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Sudden Death (1995)

Sudden Death (1995)

Sudden Death is a thrilling action film released in 1995, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and directed by Peter Hyams. The film takes place in Pittsburgh during a high-stakes ice hockey championship game, where a group of terrorists led by the menacing Joshua Foss (played by Powers Boothe) take the Vice President and the entire stadium hostage.

In this adrenaline-packed movie, Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as Darren McCord, a former firefighter turned Pittsburgh Penguins security officer. McCord's skills are put to the ultimate test when he discovers Foss' plan to blow up the stadium and demands an enormous ransom. With both his daughter Emily (auditioned by Whittni Wright) and the Vice President's life hanging in the balance, McCord must take matters into his own hands to save the day.

As tensions escalate, the film showcases intense action sequences and extraordinary stunts that have become synonymous with Van Damme's films. From daring helicopter aerial pursuits to dramatic fights on the ice rink, Sudden Death keeps audiences at the edge of their seats throughout its fast-paced runtime.

The movie also features great performances by supporting actors, including Raymond J. Barry as Vice President Daniel Binder and Ross Malinger as Tyler McCord, Darren's son. Other notable cast members include Dorian Harewood as Chief Hallmark, Kate McNeil as Kathi, and Michael Gaston as Joshua Foss's right-hand man, Hickey.

The intense atmosphere and thrilling sequences of Sudden Death are greatly enhanced by the movie's sound design and soundtrack. The tension is amplified by the heart-pounding score composed by John Debney, perfectly capturing the escalating danger and urgency portrayed on screen. The film's sound effects and immersive audio presence will transport you into the heart of the action, making you feel like you are right there in the middle of the chaos.

To truly appreciate the incredible sound design of Sudden Death, you can now play and download these sounds for an immersive experience. Feel the explosive power of the stadium shaking as bombs detonate, and experience the adrenaline rush of the intense chase scenes and bone-crunching fights. The film's atmospheric soundtrack will keep you on the edge throughout, perfectly complementing every twist and turn in the story.

Whether you are a fan of action films or simply seeking an exhilarating and suspenseful experience, Sudden Death delivers in every aspect. Its talented cast, electrifying action, and gripping plot make it a must-watch for anyone craving a thrilling cinematic journey.

So, sit back, grab some popcorn, and prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of high-stakes hockey, explosive action, and an epic battle of wits between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Powers Boothe. Download the sounds and get ready to immerse yourself in the heart-pounding excitement of Sudden Death.

A dark yet tasteful windbreaker...
A few words. There's an optimist.
A heavy slap shot.
A little semi pro in Canada. It was a long time ago.
A.O.P. is assault on principle.
About 500 million dollars will be lost, absorbed by the system.
After you finish the Vice President's party, this kitchen is closed.
All right, guys, I'm privileged to introduce Vice President Daniel Bender.
All right! All right!
All right! We took the box.
Am I, now? How do you suppose I got that way?
Amazingly, Brad Tolliver will play...
An old fashioned shoot out here at the Stanley Cup competition.
And 300 million to Banco Popular, Virgin Islands.
And at the end of the third period everyone in this building will die.
And dial 555 1793.
And he's gonna come looking for me, and you'll be sorry.
And he's very brave and he's not afraid.
And here he comes.
And here we go. Game seven of the Stanley Cup finals.
And I am gonna get it.
And no agents in the building.
And no covered tray should have been allowed up here without inspection.
And putting my daughter's life in danger.
And the other billion, 200 million is just a diversion.
And the Penguins and Hawks are tied at one in game seven.
And the Penguins trailing by a goal.
And they wonder why this economy's so fucked up.
And transferred to banks of my choice.
And you've got him all day tomorrow.
And, uh, a Penguin jacket and dark pants.
Andrew, it's your wife.
Anybody hear me?
Are these men yours?
As a taxpayer, I don't think you're getting our money's worth.
As Dirk Graham nailed it home, his fourth of the play offs.
As shocking as it may be, they're CIA fronts.
As the one you deserve.
Bang! I'm immortal.
Be sure to pick up your copy now.
Belfour made the stop. Straka with a quick shot.
Belfour tried everything in his power to stop them.
Besides the Vice President, are still alive?
Better off not moving until this settles down.
Big check on John Cullen of the Penguins.
Both net minders coming up tough here. McEachern has it again!
Breaking quickly! Got a man! Move!
Bring him to me.
Bring up the skycam. Pan it left.
But how the fuck did we lose the Vice President?
But it's not that much.
By explosion, fire and panic.
By the way, why do you tell everybody you're Secret Service agents?
Bye bye.
Call the White House. You need the number?
Cam Russell wearing number eight in a bright red Chicago uniform.
Caution keeps you safe.
Centered in the Chicago zone.
Chelios guns it ahead to Bernie Nicholls.
Chelios, right side, wide open to the net.
Chicago again trying to make a move.
Chicago desperate to get back into this game.
Chicago has taken the lead against the Penguins.
Chicago slips it back behind the Pittsburgh goal.
Chicago still putting pressure on.
Chicago takes it away. They'll drive it to center with 14 seconds to go.
Christ, it runs in the family.
Christ, Jefferson, it's a locker room.
Come by some afternoon.
Come on, Mac. Mr. McCord makes sure the building doesn't burn down.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on. We'll go get her.
Coming into the Chicago end. Moves in to the net. A backhand shot, off target.
Coming to the Penguin line.
Could you change it? I've got my hands full.
Custer was in the cavalry. Let 'em come.
Daddy, that's the man.
Daddy. Daddy.
Dead heroes get the best funerals.
Did he sound like he'd do it? Kill the Vice President and everybody?
Diving to make the save.
Do not try any kind of rescue. Do you understand me?
Don't do this again. I mean it.
Don't get killed over it, huh?
Don't get so worked up. They'll win.
Don't go away.
Don't let him know it's me. I'll get you out. I'll take you home, I promise.
Don't move.
Don't you know any little boys like me?
Don't, don't, don't.
Drop it.
Duckerman, why don't you put on a jock?
During each of the three periods of the game.
During the course of this game, all that money is going to be released...
Eddie Belfour starts in goal for Chicago.
Enough bombs have been planted in this building to stop all the clocks in the hemisphere.
Escorted by two security men.
Evaluate situation, calculate potential losses and take appropriate action.
Even if they have proper I.D., unless this man says it's okay.
Even though he could hardly walk today much less skate with a fever of 104.
Every body and every thing going into that elevator should have been searched.
Everybody's got a little more time.
Everyone in this box and in this arena will die...
Face off at center ice. Naslund of the Penguins controls.
Face off. Off the puck he goes!
First period, shots on goal: Chicago, 12;
Five hundred meters and closing.
For Chicago, every step, every rush is so important.
Forty seconds remaining now.
Four, so far.
Frisky. Huh.
From the Chicago end, McEachern centers.
Fuck it.
Full transfer of funds by the end of this game.
Game's tied at one. Chicago puts the pressure on the Penguins.
Get in the fast lane, Grandma. The bingo game is ready to roll.
Get outta the way!
Get them into the box. That's all you need to do.
Go on through, Mr. Mac. And who's this beauty?
Go to the locker room. Wregget!
Goddam it, move out!
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Graham comes down the slot. He's stopped by Tolliver.
Graham, slap shot! Tolliver makes the save.
Great if we win; not so great if we lose.
Ground the other choppers. I don't want to take this guy alive.
Have any I.D?
Having everybody check in through one gate like this is a pain in the butt.
Having the Vice President here turns a headache into a concussion.
Hawgood's got a man, Robitaille, but he can't connect on the pass.
Hawgood's got a man, Robitaille, but he can't connect on the pass.
He and your sister got invited to sit in the owner's box, way up there.
He didn't challenge much this game. Now he comes up with the save of the year.
He didn't mention that. He just said bring you upstairs.
He doesn't know whether to cry or wind his watch.
He gave him a right cross and knocked him down.
He has a 5 year old boy, a 3 year old little girl, and his wife's pregnant.
He has heroic tendencies.
He jumps into the Chicago end with the Penguins leading 1 0 here in game seven.
He oughta get five to ten for robbing the Hawks on that...
He puts it in! Ron Francis!
He shoots and scores!
He shoots and scores! Bernie Nicholls carried it in, right down the slot.
He shoots. Whoa! And he scores! Whoo!
He thinks, uh, they're gonna win.
He was taken off line. He's a head case.
He waved at me. You see that, Dad?
He will call the Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury.
He'll get the puck out. He really shakes his stick.
He's a head fireman and he makes sure everybody's safe...
He's a step behind the defense. Here he comes. His shot.
He's at number seven. Get somebody there.
He's gonna come out. He'll challenge.
He's gonna get a game misconduct and a fine.
He's got a little boy here in the arena. I know where he's sitting.
He's got all summer to get better.
He's put his team shorthanded. The Penguins now are really in the hole.
He's skating like a madman around the ice. He gets to the blue line.
Here we are in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals. Penguins and Hawks.
Here we go! Chicago will control the face off.
Here's Mullen. It goes wide off the glove of Eddie Belfour.
Hey, can you guys play after we get in?
Hey, could you give Emily a look at Icey?
Hey, Emily! Dad said to stay here!
Hey, fireman, where are you?
Hey, Joan, going out to entertain the Veep?
Hey, Spota, let us in.
Hey, that's Brad Tolliver!
Hey, what's that?
Hey! Caution.
His 14th in the play offs, scored by...
His wife's recently deceased. He would have been lonely without her.
Hold on. They'll be here.