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Baby Mama (2008)

Baby Mama (2008)

"Baby Mama" is a comedy film released in 2008 that centers around the quirky relationship between Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey), a successful single businesswoman, and Angie Ostrowiski (Amy Poehler), a carefree woman who becomes Kate's gestational surrogate. Directed by Michael McCullers, this hilarious movie showcases the challenges and hilarious moments that arise as these two women navigate pregnancy and their unexpected friendship. With a talented cast including an ensemble of brilliant comedic actors like Sigourney Weaver, Greg Kinnear, and Dax Shepard, "Baby Mama" is a laugh-out-loud comedy that will have you in stitches. Enjoy the sounds of this film by playing and downloading them here.

A chick with a dick:
A cute, cute squirreI:
A Iot of condos going up:
A Iot of rich peopIe getting what they want:
A nanny is someone you trust to take care of your baby after it's born:
A positive attitude:
A surrogate mother is someone you trust to take care of your baby before it's born:
A time machine?
AIex! AIex!
AII of our surrogates undergo extensive background checks:
AII of this stuff is our gift to you:
AII right, here's your bIue green aIgae
AII right, Iadies, there's no need to yeII:
AII right, then you're going to have to take a seat:
AII right, you got no right to cut me out of this deaI:
AII right, you:
AII right:
AII right: This is your foIic acid and this is your pre nataI vitamin:
AII right! AII right! Hey! Hey!
AII right! Good sIow jam!
Ain't no good gonna come of this:
AIso incIuded in your premium package,
AIso, Barry wouId Iike to use mostIy found and recycIed materiaIs:
AIso, I don't think you wanna pick a fight with Jamba Juice:
AIthough, I do have a new ginger body spIash that I've been dying to try:
AIways been my motto:
ALL: (SINGING) Happy birthday to you
ALL: (SINGING) Happy birthday to you
ALL: Yes!
An oId co worker of mine, actuaIIy:
And a yeast bowI for the tabIe:
And Barry on the pIane to surf camp:
And CarI toId me you were going to get somebody eIse:
And do it! SwaIIow it:
And faII in Iove and get married,
And frankIy, it makes me a IittIe bit crazy
And get the peopIe in the neighborhood on our side,
And great men do great things:
And he's fat, and I'm afraid the baby's gonna be fat:
And here's my baby:
And how many of you are pIanning on using toxic Western medications
And how's it going?
And I aIso own Super Fruity Smoothies:
And I came here for you:
And I can take your questions one at a time:
And I can take your questions:::
And I didn't think it wouId turn into anything,
And I didn't want to risk being on a waiting Iist:
And I don't need no reason
And I feeI Iike that direction does not incIude you: CarI!
And I feIt Iike every baby on the street was staring at me:
And I Iet a friend of mine dress me:
And I keep reminding him that she is pregnant:
And I might be a IittIe bit jeaIous:
And I reaIized something:
And I stiII aspire to meet someone
And I thought maybe it was my hormones, you know what I'm taIking about?
And I want a baby now: I'm 37:
And I want it to be so beautifuI that peopIe want to get married in it:
And I was just practicing the ancient Japanese art of karaoke:
And I was reaI, you know, horny, because of aII the hormones:
And I write down these ideas when I'm haIf asIeep,
And I::: I Iove Christopher so much,
And I'II be back with this:
And I'II have a bottIe of water:
And I'II whisper to you the secret of success:
And I'm here to share my experiences with you:
And Ieave Kate thinking you stoIe the baby:
And if there's one thing Oprah taught me,
And in about two weeks, you can take a home pregnancy test:
And it can be in commerciaIs, and you'II make a Iot of money:
And it made me feeI so important:
And it was a mistake: I mean, it was a:::
And it's just country:
And it's just me and two fatties:
And it's yours:
And moIecuIes and proteins and the hair foIIicIes,
And Mom is here, in case you die:
And one of these Iies, that's so easy to spin out of controI:
And our mommies and mommies, Iesbian Iovers:::
And psychoIogicaI testing:
And somebody eIse wants to say hi: Hey:
And stick it under my recIaimed BarnWood coffee tabIe!
And that drives you crazy:
And that's how we roII:
And that's why I took you here:
And then Angie Iied to Kate, and Kate Iied to me,
And then cash the checks: One, two, three:
And then I reaIized that I am:::
And then I wake up, and I have these IittIe notes that say things Iike,
And then I was crying, so CarI and I did it:
And then Iet the press find us?
And then teII her, Iike my first ex did me:
And then you're gonna be busted:
And these peopIe wouId pay, Iike, you know, $50,000, in order to:::
And they never make any sense:
And they're gonna connect the dots:
And we've been together ever since:
And what is surrogacy if not outsourcing?
And you are? I'm Rob Ackerman,
And you do wanna get paid, right?
And you kind of wonder to yourseIf,
And you see some bIoated CEO invoIved in a scandaI,
And you shouId go home and get some rest,
And you take the test, she's gonna know:
And you're proof of that:
And you're proof of that:
And you're saying hurtfuI things: It's understandabIe:
And your weirdo air conditioning, I don't know how to work it:
And, Angie, being pregnant makes you feeI vuInerabIe and sensitive:
And, you know, it's nice to feeI:::
Angie needed some IegaI heIp, so I'm heIping:
Angie what is that?
Angie, bottom Iine, you're carrying Kate's baby,
Angie, cats can do this: Come on:
Angie, I don't have time to expIain arithmetic to you:
Angie, I'm gonna go get a ginger carrot juice,
Angie, I'm gonna put my baby inside you:
Angie, it's gonna be fine:
Angie, just eat it, okay? Bye:
Angie, Red BuII?
Angie, that is just the greatest news!
Angie, what kind of food is this for a pregnant woman?
Angie, you can stiII have a totaIIy different Iife:
ANGIE: (SINGING) Don't speak I can't even take it
ANGIE: I Iive right here:
ANGIE: I mean, I think I've got pIans, but I'II definiteIy caII:
ANGIE: I'm starving!
ANGIE: So, are you pissed that no one ever married you?
ANGIE: The secret of success:
ANGIE: Wow: This is a nice view:
Angie? What?
Angie's not reaIIy my sister:
Anyone eIse?
Are gonna go towards rebuiIding
Are you asking me out?
Are you crying? No:
Are you famiIy?
Are you foIks famiIiar with the raw food vegan movement?
Are you gonna teII him about me?
Are you having fun?
Are you saying:::
Are you two stiII together?
Are you waking up?
As soon as we got home, and the procedure didn't work:
As your pregnancy progresses,
AshIey turned us onto it:::
Aye, aye, sir:
Back of your hand, back of your hand:
Bad news peopIe, party's over:
Barry, the time:
BasebaII mitt in the backseat:::
BeautifuI day! What couId possibIy go wrong?
Because for a singIe woman,
Because I have some extras that I keep for houseguests:
Because I reaIIy hope that you Iike me, Angie,
Because I think she's becoming morbidIy obese:
Because I'd reaIIy Iike to get one of those printouts to hang over my desk:
Because I'm asking you for a very big favor, you know:
Because of where you work, I never wouId have::: Oh, God:
Because sometimes when I work a reaIIy Iong day,
Because there's a Iot of girIs there sitting on the bench
Because they're very bad for the environment:
Because this is the kind of seIfish, science fiction shit
Because working is awesome and being married sucks!
Because you Iook very sIeepy and tired:
Better schooI, better apartment, better situation:
BickneII: She is a piece of work:
Big one: Whoa:
Big one! Whoa!
Bitch, I don't know your Iife!
Boy, somewhere in there I have an oId SaIt n Pepa CD:
But he never asked me to not be his wife either,
But I am gonna stay here untiI I figure out what to do:
But I came around to the idea, or she put a speII on me:
But I do have a daughter:
But I have to swing by my son's graduation:
But I just woke up one day,
But I know that I have the right to a Iawyer:
But I think it's best to wait untiI the pregnancy is far enough aIong
But I wouId rather be shot in the face than eat this stupid food:
But if you were a man doing the same stuff, you'd just be a dick:
But it sort of is:
But it's disgusting, okay?
But kind of tough, you know, going up against the man:
But she sIept with him? No, she's not my sister:
But then I started spotting, and I thought that was my period,
But then it'II ruin her week, so maybe I shouId wait tiII Friday:
But they took a picture of it just to make sure it's growing right:
But unIike a Iot of you,
But why do these women do it? Is it just for the money?
But with my heIp you can stiII be a mother:
But you ended up teaching me how to be a mother:
But you know what reaIIy made this IittIe angeI possibIe?
But you're so::: OId?
But your partner:
But, Kate, you must remember that a surrogate is not your empIoyee,
But, you know, at first, I was a IittIe worried about a witch carrying my chiId,
By some poor, underpaid woman in the third worId:
Bye, AngeIa: Adios:
Bye, Jean:
Can I get an Orange You GIad I Didn't Say Banana?
Can we pIease have a quickie in the car?
Can we::: Yeah, you want to::: I eat meat:
Can't wait to not watch this: You and I need to go out:
Caps aII over the outIets, cabinets, everything:
CarI couIdn't Ieave the house 'cause he's trying to win a radio contest:
CarI is an inventorIentrepreneur:
CarI Loomis, Your Highness:
CarI, after spending time with Kate,
CarI, don't say something stupid:
CarI, I don't wanna do any of this anymore:
CARL: That's the song!
CaroIine? She's crazy: It is Iike Iiving with a chiId: