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The Great Muppet Caper (1981)

The Great Muppet Caper (1981)

Title: The Great Muppet Caper (1981) - A Delightful Muppet Adventure!

Released in 1981, "The Great Muppet Caper" is a delightful comedy-musical film that continues the beloved Muppet legacy. Directed by Jim Henson, this iconic movie showcases the Muppets at their finest, combining humor, adventure, and catchy musical numbers for audiences of all ages to enjoy. Join Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and the rest of the Muppet gang on a zany journey filled with laughter, romance, and sheer Muppet magic!

Plot and Characters:
"The Great Muppet Caper" takes our lovable Muppet characters out of their typical television show setting and plunges them into an exciting and glamorous caper. Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Fozzie play themselves as investigative journalists who travel to London to solve a jewelry heist. They get entangled in a devious plot involving a high society jewel thief, Lady Holiday, played by Diana Rigg, who has been wrongly accused.

Kermit, the film's protagonist, finds himself mesmerized by Lady Holiday's receptionist, Miss Piggy, who is also captivated by him. Alongside Fozzie, they weave through hilarious escapades while gathering evidence to prove Lady Holiday's innocence. As they navigate their way through the city, they encounter various eccentric characters, played by renowned actors like Charles Grodin, John Cleese, and Peter Ustinov.

Humor and Musical Numbers:
As with any Muppet production, "The Great Muppet Caper" is filled with clever humor and a plethora of laugh-out-loud moments. The Muppets' trademark wit and comedic timing shine through every scene, whether it's Fozzie's hilarious one-liners or Gonzo's outlandish stunts.

One of the highlights of the movie is undoubtedly its toe-tapping musical numbers. From the high-energy opening number "Hey, A Movie!" to the charming Miss Piggy solo "The First Time It Happens," the songs are catchy and memorable. Penned by the talented Joe Raposo, the film's soundtrack perfectly captures the Muppets' enthusiasm, adding an extra layer of fun to the overall experience.

"The Great Muppet Caper" features a stellar cast, blending the Muppet performers alongside acclaimed actors and celebrities. The main Muppet performers include:

1. Jim Henson – Kermit the Frog, Dr. Teeth, Rowlf the Dog, Waldorf, Swedish Chef, and more.
2. Frank Oz – Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Sam Eagle, Animal, and more.
3. Jerry Nelson – Floyd Pepper, Robin, Lew Zealand, Camilla, and others.
4. Richard Hunt – Scooter, Statler, Janice, Beaker, and more.
5. Dave Goelz – Gonzo, Zoot, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beauregard, and others.

Among the human cast members are Diana Rigg as Lady Holiday, Charles Grodin as the sly Nicky Holiday, John Cleese as the charm-impaired Neville, and Peter Ustinov as the quick-witted truck driver. Their performances complement the Muppets, creating a seamless world where humans and puppets interact naturally.

"The Great Muppet Caper" (1981) is a timeless Muppet masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences of all ages. With a charming storyline filled with adventure, romance, and humor, this film showcases the magic of the Muppets at their absolute best. The clever dialogue, energetic musical numbers, and lovable characters make it a must-watch for Muppet fans and anyone looking for a lighthearted and entertaining experience.

Whether you're a longtime Muppet enthusiast or a newcomer to their world, "The Great Muppet Caper" promises an unforgettable journey punctuated by laughter, heartwarming moments, and toe-tapping songs. Be prepared to fall in love with the ever-charismatic Kermit, the dazzling Miss Piggy, the lovable Fozzie, and the rest of the Muppet gang all over again. So grab the popcorn, gather the family, and get ready to embark on an exciting adventure with the Muppets!

(Note: Although the sounds associated with the movie are not available for play and download in this text, feel free to explore online resources or movie streaming platforms to enjoy the fantastic soundtrack and audio of "The Great Muppet Caper").

A cloud of lavender starburst pleating surrounds our next model.
A dream come true
A dream come true
A dream in hyacinth blue chiffon
A ha!
A jar of calf's foot jelly?
A miracle of beauty
A miracle of spring
A pig was climbing up the outside of the house?
A satin collar and velvet vest
A universe of charms
A very brief cameo.
A virtually impregnable fortress,
A vision of loveliness
A, credit card. B, cash.
Above a tight bodice with a cleverly d****d décolletage.
Actually that's not so much a restaurant, more a supper club.
Actually, this is the wrong slip.
Adios, mon chéri.
Ah, my assistant Beaker will check it out.
Ah, sure you do. Little green guy.
Ah, you recall that pig I mentioned?
Ah! Uh...
Ah. Daring.
Ah. Sorry.
Ah. Thank you, Jeeves.
Ah. This is me reeking grandeur.
Ah. Well, there's the Dubonnet Club.
All complemented by the cloudy folds of blue
All my diamonds are valuable.
All my girls are going around looking like barnyard animals.
All out for England!
All right, everybody.
All right, everybody. Keep it moving. Don't linger.
All right, team.
All right. All right, all right, all right.
All right. If that's what you want.
All right. So Bernie comes to you, he says,
All that's fair or fine or wonderful
All the world's ever wanted was you
All the world's ever wanted was you
Along with a... A lizard.
Am I dressed right for this?
And a lot of fuss That ends for us real happily
And all of a sudden they're turning into juvenile delinquents,
And all our friends from the Happiness Hotel to help.
And borrows my cars without asking permission.
And can learn to stand the smell
And certainly he's not to be trusted.
And don't ask me why
And don't forget to tip him.
And for each moment that it lasts
And for each moment that it lasts
And Gonzo, he's our photographer. And it's gonna be terrific.
And Gonzos.
And he has categorically no prospects.
And here's The Herald.
And how complete it is
And how complete it is
And I can see horrendous mistakes.
And I don't know why his bow ties are always crooked.
And I heard 'em planning to steal the Baseball Diamond.
And I see the way you've got your hand around that little shoe,
And I would like to be a high fashion model.
And I'm so beautiful.
And it looks like ladies' night here at the gallery.
And it might have been my imagination, but, uh, I think she found me attractive.
And it's charging less.
And it's got the wrong address
And it's nice bold print, isn't it?
And just when you thought
And just when you thought
And last but not least...
And me
And me.
And me.
And me.
And me.
And me.
And my portfolio all the way here to London
And now here's delicious Darla
And now,
And now, the Lady Holiday swimwear collection.
And of course the weekend was perfectly frightful.
And on this wall here...
And play me my music
And so you fall
And so you fall
And straighten my tie
And stuff like you would never see
And that's all I need. I know your whole story.
And the day before.
And the elevator's stuck
And the equipment breaks down
And the first thing we have to do is make our plans.
And the whole dang thing Has been condemned
And there's a slightest chance that somebody might even get killed.
And they're getting the stuff out faster because they got more help.
And this is very special, Kermie.
And those girls standing in the back.
And though you feel much more
And we were wondering if you could recommend a nice hotel.
And we'll catch those jewel thieves for you.
And you gotta scream just before they get the food to their mouth.
And you know what?
And you need to rest a spell
And you sunk it into the glass slipper business.
And you went out and bought a dry cleaning establishment.
And you, Darla.
And your insurance policy
And your sister moves in with you
And your wife is saying to you,
And, um, straighten up the office.
Any smokies between me and Blimeytown?
Anyone for the Happiness Hotel?
Anyway, I want you to answer the telephone while I'm gone
Anyway. When we get there tonight, just act naturally.
Appetizers not four course meals.
Are bears allowed in those fountains?
Are the credits over?
Are these your friends?
Are you crazy? That's about a hundred feet.
Are you quite under control?
Are you really going to go without me tonight?
Are you sure we can afford this?
Aren't you happy we're here?
As easy as pie
As from Monday, the fabulous Baseball Diamond
At times like this I am proud to be an American.
Aw, come on. It'll be a great memento for you and your wife.
Aw, he's just upset about missing
Awfully disappointing weather today.
Back it up here.
Bag of chickens?
Be dazzled by the magic of one smile
Beaker goes into the windup.
Bears wear hats.
Because he squandered his half of the inheritance
Because she was dancing.
Because that jerk Bernie, he went and joined the circus.
Because we've got a plan and we're gonna prove you're innocent.
Being aloof.
Being demure.
Besides, she couldn't have stolen the necklace
Big deal, anybody can do that.
Blowtorch? Who said anything about a blowtorch?
Boy, a classy place like this,
Boy, another crash landing. That was terrible.
Boy, do I feel ashamed.
Boy, I sure could use something
Boy, I wish I had whiskers.
Boy, I wish I were you people, seeing this for the first time.
Boy, it's a good thing you didn't tell everybody
Breaker one, this is Hamhock. Do you read me'?
Bus terminals. River banks.
Busting into the upper crust
But how are we gonna get to London?
But I had to bring him into the business
But I was rather taken aback by the flutter of godets.
But I'm a bear.
But if the road's been kinda bumpy
But it's all in fun You paid the money, wait and see
But my brother Nicky insisted that I wear it.
But now, guess what number.
But that's still no excuse for blowing a story.
But underneath I know you're still the same beautiful,
But we gota the pepperoni.
But we treat 'em all as equals
But with us on call We'll fix it all real easily
But you lied to me. You used me.
But you'll never beat the price
But you're running out of luck
But, Nicky, why are you doing this?
By American Express
Bye bye.
C, sneak out in the middle of the night.
Can I ask you a couple of questions now?
Can I see that slip?
Can somebody turn out the light?
Can you reach the hostess call button? I'm hungry.
Carla. The neckline on that gown is too high, don't you think?
Carry on. I'll be back in an hour.
Catch it. Get him!
Catch you later, Stanley.
Chuck it to me, Beakie baby.
Climbing up the outside of the house, dear.
Come on, carrot top.