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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you thinking you might want to have sex with me
Do you think it's funny
Do you think **** is fine
Everything on stories on computer predators
Hello how are you doing can I tease and please your blank with my tongue and make you blank over and over
Home alone and interested in sex
How do you feel about sex
I actually would love it and never have been with a virgin
I can't control my horny level
I just hope this isn't all too good to be true he
I like great I like **** I like **** I like **** I like ****
I like ****
I loved it a young man deep and
I might want to cut you a little suck on your blood
I want to blank your brains out
I want to wrestle you so freaking bad
I want you to sit there and get comfortable for that
I'll be the best sex you will ever have
I'll just be your secret lover
I'll make it feel really good for you hun
I'm back
I'm chris hansen with dateline in machine
I'm chris hansen with dateline NBC and we're doing another story on adults who tried to meet kids on the internet for sex
I'm gonna lick you
It will be nice I think you will love it
Jesus rocks
Laugh out loud
Lot of perverts in here
No hard for maine
That's terribly sexy
This time
This time things will be different
Would you let me lick you everywhere
Yeah we scream and try to hit you
Yep I knew it you're a horny little thirteen year old girl
You got toys
You on birth control
You say you're looking for hot sex
You watch television
You're telling me a big fat line
Your watch dateline