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A perv oh
All we were fools to underestimate joker or no
Although executing marine life seems to be some sort of hobby with you no wonder your clone couldn't resist
And at the very end we push the button job well done
And one day the appropriate empire will rise again and all the primitives were kneel before jovic
And that's pretty much how it happened which is why you should comp my drinks
And then she says I was talking to the goat
And then the S R two is right but if you move further up it's more of a
And to falling in love with the ship 's captain
At least I let you take your clothes off this time
Awesome sauce
Because i'm hardcore like easel baby
Behind their come back when I worked at sea sick I i could have sworn there was a volus brothel upstairs
Best moves at least if you're drunk you have an excuse for how you dance
Biotics can't give you this kind of fine instrument the peak physical form that you see before you
But I thought shepherd was dead
Careful there commander a girl takes a guy out for a hot day did he starts getting ideas
Certainly tempted
Check it out I can also roll my tongue
Check me out now
Come here often I imagine anyone who does is probably an alcoholic not a lot of sunlight either
Come on in closer don't be shy
Commander shepard is chasing the child soul this is our cures
Damn skippy
Did we break anything last night yeah OK maybe I should just stop saying that word but only if the artist i'm saying
Did you know female profus could engage in foreplay using only their eyes males could not resist
Do not worry
Don't tire yourself out flailing like that shepard were doing it on the table later
Earlier this is a party the only dialect I want to hear from you is inebriated authority
Even a ruthless killers got to have a soft side and I can see from here you definitely have a softside come on
Even the part where I wanted to grab your voice by the hair and nibble my way down its back
Excellent you're dancing closely resembled shepherds
Fine is good for someone else not the love of my life and I I want to know you're safe
Fine suit doesn't let me get overly in toxic in talks drunk just have it all flushed out in a minute
Foolish primitive nothing escapes these eyes
For example first bite me and james and i'd win
Get this but you're with shepherd all the three of us well
Give it some time humans sometimes need a little more lubrication before we let loose
Go ahead feel my muscle solid steel
Go for the optics getica
Good enough so that if you're ever hurt barely breathing lying under a pile rubble at the ass end of this war you're going to have
Guide you and what army
Help my glass is empty
Hey commander this is cerberus we were studying some rakni and they got loose and killed all our guys can you take care of that
Hey no touching asshole
Horny but I think everyone else is awake
I am observing displays of complex social entropy so yes I am having a good time
I am so waking up on the floor tomorrow I want to think about it
I believe you are strong enough to handle it jeff
I don't know
I don't tip over until I found company doglegs till then watch and learn
I don't where may I find more
I get more reliable results measuring pupil dilation an thermal readings of erogenous zones
I have recordings of you talking in your sleep that would make for a highly amusing extranet video
I knew they'd never let me inside but I think to myself someday when I prove in my worth to the galaxy i'll go there for dinner
I love and treasure you darling but that is terrible
I love you guys
I love you guys
I love you too eating
I mean really a clone
I never had the pleasure
I severed what kind of girl do you think I am
I still really hate you but you have fantastic tits
I think more of 'em are flying at main you know kill the badass first and the fight gets easy
I told him I was archangel end of discussion
I totally already professions invented electricity sorry would believe anything
I want to see it
I wish they did something about an english accent says i'm available please hit on me even when i'm not on earth
I'll act it out
I'll have another if you do don't wanna lap anyone
I'm going to hunt down the shit for brains inventor of this krooked game and pull his inspiration out through his asshole
I'm just saying what i'm trying to say is check out these guns
I've always thought you were beautiful there I said it sush
In my cycle this many species together was called a slave auction I mean a welcome to the empire party
In my cycle your kind were nothing more than appetizers would you prefer to be boiled or fried
In pretty sexy when you pushy
Is coffee who wants coffee i'm a coffee more coffee am I being too loud
Is mostly just an excuse to say can I see you naked in fourteen different flavors
Is this my song there playing my song do you still want to dance
It made the quietest little sounds a sort of june
It must be hard being of aaron stuck in a boys body
It's joke in time
It's joker he can barely walk how's he going to stop us ha ha ha
It's one system over from where we hooked some guy up to the gas who then got loose and killed all our guys
It's voss normandy von means one who has a weak bladder which feels appropriate right about now
Jeff has lent me his credit shit on the condition that I enjoy myself and quote live it up like a girly girl
Keel'ah Selai
Kick ass
Let's make that a habit
Like I wish we could do that night all over again and again and again
Look I think you're beautiful and kick ass with an emphasis on the ass
Looks broken i'm sure shepherd will notice
Looks like you're not the only dancing machine at this party am I right
Mike kaeser kaeser the laser you owe me money
Morning shepherd so on the off chance you accidentally trigger an alarm you didn't know you had and you hear a timer start counting down then remember the code I heart garrus punch it into the keyp...
Most of our ingredients are extinct sorry durium varying in korean is there any we could spare
No i'm licking believe me
No no no no no no you can't even now
No that gets broken down with mass effect fields those are just my hips
No we can't pretend to be anything other than troubleshooting space divas
No with that voice it's like feeling smokey satins slide across your skin and soft candle light just
Now i've got a story to tell the family when they meet you for the first time always helps to break the ice with turing and in laws
Now if you'll excuse me at leora needs a shadow brokate nino lime garris asked for a dextro heat sink someone named chris sumi wants something called her memory steeler jack ass for a mix of vodka ...
Oh mister vakarian I could use some help with my suit seals
Oh my god
Oh right we never did you a trailblazer
Oh these
Oh yes after I came in wearing lacy underwear left the door open and told you about my hot date you absolutely took charge
OK OK maybe it's not conditioning exactly maybe it's just the condition of one james vega
OK when this is done will carve out some time
OK who won sex they are eggs trainer joker where is that guy ash come on I promised you eggs kaden here some eggs to go with that coffee rex buddy eggs
On one occasion you said that you wanted to quote him my voice against the wall an run your tongue along its collar bone
Only two
Outta hell with it say what puke and blow do together let the devil sort it out
Ow Bugger
Permission to come aboard
Pizza pizza pizza OK you want pizza
Please elaborate
Promises promises
Proteins did not date primitives we conquered them enslave them
Quantum entangled i'm drunk
Quit squirming
Really see I thought if you had to pick your number one scarred for life moment it be that giant human shaped reaper baby
Right still what he say that we sit by that fireplace and snuggle
Right yeah I mean yeah all the girls fall for it let me show you
Salagram only tattoo omlete at omni two under the suit you know for me
Screw it i'm having another
Seeing you as a woman isn't the hard part commander
Shepherd I know I don't say this enough but I love your hair
Shepherd I need a florida curl up on
Shepherd is saving the galaxy you have to forgive a few eccentricities
Shepherd sweetie love of my life indulge are crazy boyfriend I need to know you're safe
Shepherd you know i'm ticklish
Sir yes sir
So he said he just wanted to be friends and I said are you breaking up with me
So I see how it is shepard go out for a night on the town and leave the boyfriend behind in the closet
So it was me saving the normandy by myself single head
So kaden i've never had the nerve to ask the herrmann is that product or you just naturally that
Solarian kidney is best served at room temperature it is even better when the salarian is still alive the fear adds spice
Some neighbors came by last night to complain about the noise I put their bodies in the building incinerator
Somebody jealous I think you had a better shot when she looked like a holographic chess piece trainer
Someone 's cranky you must be tired from all the adults talking
Stick with me but i'm a party legend back in school they called me party vega
Taking a wild guess here shepherd but whatever you're serving is starting to kick in as they are always been so blue
Thanks that's sweet
That doesn't sound like my girl and when this is over i'll be waiting for you
That's right you just landed on the island of doctor maine
The odds are against us you know
Then you and all your clones can have a sore in love fest I think i'm gonna puke
This bear in mind she's probably going to check to see whether your back lights up during sex so there's reach around action it's you know she's looking for cyborg parts
This one wishes he was still frozen in the refrigerator
Time garrus vakarian code name archangel allround turian bad boy and dispenser of justice in an unjust galaxy
To borrow a phrase from vega you looked smoking in that dress shepherd
Uh sure exactly we have beef bacon we have beer
We started out really angry but i've been giving him lots of love and now he's a big ole softy
Well sure you know this voice center time running out of banter here shepherd
What could possibly be more important than zaeed massani not getting bested by some fucking kids game
What would you do if another one of your clones broke in here right over them a cup of tea
When I first escape from cerberus I found these chocolate chip cookies at a store ripped through the whole damn thing
Where is the air lock so I may throw you out of it
Who's number
Why not scooch a little closer and find out for yourself
Won't be going back to dragon ball anytime soon
Yeah and if we ever broke up
Yeah i'd say this is beginning to look like a once in a lifetime sort of night
Yeah so cool party but I shouldn't read anything into being your date right
Yeah who's my badass biotic moods my batteries biotic
Yes it is shepard yes it is
You and I dancing at the same time too dangerous weed light the room on fire
You are growing despite everything subarus did to you I find that extremely admirable
You got some looks and the final
You guys are dicks
You know she smashed my head against the side of a shuttle
You know you're awfully pissy about this considering you're sleeping with shepherd now
You need not be embarrassed
You shepherd
You should worry I require one hundred percent fermented ogla juice and you will require time machine to get it haha
You're a beautiful bush said
You're a spoiled rich girl cheerleader victim test tube clone princess I think it's past your bedtime relax shepherd i'm not going to smear the walls with her this time and I couldn't possibly thin...
You're a wildman or person or whatever you are
Your best has my mandible on the floor damn
Your lips are amazing