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Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

"Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" is a comedy film released in 2004. It follows the hilarious adventures of two friends, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel, played by John Cho and Kal Penn respectively. The unlikely duo embarks on an epic and somewhat absurd quest to satisfy their craving for White Castle burgers. As Harold and Kumar navigate through a series of unforgettable obstacles and encounters, including encounters with Neil Patrick Harris and a cheetah, the film cleverly touches upon themes of friendship, cultural identity, and the pursuit of happiness.

The movie features a talented cast, including Neil Patrick Harris as himself, as well as David Krumholtz, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Christopher Meloni in supporting roles. Directed by Danny Leiner and written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" gained a cult following for its offbeat humor and unapologetic portrayal of stoner culture.

You can relive the hilarious moments of the film and download its sounds here.

A land filled with hamburger stands.
A play on the name of the famous colored, n**** basketball squad...
A play on the name of the famous colored, n**** basketball squad...
A ticket? Are you serious?
A titty flash might persuade me.
A what?
About her East Asian Students Club or whatever.
Absolutely right.
Access card.
Actually, Harold, we should be getting to the party.
Actually, I'm just gonna be sitting on my ass,
After all the shit that we've been through tonight,
After Easter service one day, I told him how much I loved his solo
All right, I'll see you there, man.
All right, I'm bringing her in. Right, left, left.
All right, I'm bringing her in. Right, left, left.
All right, we'll get a pay phone,
All right.
All the other surgeons are working on other patients.
America, Harold! America!
An excellent point, Mr. Patel.
And a cop stops me.
And a few Mexicans as well.
And Asians. And Asians.
And attorney Nathaniel Banks are suing the state of New Jersey
And b) would you write me a recommendation?
And become a fugitive? Are you nuts?
And convenience stores.
And end our hopes of ever going to White Castle.
And give him a couple of other tickets?
And go jerk off to some snowboarding videos or something?
And guess what, man.
And he finally mustered up the courage to ask me out.
And I can hang glide and I can ride a cheetah,
And I guess I learned that if you want something or someone,
And I have two gay fathers.
And I know you don't know me very well... or, um, at all.
And I need you now tonight
And I said to myself...
And I'll tell the whole office
And I'm gonna see her boobs.
And I'm never gonna have time to get to those.
And if either one of you douche bags
And if I hear from Dr. Wein that you were anything short of spectacular,
And if Liane can marry a guy like Freakshow
And if you'll only hold me tight
And in other news, the Muckleburg Police Department
And it looks like the cheetah took us in the wrong direction.
And it's your responsibility to make sure we're high as shit
And just like me. I'm sure that they adore you
And not be able to turn in your work tomorrow.
And not just one type of hamburger, okay?
And on days that I'm lucky enough,
And please bring in some fresh diarrhe... dry towels!
And ready for the O.R. Stat!
And seeing Neil Patrick Harris
And she's a hot Latina Meg Ryan with bigger tits.
And start a Ringers lactate push.
And started throwing shit off that bridge to see if it would float?
And stop this post college rebel bullshit?
And the award for the least heterosexual statement
And then go eat just like we planned. Now, just calm down.
And who do we see but your dream girl standing across the street?
And will settle for nothing less than justice.
And you break free from the chains
And you break free right from the chains
And you went nowhere, and you thought,
Animal semen.
Anyway, nice meeting you guys. I'll catch you later.
Are those my scissors? Dude, I trim my nose hair with those!
Are you a fuckin' tree hugger? Is this your special bush?!
Are you freaking out of your mind? What about your interview?
Are you gonna do something about my car?
Are you gonna let 'em hold you down and make you cry?
Are you hungry?
Are you listening to me, Roldy? I'm having a major epiphany here.
Are you saying what I think you're saying?
Aren't people supposed to be scared of coyotes?
As a Burger Shack employee for the past three years,
As for the recommendation, I guess I can make a couple calls.
As you can see, we have three horrific gunshot wounds.
As you probably heard from your old man,
As you were, ladies.
Asian tits... I wanna squeeze 'em!
Baby, I'm a comin'!
Baby. Baby
Baby. Baby. The stars are shining foryou
Barracuda to Sparrow, Barracuda to Sparrow.
Be yourself. Don't be nervous.
Beats me.
Because in the next couple of hours,
Because there's lots of people around here. See this guy?
Because we're gonna sweet talk Cindy Kim into finding us some weed.
Because you're not quick enough to think of a comeback.
Believe me. I would love to come home. Okay?
Besides, man, it makes your johnson look totally bigger.
Better ruck tomorrow!
Billy Boy! Get your ass ready.
Bitch! Learn how to fuckin' make coffee, you fuckin' whore!
Black, African American.
Boy, do you need a girl.
Bro? I'm not your bro, bro.
Bullets... my only weakness. How did you know?
But Berenson needs me to update these financial models
But Burger Shack, they bought this location about four years ago.
But go crazy on you
But he had the most amazing voice,
But I tell myself that I'm doin' all right
But I've just been too scared to admit it to myself.
But it's true.
But let me tell you the best part of my day is.
But tonight got me thinking.
But we keep getting sidetracked.
But why?
But you both have the same lame taste in movies!
But you have perfect MCAT scores.
But you hold on for one more day
But you hold on for one more day
But your breasts look beautiful.
But, Doctor, we don't have marijuana in this hospital.
By the time we're eating those burgers.
Bye, Brad.
Bye, Harold.
Bye. Bye.
Bye. Bye. I'll see you later.
Can I get you some pink lemonade?
Can we have some pot brownies?
Can we just drop this and get our asses to White Castle, man?
Check it out.
Check it out. Those guys look like a lame version of us.
Check out those boils on his neck.
Cheetahs are used to eating gazelles and shit.
Chick magnet
Chick magnet. Chick magnet
Chick magnet. Yeah
Chill the fuck out. He's not gonna look for us in the girls' bathroom.
Christy, are you still there?
Cindy's fine. It's just...
Cole's Extreme Mix, Volume 5? What is this shit?
Come here!
Come here!
Come here.
Come here.
Come on down, man. Take a bow.
Come on, come on! Get 'em, guys!
Come on, dudes, let's pick up some trim at a strip club.
Come on, guys, let's get ourselves some fucking Mountain Dew.
Come on, Pookie, let's burn this motherfucker down!
Come on, Pookie! Let's burn it, Pookie!
Come on. Dude. Just take one hit.
Come on. How was I supposed to know he'd fuck us over?
Come on. You all right?
Crazy on you
Crazy on you
Daddy needs to urinate.
Damn, that hit the spot.
Damn! You sank my battle shit!
Did Doogie Howser just steal my fucking car?
Did you ever get it on with Wanda off the set?
Did you leave the key in the car with the engine running?
Did you like the hibiscus petals I glued to the envelope I sent you?
Didn't we come here on a cheetah? Where's the cheetah?
Diffuse abdominal tenderness...
Ding dong! May I interject for a second?
Do I look like the kind of brother
Do you actually believe after the way you've just behaved
Do you even know where you're going?
Do you realize what the hell we had to go through after you took the car?
Do you think just because you're whispering,
Do you wanna play with them?
Doctor, you've got to do something or we're gonna lose him!
Doesn't mean you gotta do porn.
Don't bother with him. We'll take it up with Berenson tomorrow.
Don't worry about it. He can't hear anything...
Don't worry. The universe tends to unfold as it should.
Don't you know things can change
Don't you like food that's tasty and delicious?
Don't you wanna be cool?
Don't you worry about that none. We ain't too far from my place.
Dr. Roldy, hold this.
Dude, am I deaf, or did he just say we get to fuck his wife?
Dude, am I really high, or is this actually working?
Dude, check it out. It's Rosenberg and Goldstein.
Dude, come on. It's 1:00 in the morning.
Dude, Doogie Howser M. D. Was, like, my favorite show growing up.
Dude, forget about those pricks. Let's just get some food.
Dude, fuck that shit. We had plans.
Dude, get that fuckin' cancer raccoon away from me!
Dude, how do you think I get all my shit done?
Dude, I don't even know where the fuck I am right now.
Dude, I don't know about you, but I'm fuckin' hungry as balls.
Dude, I got love on my side, man.
Dude, I got the yellow plague.
Dude, I got this.
Dude, I have no idea where we are.
Dude, I humped every piece of ass ever on that show.
Dude, I told you not to bring the beef jerky.
Dude, I'm telling you, there's one right by that multiplex in New Brunswick.
Dude, I've been cutting my ass hair with them for the past six months.