially a public holiday,
Am I gonna have to come after you, am I?
Am I in hell?
And also that essentially, deep down, I'm quite an evil person.
And an end to 25 years of bombing and shooting
And are you gonna?
And as I say, by this stage the wind was fierce...
And as it stands, I'm completely out of stock,
And as it turns out
And blown into a flowerbed.
And boogie on down "
And December is only 'round the corner.
And do not test me 'cause we've already missed PJ and Duncan.
And Eammon's a 50 year old man.
And Erin and Orla are round mine.
And fair play to you, Cathy.
And football and poker, and, you know, tits.
And glorious and ugly.
And go between them, but they won't fucking keep put.
And great poetry is raw,
And have warned residents in the local area to be extra...
And he couldn't shift them for love nor money,
And he's the fella I like the most.
And her mother worked in the Credit Union, you might remember.
And her sitting on a full house, too.
And honest to God,
And hope, and
And I believe you wrote the lyrics yourselves, is that correct?
And I expect to see you all here tomorrow morning, business as usual.
And I for one can barely believe it.
And I have it on good authority, boy.
And I know no one will mind me saying this
And I know where it is.
And I may be running with this but I'm sure you really like Catholics.
And I really hope she's up there now, looking down on us both, thinking...
And I says to myself, says I, "Colm, this is no day for a do,"
And I try to silence my doubts, I really do, but lately
And I want to make it burn
And I'd much rather just hold onto him, actually.
And I'll be suspending them for a week.
And I'll maybe do a bit of dusting.
And I'll tell you something else.
And I'm actually a boy.
And I'm back where I was five feckin' hours ago, Joe.
And I'm not sure that's actually...
And if Mammy was alive
And if my ma starts asking questions...
And if she can no longer bring herself to look at the big bowl
And if she tries to, I'll tell her as much.
And if the Bishop has a problem with that, he can take it up with me.
And if the worse comes to worst,
And if we did, I wouldn't fancy our chances
And if you guys decide to go through with it,
And Irish people aren't allowed to enjoy Oliver Cromwell, Orla.
And it turns out, I'm a really good salesman.
And it's really starting to take off now, so...
And just loosen up a bit.
And Kennedy, of course, the poor critter.
And lasting peace.
And look at the state of the place.
And love,
And not a day goes by when I don't think about them.
And now the old bitch is getting buried in them.
And now we're overrun with polar bears.
And now, I don't mind a bit of a breeze
And now, I don't mind a bit of a breeze if anything, I prefer it
And now, the moment we've all been waiting for
And on our way to see Robbie.
And on the Thursday of the very same week,
And on this occasion, right is wrong and wrong is right.
And our Prom Queen is...
And ourselves.
And real, and messy,
And redo them in one night.
And remember, be subtle.
And repair.
And secondly, I think it's unlikely he'll call to our house.
And see how she likes it.
And seriously, not a fucking word.
And she carries a knife and makes people bury their own excrement.
And she's a model, for Christ's sake.
And so I ask you
And start to heal
And Strabane's had them for months.
And such wonderful traditional values.
And sure, didn't Sarah forget her beads.
And that wain has some head of hair on her.
And that's the end of the matter.
And that's the last thing I need. No.
And that's where abseiling comes in.
And the Father, Son, Holy Spirit...
And the gallstones, well, now, they're no joke.
And the mouthy curly one thinks we shouldn't because... ?
And the smell of it is enough to turn an Orange march.
And the tuna, well, you can freestyle.
And the whole world loses the absolute run of itself.
And then passed out in a puddle of his own boke.
And then there was the lad they named all the vacuum cleaners after.
And then, by Christ they won't know what's hit them.
And there's a multipack of Taytos still waiting to be bowled up.
And they were head to toe in tie dye, Mary.
And things that they don't have in common.
And this bully pours a bucket of pig's blood on her.
And this guy is really creepy and a bit, sort of, sexist.
And three rounds of tuna.
And unbelievably, my sister doesn't have a phone.
And we'll wrap it up there.
And what she did was, she shoved them right up her
And when I say battered, I mean intellectually like.
And when I say he's good with his hands,
And when it doesn't work out, what then?
And you are?
And you may leave this house and never return.
And you'd have my full backing on that, Mary.
And you'll maybe not remember this, girls,
And you'll receive further instructions shortly.
And you're one of us.
And you're trying to get rid of them.
And, I think the reason I was interested
And, in case you hadn't noticed, she also happens to be Chinese.
Animals, the lot of you.
Announcement from Jenny Joyce and the dance committee.
Any cups up here? I'll take that.
Any idea what the speed limit is around here?
Anyone free to pick up Bill from base, over?
Anyone near base at all, over?
Anything at all. A small thing, even.
Anything from Chelsea, girls?
Anyway, drugs aren't illegal when you put them into food.
Anyway, I hate to impose on you, but I just need to make a quick call,
Anyway, it's not like I belong here. I never did.
Anyway, what can I do for you?
Apologies, folks.
Apparently, he sounds like a West Belfast Bond.
Apparently, Jenny's hired this fuckin' pensioner band.
Are just at a really crucial point in our relationship.
Are nothing to the bullets being fired...
Are these cinnamon?
Are you a fully blown Protestant?
Are you for real? She traces everything back to us.
Are you going to sack off school or not?
Are you seeing anyone?
Are you staying with your Deirdre, then?
Are you suggesting we play truant?
Are you sure this will work?
Are you sure you got the address right?
As at home here as you did back in your beloved Donegal.
As brightly as possible."
As far as English are concerned, a voice like that, well, it's dangerous.
As far as I can make out,