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Young Guns

Young Guns

Young Guns is a gripping Western film that captivated audiences upon its release in 1988. Directed by Christopher Cain, this action-packed movie tells the thrilling tale of six rebellious young outlaws who become the infamous Regulators. Filled with drama, gunfights, and a stellar cast, Young Guns quickly became a beloved classic.

The cast of Young Guns boasts some of Hollywood's finest talent, with Emilio Estevez leading the pack as William H. Bonney, famously known as Billy the Kid. Estevez flawlessly embodies the charisma and rebellious spirit of the outlaw, captivating viewers with his intense performance. Joining him are fellow "brat pack" members Kiefer Sutherland as Doc Scurlock and Lou Diamond Phillips as Chavez y Chavez, both delivering memorable portrayals of their characters.

Charlie Sheen joins the cast as Dick Brewer, the Regulators' mentor and father figure, bringing a sense of maturity and strength to the group. Dermot Mulroney and Casey Siemaszko complete the gang as Dirty Steve Stephens and Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh, respectively, adding their own unique personalities and skills. Together, this ensemble cast delivers a gripping and unforgettable performance.

Young Guns is set in the late 1800s in Lincoln County, New Mexico, during the height of the Lincoln County War. The film follows the Regulators as they seek justice for their murdered employer, John Tunstall, played by Terence Stamp. As the Regulators strive to avenge Tunstall's death, they face dangerous encounters with corrupt lawmen and rival gangs. The tension builds as Billy the Kid becomes the primary target of ruthless Sheriff Pat Garrett, portrayed by Patrick Wayne.

The film's fast-paced action sequences, breathtaking cinematography, and an iconic score by Anthony Marinelli and Brian Banks provide an immersive experience for viewers. This combination of elements makes Young Guns an exciting and memorable film that has stood the test of time.

If you're looking to experience the thrills and excitement of Young Guns, you're in luck. You can play and download the sounds from this iconic movie right here. Relive the intense gunfights, the camaraderie of the Regulators, and the untamed spirit of the American frontier. Young Guns is a must-watch for Western enthusiasts and film lovers alike.

So grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be transported to the Wild West. Young Guns will take you on a wild ride filled with adventure, friendship, and a powerful sense of justice. Don't miss out on this timeless classic – experience the legend of Billy the Kid and the Regulators today.

A better way to bury Murphy.
A butterfly flies, to a flower...
A nice fat campaign contribution.
A rightful escort across the border.
A splendid reading, William! Thank you.
A toast to uh...
About something or another that he read in the newspaper.
Active participation in a gun battle
Ain't a good idea, Billy.
Ain't been to Louisiana for a spell.
Ain't easy having pals.
Ain't nothing more than a piece of chicken shit in the rain.
Ain't you, like the rest of us. Footpad, maybe?
Alex, get Susan out of here!
Alex, if you stay they're gonna kill you.
Alex, let's go. The word's out.
Alex, what if you can't get in touch with Hayes?
Alex, you didn't see what they did to John.
Alex? What are you gonna do?
Alright gentlemen, square up and shell out for Bowdre.
Alright men, that's enough. Clear the way!
Alright, then you go tell them.
Alright! There's a lady coming out! Hold your fire!
And a good night of sleep. Come morning I'm a Mexican.
And angels sing a fargin', and I shit my goddam breeches! Okay?
And blow their brain out. What do you say, Steve?
And get some clean wraps for this.
And he starved out your family, Chavez.
And he took me in, and he taught me
And he's out there doing it with his horse!
And I ain't here to get your ass hairs up.
And I mean clean house.
And I'm her...
And I'm sure in your mind you hear trumpets sound
And instruct them not to shoot,
And it looks like we've just done a vague circle twice.
And it's not just Brady who wants me to be getting those contracts.
And kill all the guys that killed you.
And now he's doing it to every small farmer in the territory.
And people say he's fond of whistling sad ballads.
And right now sheriff Brady's in desperate need
And shaken out of Lincoln.
And spank you little bottom blue.
And start where the other boy left off.
And that's our bet!
And that's what they're just about to do.
And that's when John Tunstall found me
And the bastards we gotta kill are that way.
And the blood goes right to your head?
And then I should be practicing here in Lincoln
And then I'm gonna have to go around
And then they opened fire on us. I got away, only me.
And they had their heads bashed in with boot heels
And they paid us back.
And they're having a good year with scalps, no thanks Richard.
And to William. Both of you.
And trying to change things.
And when that happens they kill ya.
And you don't come prancing in here with your fat foreign capital
And you're saying that means nothing to you?
And your sheriff and get off my property!
Apologies William. Just hacking on you, that's all.
Are complaining about their merchandise wagon being plundered
Are you my friend?
Are you really gonna kill Billy the Kid?
As a horse piss whereas he pleases.
As I am unarmed.
As I pondered weak and weary, they came knocking at my
As I understand it.
As political corruption. So, I'd like you to take your threats
As well as those outside the law.
As yonder lady order her fellow's chose.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Back in the tent perhaps.
Back porch.
Back to work, chaps.
Bastard! Fire!
Besides, we can't keep this up.
Besides, your girl's crying. She's really giving me a headache.
Besides... if we gave in and left
Billy, go in there and cut the son of a bitch into half.
Billy, I was thinking about our course,
Billy, please go to old Mexico. Please.
Billy, we can't touch the sheriff. Dick said so, you know that.
Billy, we're good, but this is getting ridiculous.
Billy, we're lucky to be alive! I mean, going back to Lincoln! That's crazy!
Billy, what the hell are we gonna do now?
Billy, what you're talking about? McCloskey's with us, he's a Regulator!
Billy... I ain't the law yet.
Blood like a river.
Bonney! Bonney! You weren't supposed to smoke anybody.
Both of you!
Bring those caravan chariots, quickly! Get the house covered!
Burn it!
Burn it! Put your men on the right!
But I don't wanna kill you, I wanna eat.
But if you wanna run go ahead. Just go run on ahead.
But it all cost the same.
But my vision told me we're headed for blood.
But then I ain't expecting you to know the explanation of that word,
But there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.
But there's the Mescalero Reservation.
But we're congregated here to learn to read and write.
But what the hell's the matter with him?
But when I got back to the Red Sands, I found out that the army
But who knows. Maybe a strong big Texas man like you could do it.
But you take a message to your guardian.
But you'd be better off selling ladies' undergarments in Hempstead.
But, I got a way with cattle.
By killing Mr. Tunstall, you have started the damn' war, Baker!
By the way, you're under arrest.
Bye bye.
Bye. You got no loyalty, Navajo.
California's where we have to go.
Can I touch it? Please.
Can you get me in to see the Governor?
Cattle looks spooked in the lower forty, let's take a look.
Cause if you got three or four good pals well then you got yourself a tribe.
Charley Crawford ain't with you anymore!
Charley, how is it all about you? Can we break?
Charley, if you don't stand up and start whooping some ass,
Charley, you got a wife now.
Charley, you'll come with me?
Charley's getting married!
Chavez Chavez, over there.
Christ, Billy.
Claiming I've taken his property until I'm pronounced a thief
Cock a doodle goddam doo?!
Come down and see for himself what's going on here.
Come on Charley! Come on!
Come on lad.
Come on, Charley!
Come on, get out of here.
Come on, Yen, I just wanna talk.
Come on, you can dance with Susan. it's safer.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on...
Coming out of Fort Sumner.
Congratulations, Charles.
Cover me!
Cover me.
Cuz we're in the Spirit world, asshole! They can't see us!
Damn Charley, this is your last wish?
Damn good riding with you, Chavez.
Damn straight.
Damn with the money, I believe in that spirit worlds as Chavez. Let's go.
Damn. Murphy's gonna want blood, brains and balls for this.
Darling when a man rides 200 miles to do a job
Dear Governor Axtell...
Deputize them.
Dick, I don't think we should go by way of South Fork.
Dickhead, son of a bitch. I'm on my own.
Did you guys see the size of that... chicken?
Did you see the size of that
Did you?
Did your little carrot wet? You could've done that back in Juarez!
Dirty Steve told me, Billy...
Do you know how much money he's got invested in my store?
Do you think he's coming to surrender?
Do you understand?
Do you wanna stay here?
Doc says not to lift up what's too heavy.
Doc, what are we gonna do?
Doesn't know why, it just feels in.
Don't fret, Alex. The trip's postponed.
East is no good cause we have John Kinney coming up now.
Educating young boys, Englishman.
El Chivato. Billy The Kid.
Enough grit to finish the last realm!
Everybody at my reservation was butchered and it means nothing to me?
Excuse me?
Excuse us, friend. We have a request for the band.
Fairly said, Dick.
Far away hill man coming this way.
For as much as it hath pleased Almighty God, in his wise providence,
For our misguidance by heathen religions.
For the government beef contracts.
For the price of a shirt. Okay? You tell him that.
Fort Stanton, Billy. The U.S. Army!
Gals watching and everything.
Gentlemen, let's ride.
Get away with anything and I can't allow that!
Get out of here!
Get ready for hell!
Get up.
Glad I never killed you, Steve.
Glad you're back, Doc. Stile hold the rope, inside.
Go ahead then. Have a look.
Go on Billy. Boys will be boys.
Go on Billy. See if Hill's in there, and if he is you'll bring him to us.
Go on, go on, get!
Go to the other side of the street so I can do my job.
Go, go, go, go!
Goddamit Billy!
Goddamn it, Billy?
Godless heathens.
Going back to Louisiana for family business.
Gonna be held as sheriff, if they elect me.