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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alright, just hold on, just chill.
And how you wanna play this, huh? You know, your call. Your funeral, Jack.
And let me tell you something else.
Are you serious?
Bitch! #jesse pinkman #breaking bad #you bitch
Come on yo, can you please please just help a brother out?
Congratulations to everyone. You're all a bitch to me.
Do it.
Don't take my cook stuff, alright? That's all I got left.
For real.
God, it takes me a week to get this stuff.
Got something for me?
Half the deals I've ever done went down at Taco Cabeza.
He's trying to stop me. Bitch.
Hello Kitty
Hello Sir. Hey, I know you don't know me, but would you be interested in a felony quantity of methamphetamine?
Hey yo-yo, hey Holmes, I'm joking, OK? I'm totally joking with you.
Hey, you rock. Thank you.
Hey, you tell me you're the one that looks like you just crawled out of a microwave.
Hi, I'm Aaron Paul and I'm about to call you a bitch.
How are we going to get that?
I can't even take a proper dump in there.
I can't pay you today, but I can pay you this week. Alright, 1750. We'll make it 1750 for, like, you know, interest.
I don't know.
I get it now. That's why you're doing all this. You want to make some cash for your people before you check out.
I just need a chance.
I suggest you stop whining like a little bitch and do what I say.
I work hard. I'll pay you every month and I will pay you on time. I will not mess this up, OK? I swear.
I'm out there making fat stacks, man. Chill.
I'm your partner, man. You should have told me.
It's Jesse pinkman.
It's not messed with me. I will bury you because I'm crazy, you know? Yeah, looks so loco. Do not test me.
It's time for the meat.
It's too risky.
Jesse Jackson.
Kiss my precast man. I didn't ask for any of this.
Look, look, I got the money and I'm totally good for it. For like, ever.
Look, my folks, they kicked me out. I'm a I'm a disappointment.
Miserable son of a bitch.
My name's not really Jesse Jackson.
My word is my bond.
Next time, put an ice pack on your head.
No offense.
No way man. OK, no understanding.
No way.
Now you you really opened my eyes to the possibility.
Oh, hey, thank you. Thank you so much.
Ohh, I saw this in a movie. Ooh, look at me.
Ohh, well, hile Hitler, bitch.
OK, sounds good. Totally doable.
OK, you just don't understand the way it works. You can't just bum rush some high level ice man and start cutting deals.
Open 24 hours.
Please alright. I really God God, I really need a break here, OK?
Plural bitch.
Pull it out of your butts right now or I go grab a flashlight and some pliers and go exploring.
Right on you too.
Right on, little bro. Making mad inroads with the business community, all right.
Right on, man.
Right on.
Search up.
She had a gun on me, all right.
So what's this stuff called again?
So you do have a plan.
So you got something for me?
Son of a bitch.
Sorry, what?
Stop it.
That was wrong with you.
That's awesome.
That's, that's that's great, man.
They got guards and security cameras. They got steel doors. That's why these dudes are charging so much.
This is bullshit. Out of here.
This is good. You know, we're talking starting a dialogue.
This is this is like a a noncriminals idea of a drug meet.
To who?
Too late, you know, because dude.
We flipped a coin, OK, you and me. You and me. Coin Flip is sacred.
We should hang out more often, you know. Just just kick back and chill.
We've seen the basement, bitch.
What are you doing?
What do I look like, Scarface.
What does that mean?
What is this shit?
What the hell do you want me to do?
What up, biatch?
What, what? What do you want to say?
What's your problem?
Whatever, man.
Where's my money, bitch?
Where's the rest of my meth?
Why you just go break the door down just to whip those bitches and show them who's boss.
Yeah, I mean, I used to.
Yeah, I've been out there all night slinging crystal.
Yeah, this is gonna help big time with that bitch.
Yeah, yeah, that's right.
Yes, science.
Yo, all right. I want my money and my dope.
Yo, anybody home?
You already forgot.
You are alive.
You cannot be serious. You cannot be serious.
You killed him.
You look like Lex Luther.
You may know a lot about chemistry, man, but you don't know Jack about slinging dope.
You must be so sight.
You see this gun? It's got 5 bullets, one for each kneecap, plus an extra round for your cranial for being such a pussy.
You think it's cake moving a pound of meth one teeth at a time.
You think the met fairies just gonna bring it to us?
You told this insane ass clown dead eyed killer that. That we would we would give him £2.00 a week.
You too.
You understand?
You would have known that if you would have just asked me.
You're focusing on the negative.
Your job is waiting for you in that basement as per the coin.