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Imperial Guardsman Astra Militarum Soundboard

Imperial Guardsman Astra Militarum Soundboard

The Astra Militarum, also known as the Imperial Guard in colloquial Low Gothic, is the largest coherent fighting force in the galaxy. They serve as the Imperium of Man's primary combat force and first line of defence from the myriad threats which threaten the existence of the human race in the late 41st Millennium. It is comprised of countless billions of men and women -- hundreds of thousands of different regiments, supported by a vast array of light and heavy armoured vehicles that provide the Guard's primary offensive punch. The Astra Militarum are usually the first Imperial force to respond to a threat if a world's Planetary Defence Force (PDF) fails to suppress it. They also garrison major locations of strategic or cultural interest to the Imperium and are often found in defensive roles. Supported by legions of heavy armour and thundering artillery, the Imperial Guard fight a never-ending war for the survival of Mankind in an unrelentingly hostile universe.

By the Emperor, you will have it!
By the Emperor...not them~
Cannot all
Capturing it was easy holding it will be odd
Chaos what do we do so
Eldar! and they look ready for war...
Enemy spotted what he wrote his
Executing your orders sir
Flee! They're too much for us!
For every one of us that falls, TEN MORE will take his place!
For the emperor we've won
For the glory of the imperium
Go go go
Greenskins thought I smelled something
Guh! I'm hit...I'M HIT!
Hold the line damn it
Holy will you look at the size of 'em
I have the Enemy, in my Sights
I want some more
If such as the emperor 's will
Imperial guard attack
Is my duty to serve
Is that the best you got
It's a honor to serve the imperium set
Keep in formation
Left left left right left
Let's ride
Lookout pin it come
Looks are everything 's in order sir
Now this is the only way to travel
Objective secured what L
Oh oh AM
On my mark charge
On your guard marines
Ooh aah aah
Or emperor and imperium
Orks, where there's one there's a hundred of them
Present and accounted for sir
Reporting for duty sir
Shore up that left flank and keep firing!
Space marines early so be ugly
Storm Them!
Take it at all cost!
Take the Objective
Taking Hits
Tanks?! Where are the bloody tanks!
There's no good we call them
They have a demon
Those are Elder? I thought they'd be taller
Thought they broke our backs? Hah!
Time for payback
We did it sir
We spotted some kind of monster
We won't let you down sir
We're under fire
We've been overrun
Weather for support
Well let's see him fight all of us
What do we do
What he wrote is
What the hell is that thing
Whatever it is it's an abomination to the emperor
Yes sir
You heard the man jump through
You should have your prize