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Hostel (2005)

Hostel (2005)

Hostel (2005) is a spine-chilling horror film directed by Eli Roth. The story revolves around three adventurous backpackers, portrayed by Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, and Eythor Gudjonsson, who embark on a trip to Europe seeking excitement and fun. However, their journey takes a terrifying turn when they stumble upon a secluded Slovakian hostel that holds a dark secret.

Filled with suspense, gore, and shocking twists, Hostel takes audiences on a rollercoaster ride of fear and survival. With its gruesome practical effects and intense performances, the film became a cult favorite among horror enthusiasts.

If you're in the mood to experience the bone-chilling atmosphere of Hostel, you can play and download the soundscape here. Prepare yourself for a harrowing auditory journey into the depths of terror.

A museum.
A surgeon...
About the way I reacted.
Actually, I just wanna find my friend and get the fuck out of here.
Alexei. But call me Alex.
All I knew was this little girl was dead and her mother's life was ruined.
All right? I wanna see some art.
All right.
All right.
And I am a meat eater.
And she couldn't see her. Probably thought I was making it up.
And the bottom line is, pussy's pussy.
And they love anyone foreign, especially American.
Anyway, we went all over France...
Are you coming or what?
Aren't you a little young?
As well as we may think we know Oli, we don't really know him.
Barcelona, so many Americans.
Be careful.
Be quiet.
Because I didn't fucking check out, dude.
Because I just wanted to fucking do it quick.
Bubble gum.
But I'll be back, okay?
But it's supposed to be a real rush, right?
But now I'm thinking maybe I wanna feel it, you know?
But Slovakia? No one there.
But this, this is something you never forget, right?
But we can't rail a girl who's in a coma.
But we're not in America.
But you should do...
Can I ask you something personal? Do you mind?
Can I leave a note in case he comes back?
Can you guess why?
Can't you keep your Viking ass in your pants for, like, two seconds?
Casino, girls.
Chill out, man. You're on vacation.
Clitoris or clitoris, however you wanna say that.
Come here.
Come here.
Come on, faggot.
Come on, let me see yours. We're all in the same club.
Come on, let's go. Where are we going?
Come, let's dance.
Come, sit.
Converter. Okay, whatever, where is this art show...
Could you do me a favor and send this picture to my phone?
Did we come to Europe just to smoke pot?
Did you do it real slow...
Did you not listen to my messages? I got locked in a storage room.
Didn't you check out?
Do you have any private rooms? We're probably gonna need them.
Do you see a single other person in here with a fucking fanny pack?
Do you wanna go to the train with us? To the train station?
Do you wanna go to the train with us? To the train station?
Don't touch! Don't fucking touch me!
Don't, please.
Don't. Don't.
Dude, did I tell you I saw a girl drown when I was 8?
Dude, you finally hooked up. That's awesome.
Edward Saladhands just groped Josh.
Every fucking chick smokes. Stop being a pussy.
Excuse me, it's my turn now.
Excuse me?
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Face on the ass. Never gets old.
For 50 grand, she better be worth it.
For you, free.
Fuck this, too fucking American, dude. I'm going fucking old school.
Fuck, man.
Fuck, maybe he's in Iceland. The guy's got a daughter.
Fuck! Oh, fuck!
Fuck! Oh, fuck!
Fuck. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Hold still. Hold still.
Fucking freak.
Fucking gay.
Fucking pussy.
Get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck off me!
Get your own fucking room. I paid for this.
Go. Go, go, go.
Guys, this is fucking awesome, man.
Handsome devil. He is handsome.
Have you seen Josh?
He could've gone somewhere with that girl.
He has a relationship with it.
He is with your friend...
He just wouldn't check out without so much as leaving a note, you know.
He open up the pussy all over the Europe.
He touches it.
He was gonna throw down with a 400 pound Dutchman.
He's fucking genius.
He's part of it.
He's probably still with Vala. When she call me, I call you, okay?
He's the responsible one.
Hello, Mr. American.
Hello? Hello?
Her kid was dead.
Here are your keys.
Here, children commit the most crime.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, close the door. You watch, you pay.
Hey, come on, I'm paying, man.
Hey, guys, hold up a sec. We'll be right out.
Hey, hey, guys. Up here. Climb quickly.
Hey, hey. The party has arrived.
Hey, I don't know why you guys are waiting.
Hey, I know what to do.
Hey, I think the Anne Frank house is around here.
Hey, Josh, call me soon as you get this, man.
Hey, Josh.
Hey, Kana, when are you leaving?
Hey, Kana, you wanna go to the disco with us?
Hey, let me buy you a drink.
Hey, man, I shaved my ass just for you.
Hey, Oli, it's Pax. Are you still with that chick?
Hey, Oli.
Hey, Oli.
Hey, Oli.
Holy shit.
How about some life experience, right there in that room.
How about the hemp museum?
How are we supposed to understand this without subtitles?
How are you gonna get over your chick if you don't bang some new pussy?
How do I look?
How far east?
How is it in there?
How was it?
How you doing?
How you say, for electricity?
How'd you do it?
How's it hanging?
Hygiene and... Am I talking?
I agree, but I shouldn't have to pay for it.
I appreciate it more.
I believe people have lost their relationship with food.
I believe...
I call you back, but child answer.
I came all the way from Iceland.
I can help you.
I could find out tomorrow.
I didn't fucking do shit to you, what the fuck!
I don't fucking know what...
I don't know, I got sick and passed out.
I don't know, maybe his battery died.
I feel fucking ridiculous in this thing, but I guess you need it, huh?
I feel like a butcher or a surgeon or some shit, know what I mean?
I feel sick.
I get a lot of money for you...
I get a lot of money for you...
I go home?
I got locked in that club. It was retarded, dude.
I guess Oli's not back yet.
I just felt like I could have done more.
I just fucked a girl two days ago, I don't even remember the color of her tits.
I just fucking love that shit. You know what they got for me?
I just wanted to get it over with.
I just....
I know you don't wanna do this.
I like to have a connection with something that died for me.
I like to have a connection with something that died for me.
I mean, I was a senior, you know, she was a junior...
I mean, I'd wake up every fucking night hearing that mother scream.
I mean, I'm totally over it. It's... You know, it's cool.
I mean, no offense, but...
I mean, people meet each other and split without saying shit.
I pay. I pay, man. Come on.
I prefer to use my hands.
I promise I won't tell anybody.
I put away.
I ran to the lifeguard, who was busy talking to her boyfriend at the time...
I think that's illegal even in Amsterdam.
I thought you were a Jew, man. This guy's a fucking Israeli!
I wanted to say sorry about earlier.
I would have done the same thing at your age.
I'll be out in a second, guy.
I'm at the hostel.
I'm fucking awesome!
I'm gonna send him a really nice thank you note.
I'm not fucking American!
I'm not fucking... Look at me. I'm not fucking American.
I'm so happy I shaved my balls.
I'm sorry, dude.
I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. When are you going away?
I'm the first in line for sneepur.
I'm the King of the Swing.
I'm, like... I'm tired.
I've been all over the world. You know, I've been everywhere.
I've been waiting almost a week for this shit.
I've seen this show.
If you want, I will go with you.
In English, please.
In fact, I am the one paying them.