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Home > Caribbean Cruise Line Larry 2.0...
A r d e n
A witch
About what?
An antique rocking chair
Are you familiar with CCL?
Before we hang up
Bye bye
Caribbean Cruise Lines 1
Caribbean Cruise Lines 2
CCL is doing this for free word-of-mouth advertising (very long)
Costa Mesa
Craigs List
Don't forget to pack those elastic pants
Elastic pants
Florida 1
Florida 2
Go ahead
Gods doing some great things
Good talking with ya
Great 1
Great 2
Great 3
Great to see what God is doing throughout the USA
Great, how's the weather where you are?
Great, now, uhh
Have you been to Bahamas before?
Have you seen our ad on TV?
Have you taken a cruise?
Haven't been that far
Hello 1
Hello 2
Hi, my name is Larry
Howdy 1
Howdy 2
I appreciate call, but we never advertised
I appreciate that
I certainly didn't call you
I don't think any of mine would go that high
I know
I never put it on there
I think you've got the wrong person
I wish you the best
I would encourage you to
I'm glad you called today
I'm here to help you claim your free cruise
I'm in Florida
I'm Larry from CCL, here to help you claim your free cruise (long)
I'm sorry 1?
I'm sorry 2?
I'm way down south
I'm with you on that
In 2 hours
Interesting, I don't know how
Is that your daughter?
It has my number?
It is
It is time that you took a cruise
It's an antique 1800's chair
It's worth waiting for
Just so you're aware, this call may be monitored or recorded
Know Jesus?
Larry Tipton
Let me explain what we're doing here
Let me tell you a little about our cruise ship
Luncheons and dinners
May the Lord less you and family
Maybe God had you call for that
Mumbling I don't know
My name is Larry
My name is Larry and I'm a certified ticket agent for CCL
My name is Larry Tipton
Not that I'm aware of
Okay 1
Okay 2
Prancer, be quiet
R a e
Right 1
Right 2
Right, makes perfect sense
Right, the Grand Bahama islands
San Diego
Say that again, I'm sorry?
So rather than tell you about a cruise, we're going to send you on one!
So you are 18?
Thank you very much
That's right, you can't beat it!
The gambling is all yours
There's no doubt about it
Those elastic pants
To make it fair to the thousands of people - script read
Today before we hang up
Uhh, now
Wait a minute (With dog barking)
We didn't advertise
We're going to give you a full 18 months to make your plans
We're here in Florida, Carribbean weather (long)
We're in Florida by Tampa
What age are you?
What are you looking for?
What state are you calling from?
When's the last time you took a cruise? 1 - with beep
When's the last time you took a cruise? 2
Where do you live?
Where in CA are you?
Yeah, mhm
Yes 1
Yes 2
Yes 3
Yes 4
Yes, go ahead
Yes, yes, yes
You all have a great day
You are being awarded that free cruise, good news
You ever been to California?
You got my name and number and all of that?
You're 18, are you in school, college?
You're talking to a very young man of 74
You're talking to a very young man of 75
18 months